Bitcoin Society Club

Fraudsters? Lets find out ! 

What is Bitcoin Society Club?

Bitcoin Society ClubBitcoin Society Club is a financial market automated trading system, that generates profits of at least $2000 dollars “GUARANTEED”.

There word Guaranteed, is very over exaggerated, because if you are a Forex trader you would know that nothing is guaranteed, you are never guaranteed when you set up your order, that it will come in as expected.

There are things in the financial game that you cannot control, there is news coming out all the time and we as normal traders do not have access to all the financial news that might affect the current market trend.

We have just made a video below talking about this system, and its just a short video on why we think its a scam.

To be fair, we have now registered with them, and the system seems somewhat okay, but its definitely not going to make you $2000 dollars.


The broker we got registered with


Bitcoin Society Club

The broker we have been assigned to work with by the system was Capital Traders, which is somewhat of a legit broker. What do I mean by somewhat?

They probably pay some of their clients, but that does not mean they do not manipulate the market, let me elaborate.

This company is set up in the united kingdom, which means they need to be affiliated with the FCA or the (Financial Conduct Authority).

The FCA makes sure that a investment company is authentic and actually does what they say they do.

Capital Traders currently does not have the FCA policy, which technically means they are running their business illegally.

This results to us believing that both the Bitcoin Society Club and Capital Traders are shady and should not be trusted with investors cash.

Check out the picture on the right, these scammers also try to prove that they are on “Forbes”, but there are no links to any articles. The positions left bar is also never running till 0, because obviously they want you to have the last position.


What is the investment required ?


Bitcoin Society ClubBitcoin Society Club is asking investors to invest $250 dollars and they guarantee that you will make $2000 a day. Which is very ridiculous and let me tell you why. 

On Forex you would have to over leverage your account so much and compound it to achieve $2000, but I mean there has to be a massive economic crash in the market or major news that would move the market pairs so much to have such a massive impact. 

I mean $250 dollars is one eighth of $2000 dollars which means you would have to make 8 times of the amount of your initial deposit a day. 

Which is totally unrealistic, doubling your account in a day would be a fucking miracle, but pushing it to 8 times is just impossible. 

Also with the new leverage’s that are now implemented in the Forex market brokers, there is no chance you could make that type of money. 

The new leverage is new 1/30 on major pairs 1/20 on minor pairs, which is considerably less then once it was before. 

There used to be leverage of 1/500 which was insane, but even with that leverage I do not believe they could make their 8 times their initial investment within a day, EVERYDAY. 

This claim itself, is totally fake, over exaggerated and just wants to attract people in to investing their capital, there is no get rich system, trust me !. 


What makes Bitcoin Society Club a total scam?


Bitcoin Society Club

Well their website has a promotional video this video mainly focuses on selling you the program, they are shooting to get people’s attention by trying to relate to people that once, they did not have any wealth themselves. 

They focus on the emotional well being by saying stuff such as ” I used to have a dead end job and now I live in a mansion” stuff like that is basically relating to people, which results to folks trusting the program, which then psychologically affects their decision and makes them invest into this scheme.

Do not forget, once these scammers get a sale, you are FORGOTTEN they really not there for you to help you achieve good results. They have achieved there result and not care about yours. 

Don’t get me wrong there are systems that work and can actually make you extra income, but this system will not make you wealthy 100% guaranteed. 

The system lacks transparency, things such as who is behind this system is fake, these developers of Bitcoin Society Club are called faceless scammers, meaning nobody really know’s who is behind these schemes and they can get away with anything. 

Looking at this scam further, you can see other stuff such as timers and positions which try to force people to sign up as quick as they can, when people see the timer, it causes urgency reactions, people start to think quick, which prevents them to think things through and invest their money, once they invest its game over.

Looking even further, you can see there are fake testimonials on their website, folks claiming they have made a lot of money in a few weeks and can now buy houses, cars and live a financially free life. I wish this was true, but it is not, folks in the testimonials are regular stock images found in a lot of other websites.



Bitcoin Society Club

Bitcoin Society Club is one of these Forex get rich schemes, with fake testimonials and promotional videos that are fluffed out to the max. Bitcoin Society Club tells the community they can make $2000 dollars with $250 a day, everyday guaranteed, which is a major exaggeration and I can tell you its more then that, its impossible.

Unless a really major economic event happens such as the event of Swiss Frank, look it up you will see the drop, there is no chance you can make this kind of profit in a day. I am a Forex trader myself and make a little cash on the side, but with all the new leverages, there is just no way they could make that kind of return of investment. 


Final Verdict

Bitcoin Society Club is a SCAM !!!

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