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BitAlpha Scam Review BitAlpha BitAlpha Review BitAlpha Scam is a cryptocurrency investment site, that specializes in five different crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin. Based in London and Wales and been running since 16th May 2019.

Bit Alpha claims to be reliable and trustworthy investment platform, with very successful traders, which dramatically increased the effectiveness of their work. But I simply do not see it since, there are a variety of different problems we need to point out, before even making any cash deposits into this investment platform. Returns Of Investment has insane returns of investment if you would like to invest $100000 and you will choose a plan of 4200% return on investment, you will get $4200000 after 60 days. These numbers are just unrealistic to believe it.

Bit Alpha business is a tricky scheme because it does not have any actual source to pay profit to the members. It means that the only way that they can pay members is by routing the money between the members which is not a sustainable business.

However, business-like BitAlpha wants to pay all the investors but apparently, they can not because day by day, the debt will be increasing and they will not have enough funds to pay all people.

Especially since you as an investor do not need to do anything and invest any of your time to make any of the profits claims to return you. It’s definitely too good to be true and it will definitely scam you and will take all your money, I am 100% sure.

BitAlpha Scam Review BitAlpha BitAlpha Review BitAlpha Scam About Us Page & Faceless  is a faceless company that does not have any names mentioned or faces shown, which is another big indicator that this business will take all your invested money and you will never hear from them anymore.

In the section ‘About Us’, there are only a few sentences where they are mentioning the actual company and why choose them. Most of the information is all about cryptocurrency, the volume of transactions and how much they are dedicated to this project.

We as investors would like to know more about these businesses such as We would like to know the name of the CEO and founder of the company, what is his idea behind this business scheme. The case’s still very much a scam website.

BitAlpha Scam Review BitAlpha BitAlpha Scam BitAlpha Review Social Media do have social media, when you look at their Facebook it is a private group. Here is why, if the business would have a public page they will receive tons of negative reviews and comments such as ‘ do not invest here’ or ‘they are scammers’. In this scenario, they do not have full charge of deleting or changing anything.

To avoid that, BitAlpha created a private group. When someone will be invited to the group and will write a negative comment/opinion it will be easier for them to remove it.

True, you can say they do have a telegram group, however, telegram is not the most ideal way to connect with your investors. It is similar to the private Facebook group, where they have the person who is responsible to delete unfavorable messages or opinions.

BitAlpha Scam Review BitAlpha BitAlpha Scam BitAlpha Review Contact Us & Live Chat

Bit Alpha claims to have a  working phone number but unfortunately, it is like looking for a signal being underwater. Nobody answered.  The email address which is provided on their main page is unreachable because it is possibly not existing at all.

However, Live Chat is working for the first 2-3 minutes after opening and sending a text. one of support platforms crash down and it is no more available to contact again.

Legitimate investment companies would always provide fully working phone number, email or some sort and just be transparent in general.

BitAlpha Scam Review BitAlpha BitAlpha BitAlpha Scam Affiliate Program

Bit Alpha also has another way to scam people by having an Affiliate Program with 5% referral commission. Have in mind that, only when someone will invest through your referral link, you will get commissions from this company.

These guys will not pay you since their investment platform is not real and very unsustainable. The main idea of this Affiliate Program is just to get more traffic to their website and scam more innocent people.

Thinking about our own safety, we do not want to pass any of our relatives or friends information to them because it might lead to more cyber attacks or bigger problems.

BitAlpha Scam Review BitAlpha BitAlpha Review BitAlpha Scam BitAlpha Scam Review Unrealistic Online Statistics

This project has online statistics where they show deposits, withdrawals, accounts, visitors and all the rest.  The business tries to portray itself to be which would result in an increased amount of trust to investors or just new members.

Unfortunately, these numbers are all fake and can be changed by the website developers at any given time with any number you want. These stats are not real, is just playing with the customer minds.

BitAlpa Scam Review BitAlpha Scam Review Conclusion

To conclude this short article it is clear to see that Bit Alpha is here to take all your money and nothing more. Their investment returns are pretty high and just unsustainable for any investment business.

There are thousands of companies currently in the market scamming millions out of innocent customers. Making them believe that by not even thinking hard enough or taking any further action, just by investing you can make loads of money.

BitAlpha is definitely a scam because there is no proof of the owner or founder at first place. The contact sources are unreachable and all social media are just to assume that they are very sociable with their clients.

I can assure you they will never mention their names or show their faces. They will never stop stealing your money, there is no investment platform.

BitAlpha Scam Review

Final Verdict Is A SCAM!

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BitAlpha Scam Review