Bitcoin Blueprint Signals

Are they authentic? Lets find out

What is Bitcoin Blueprint? 

Bitcoin Blueprint Signals Scam Review

Bitcoin Blueprint Signals is a software solution that claims to analyse the financial markets, with 8 proven strategies the AI does all the work for you.

Essentially Bitcoin Blueprint Signals claim they are very accurate, and have limited spaces available for people to join.

There could be two reasons why they have limited spaces.

First reason their AI is actually that good and makes so much money that could disrupt the financial markets.

Second reason this is just another scheme to take money from unsuspecting investors, and something hints me that is the reason.

They might not want to have a lot of people, so its easier to control and manipulate their investors to invest in this scheme.


how do we sign up for Bitcoin Blueprint Signals, and is it suspicious?


Bitcoin Blueprint Signals Scam Review

Well its simple, you just sign up with your name, email and phone number and you will get a assigned broker to your account.

This is very simple and easy, don’t you think ?

The software solution is also free, which is kinda disturbing, why?

Well, because a organisation that has a nice accuracy and averages thousands a day is not something to be found easily.

There are currently no systems that are available for free that actually going to generate a decent return of your investment.

These people claim its free, and you only require the initial $250 dollars investment when you trade.

The problem with that is, I know how this scheme works, and will explain to you guys how it actually works shortly.

How does Bitcoin Blueprint Signals work !?


Bitcoin Blueprint Signals Scam Review

The company sells their “amazing system” for free, and expects people to believe that this organisation might generate thousands a day.

Once they have succeeded in persuading you to believe it, this is when all the fun begins.

They will link you to their recommended broker and ask you to invest $250 dollars to the specified account.

The $250 dollars is going to be the initial investment for you to make “thousands a day”.

Which technically means it is free, you just need to invest to make money right?

Well this is where the sad part kicks in, once you have deposited $250 dollars Bitcoin Blueprint will not care about you anymore.

So the main question is, why is that? Well ,because the brokers that you have signed up with have a agreement.

If Bitcoin Blueprint Signals bring traffic to brokers, they will get a small commission, which is what they are after, nothing else.

The signal service might work somewhat, but it wont be as good as they say it will be, trust me I have tested thousands of them, I know.


Bitcoin Blueprint Signals, Frequently Asked Questions 


Bitcoin Blueprint Signals Scam Review

The questions are obviously made up, because there is probably not a lot of people asking these questions , but they have answered them themselves.

The answer are obviously fluffed out, claiming people are averaging with their system thousands a day.

Imagine, investing $250 dollars and make $1000 a day, well that is four times more then your initial investment.

Do you as a investor actually believe that you could make four times as much as your first deposit.

I hope not, because you need to use your common sense, investing is a harsh game, and that is not the way to play it.

Bitcoin Blueprint Signals, claims you could be spending 15 minutes a day and make thousands.

This one quote should be putting you off this system forever, its just not realistic at this point.


Bitcoin Blueprint Signals Social Media 


We have researched and found no pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google+.

There is literally no evidence or real testimonials around this signals robot.

Which really indicates that this is just another scheme that we should not waste our time on.


Bitcoin Blueprint Signals, Layout, Spelling and Promotional Video


Bitcoin Blueprint Signals Scam Review

Well, the website does not look great, its quite messy and just looking not very professional.

I mean if a scheme generates thousands a day, they probably are using it themselves.

This means they can afford to hire a good developer and make this a decent website.

Unfortunately that is not a case, and the website definitely needs improvement.

There are spelling mistakes, and sentences that repeat randomly, which is not a good look especially if you are investing money.

People want a website that they can trust, and feel in safe hands when investing their hard earned cash in to something they do not know about.

The last thing I want to mention before i conclude this article is their promotional video.

Really, its so dull and stale and actually has video footage of random nature, I honestly just found it weird.

Bitcoin Blueprint was kinda talking and fluffing everything out in the video, not really getting to the point.

They have not really mentioned have the system actually works properly, who is the founder of it, what are the people in the team nothing.



Bitcoin Blueprint Signals Scam Review

To conclude this article we have found some disturbing facts around Bitcoin Blueprint Signals.

There is no real evidence that this system works, there are no social media pages with people’s testimonials.

All companies in 2018 have a social media page and love to interact with their audience, this is not the case with Bitcoin Blueprint.

The CO Founder is unknown and we do not know who is actually behind the development of such “incredible robot” .

The website, does not look professional in anyway shape or form and there are spelling mistakes and sentences repeating all over the page.

If they really made thousands a day, they would pay a developer to improve their website, that is for sure.

Apparently the software is free, well there is nothing ever free when a it comes down to making cash.

Good systems that actually make a decent return do cost money, but that is the name of the game.

You want to make income you have to pay for it, whether it will make you the money is a different subject.

So adding all the statements above, we can happily say this software solution is a SCAM.

Bitcoin Blueprint Signals


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