AZ Formula system scam review


What is AZ formula system ?


AZ formula is a system that is nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, its a affiliate commision system that apparently earns you up too $10,000 a week or $2000 a day, which is not really correct, but I guess the system does not work Saturday and Sunday.


AZ formula is apparently “is a premium money generating service that provides members with passive income through online affiliate revenue.”


AZ formula’s website say’s how does it work, but the answer is: “System makes it easy. Simply choose your products, and watch the money slowly stream into your account.” which really does not tell us anything about the system and how it really works, its basically just saying its so simple and easy you do not need to know how it works.


So how much does the AZ formula system cost? 


The system is costing people $37 dollars, which is really cheap considering you will be making $2000 a day or lets say $10,000 a week. Which obviously raises my alarms bells and sounds to good to be true.


Steven Cook is the “creator of AZ formula”?

Steven Cook is the fella that speaks in the presentation video, he claims he banks $120,000 thousand dollars each month and we have attached the picture of his “results snipped” at the right hand side of this page.


Sadly, Steven Cook’s profits is not real, the fact of the matter the guy who claims to be Steven Cook is not Steven Cook, he is a paid actor that has a different name and we have seen him multiple times in different platforms, so I can only assume that he knows he features himself in these type of scams, and he enjoys it. – which is not ethical.


AZ Formula claims that this is something we have never seen before


AZ Formula claims that this system is something that nobody has ever seen before, Steven Cook the fella in the video briefly mentions that he is annoyed of the Gurus and fake websites that are out there to steal his money and nine times out of ten he would be running away from such sites.


Which I find really comical due to the fact, he is basically saying that he hates scams, but he himself is involved with one at the moment and promoting it like no other. He talks about fake gurus and how really angry he is, that these fake systems steal money from people that try to better themselves, but yet he still doing the same thing.


Steven Cook is the real found of AZ Formula !?


Sadly, no this guy is a stock image, we have actually spent our time searching for him elsewhere in google and we found a few websites where they use the same image of Steven Cook, so obviously he is not the founder of the system.



But who is ? 

Nobody really knows, having actors in your videos does not always mean the system is a scam, but it really adds the suspicious side of things.


Really makes you question, whether the system is actually real, or why did he need those actors, is he shy ? hmm more then likely not.


To be fair, I know for a fact that this system does not make any money, the CEO is the actor and honestly if the system would be making $2000 a day, the CEO of the company would gladly introduce himself, and would not need to hide his face with paid actors, because that is what a real CEO does.


The creator’s of AZ formula identity will remain anonymous and nobody really knows who he/she or they are, the only thing they want from people is to build trust and persuade people in purchasing their system, and then walk away without looking back while leaving their clients behind, stranded and without any information as too what is going to happen next.


More about the system and the emotional factors behind it


So Steven Cook the fella in the video claims, that he actually FOUND the system and its not even his, which totally raises alarm bells. Like how did he find it, just randomly walking on the street and picked up AZ formula of the ground and now he generates thousands of dollars a day.


Unless he found harry potters magic wand, and can print money with a simple spell, there is no chance he makes that kind of money. Steven mentions that he makes money from the online market place, and to quote ” BELIEVE ME BECAUSE I AM THE REAL DEAL” which in translation means I AM THE REALEST SCAMMER OF THEM ALL. 


Steven claims that he separates himself from the other millionaires with one thing and that is “HAVING A BIG HEART” yeah imagine him saying that he will steal your money in a heart beat, you can trust me on that one.


He also talks about how he was a little fish himself, and had to work and barely go by each and everyday, which is where the emotional factor comes in. The AZ formula system is designed to look for people that are tired and give anything a shot, even if it sounds as ridiculous as this.


They play with peoples emotions during the video and try to relate themselves as much as possible to other people out there, which results to building trust with their audience which makes people believe that this system makes a lot of money and their financial problems will disappear.




Just to conclude this article, the AZ Formula is a SCAM, the narrator of their promotional video talks about that you can make a huge sum of money without any experience or knowledge, which is outrageous and impossible, the amounts of money they “make” just do not make sense, the lad in the video who goes by the name of Steven Cook is a paid actor that we have seen feature in different types of scam websites. All in all the website just looks fake in general, and its a typical scheme to lure peoples money out of their wallets.


We at Toptradingreviews highly recommend you guys to stay away from such system.

As always this was Evaldas from Toptradingreviews and we wish you to stay safe. 

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