AZAKUS Trading Limited

Is it a scam? Lets find out 

What is AZAKUS Trading Limited?

AZAKUS scam review

AZAKUS Trading Limited is a trading investment firm, for people that do not want to trade themselves.

They are involved within the foreign exchange, stocks and crypto currencies.

They claim to have achieve 70 Million revenue in 2017 and projecting to achieve 120 million in 2018.

the business is based in the United Kingdom : 72 Cambridge Heath Road London 72 E1 5QJ.

The company claims to be working on a software that gives a accurate forecast of the financial market.

Not only AZAKUS , has a trading investment firm with a lot of professionals involved,

but they claim to have mining farms all over the world that are managed by their so called experts.

They guarantee customer satisfaction and, you essentially do not have to worry about a thing,

their professionals are going to do all the work, and your job is to wait and yield the profits.


AZAKUS Investment Plans 


AZAKUS Trading Limited scam review

The company offers 2%, 2.5% and 3% that is the only 3 plans offered, they are given to you

depending on the amount of your initial deposit, the bigger the investment the more 3% return.

Their investment plans are not as over exaggerated as the others, however this does not mean they are legit.

Let’s do some math, a 3% investment for 30 days would return 90% profit, this is still considered a really

big return, especially if we start comparing them with Forex hedge-fund traders that only return 50% a year maximum.

So, what do I think about their percentages ? Well, they might be achievable if they over leverage your account,

I am no trading expert, I do trade Forex for 4 years, but returning 90% all the time sounds a bit stretched.

However, these guys do claim they have experts on board, so hey i am open minded they might be able to do it.


AZAKUS Social Media 


AZAKUS scam review

AZAKUS does have links shown in their website, however none of them are working.

When you click their links, it refreshes their page and you are back where you started.

Not having any social media can mean two things the first thing is the company is not

yet developed enough to have created them, or they are just not being transparent and hiding

things from their clients, the second scenario is more then likely the right answer.

In one of their pages, AZAKUS is actually asking people to create a Facebook pages,

YouTube videos and develop telegram groups, apparently they will pay $1000 dollars for the best one.

Honestly, this is kinda shady in itself, offering people to do the work for them, a legitimate company

would never want other people to develop and maintain their business, they should definitely do

it between themselves, because they are the ones that created the company they would have

the most knowledge, experience in their own business, rather then random people that might

have never traded in their lives, just thinking about that more and more, it truly does not make sense.


AZAKUS About Page


At first look, AZAKUS seems like a legitimate company to me.

They have a company house certificate displayed, an address of the company, and when

I checked the address, it all seems to link and work fine, however there is a issue.

The company house shows the director of the business, and the director does not relate

to the one displayed on their website, which is strange I first thought.

So, we looked at their CEO that was displayed on their website, and found out that the photos

of their employees are not legitimate, they are stock images, that you can easily find on the web.

The website, does not even allow to drag and drop their pictures to google, to prevent people

from searching the photos, however I did a little cropping and managed to add the image to

google, which showed me all the information I needed to claim this business is shady and

likely will scam you, rather then make you any money.

If, you want to see proof that their CEO’s are not legitimate watch the video I have uploaded below. 


AZAKUS Contact Us 


AZAKUS Trading review scam

Looking at their support page, at the moment there is nothing useful there.

The only way to contact them is a email address, there is a columm made for the phone, but its not there.

They also seem to have a live chat, but it say’s its offline, which is definitely weird, considering its

Monday daytime at the moment, so the Forex markets are definitely up and running.

So, because AZAKUS does not have any other way to contact them means their company

is definitely shady and will try to take your money instead to make so money for you.




review AZAKUS Trading scam

To conclude this article, AZAKUS Trading Limited I believe its a SCAM.

There are to many things wrong at the moment, that leads me to believe that.

Their “team” shown in their official website is not legitimate, we have found stock photos of the

people, so this leads us to believe they are just made up names to make the association look better,

however, they have made a mistake, because they now look worse.

At the moment there is no social media pages, so clients cannot connect, review and talk about this project.

Not having social media in 2018 is suicide for any business that wants to grow and keep their clients trading.

Their investment plans are not over exaggerated, but still are quite high if we compare them to other

investment firms that are actually legitimate, and have been running for a while.

AZAKUS also claimed to have made 70 million last year, but there is literally no evidence of that happening,

which leads me to believe its just a empty statement, to make themselves look “professional”.

I recommend to stay away from AZAKUS Trading Limited, there are to many bad things rather then good.

Final Verdict 

AZAKUS Trading Limited IS A SCAM

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