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IS IT A SCAM OR LEGIT ? What Is It ? HYIP Review

Dont Like Reading ? Here is the video version : Click Here is a new high yield investment program more known as a HYIP. At the time of writting this article it has been running 39 days and generated over 768 thousand dollars in deposits (stats found on their website itself). apparently is located in the United Kingdom and has a office address in 12 Norwood High St, West Norwood, London, United Kingdom, SE27 0BF. Whether this is the case is up to you guys, but honestly I believe the actual physical office does not actually exist more about that later. Returns Of Investment offers returns of investment are not as over exaggerated as some scams we have seen in the past, however their returns of investment is still considered high and we simply do not believe that a company that has been running for only 39 days can sustain themselves for very long.

All their returns are calculated within the 40 days time period lets say their highest plan which is 320% return of your investment within the period of only a month and 10 days time. It honestly is crazy and I do not believe a second that within a month they would literally more then triple your profits, a company that has been running that long, will have issues eventually and your profits will go down the drain, like the rest of the similar companies we have reviewed in the past. HYIP Review Testimonials 

Looking at their testimonials, they are very plain and boring most of the testimonials consist of words such as “thanks admin” “good” or something in regards to this, it feels like the owners themselves or people involved with the project just written some testimonials to fill in the spaces and make it seem that a lot of people are enjoying the fruit of their labor, however that’s not the case and it is clear to see that none of them are actually profiting.

Honestly, when you see legitimate reviews on the page they tend to be quite long and have good and bad points about a website, however this is clearly not the case cause 95% of their testimonials is less then 3 words.

These testimonials are there to trick people in to investing in and lure money out of gullible people pockets, people think with their emotions and not with their head especially when someone struggles, hence why these companies are using testimonials and other techniques to lure you in to thinking you will be making a decent living without doing anything, however it will only end up in misery when you find out you opened up a can of worms. HYIP Review Video Reviews

Most of these video reviews are just purely fake, you can even hear the “why em I filming this video” in their voices, honestly these guys are getting some kind of bounty premium by filming, writing testimonials and becoming representatives in this website. They are telling people that this is really good and you can make a lot of money, however that’s not the case and you will eventually lose your money when you going to get to greedy, more about this later. HYIP Review HYIP Review – Withdrawals & Greed HYIP probably will make a withdrawal if its a small amount, this is a scammer technique used by millions of websites that are currently around the internet. Basically the psychological way to get someone in investing more is get provide them with their first withdrawal, especially since it will probably be a small one.

After provides the customer their first withdrawal this will cause happiness to their clients and they will eventually invest more and more until they get super greedy and invest a huge chunk of their money, because obviously if you invest more you get more ? WRONG.

This is where scam steps in and takes all your money without much reason and your dreams of earning of this website and living the good life will be shattered. This has happened numerous times and happens millions of times a day everyday, you can take my word for it, or you can test it yourself, I seen it happen way to many times. HYIP Review Company House does have a company house certificate registered in the United Kingdom, however this does not mean its running legally and not doing any fishy business, all these HYIP’s and fund management business are on a grey area at the moment, nobody really checks them to much, and the government closes them when a lot of people been scammed already, without a way to return all your invested money.

A lot of companies in general regarding investing are creating company house certificates in the United Kingdom, because its the only country that you can easily apply for one and show it on the internet that you actually have one, this is a loophole that is exposed by most of these scammers and make themselves seem legitimate, although they might be running a total sham. HYIP Review Social Media social media pages does not really work, their Facebook page is no where to be seen, while Twitter and Instagram are abandoned as well, not much going on there, no updates to their clients nothing.

This leads me to believe they do not have a strong team of people running this company, and if you do not have a strong team, usually a company collapses within a couple of months time, but this could be their intention anyway and probably they won’t stay long once they get their way of gullible people. HYIP Review Conclusion is still a new company and has a lot of work to do for me to believe this is 100% not a scam, they do not have any social media pages that are active or working, their returns of investment are super high especially for a company that has just been established 39 days ago, their testimonials are more then likely fake and their video reviews are positive, but really bad, seems like they do not even want to make this video. HYIP Review

Final Verdict Is A SCAM !

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