Bitcoin Trader Crypto Scam Review


Bitcoin Trader, what is it ?


Bitcoin Trader is a automated trading software, that specializes in trading cryptocurrencies and the Forex market, the software can only be manually managed.

Bitcoin Trader is absolutely 100% a free software, and to sign up there are only few simple steps.

You follow the steps of registration, by putting your name, email and telephone number in the required boxes, you will also need a verification code. The code will be sent to your registered email address, once you put in the verification code, the account gets created and you will start trading under a broker.


How the system works, and are the brokers trustworthy? 


Once you have registered you will be forwarded to the trading software page, it will show you a small graph that is quite dull and boring, it will also show you the broker the system has assigned you on.

The broker we have got assigned on does not have all the legal requirements and is not regulated, which raises alarm bells, not regulated brokers can do whatever they want with your account, from trading with it, to manipulating the price of the graph so you lose your trades.

Even if the broker is somewhat legit, once you register through Bitcoin Trader, it is very much at risk.

Especially once you have deposited your money, the automated trader will start trading, with at least $25 dollars a trade, the trader will eventually lose all your hard earned money and you will be left with nothing.

These automated traders usually do not work, I have tried one in the past and it was a very similar experience as this one from Bitcoin Trader, I mean the one I have invested my money on looked really professional, but the result was the same, I have lost all my money and could not do anything about it.


The worst thing people can do is invest money in such systems, there are two main reasons why these systems fail, they are developed by scammers and the only thing they care about is themselves, so your money is not the priority, they do not care if you lose money.

Especially this system with Bitcoin Trader it does not look like it has been developed by any means, its shady and dull, the broker that we got assigned with is unregulated, whats worse is that high and low trading or binary options trading is banned in the EU.

So these unregulated sites are promoting themselves or a system such as Bitcoin Trader is promoting themselves, but work with these shady brokers and split the money you deposit in half, the only people that will make money is the broker and the software developer.

The moment you deposit and invest your money in to a shady broker or a system, that money is long gone, the broker is located somewhere in Estonia, and they know for a fact that you are not going to try and search for them, even if you did you would probably not find them.


The creator of Bitcoin Trader?


There is no published creator of Bitcoin Trader, which also screams danger !!! close the website.


Latest trades from Bitcoin Trader (or so they say) 


I have attached a picture on the right hand side, with the “live trades made” by their clients. This is totally fake and not realistic, if you add the amounts together it sums up to a total of $4000 dollars a hour. 

This type of money is only possible if you had a massive and I mean massive capital, but nobody in the right mind would ever invest their hard earned money in a broker that shady and a system that is that dull and boring. 

The site is secure with the SSL, but that does not really mean anything, just because its secure it does not mean you will not get scammed. The broker will also have the green padlock and will say its secure, and you are right it will be secure from hackers, because everything is encrypted, but that is not what the brokers are looking for. 

The brokers look for you to invest your money in to their website after that you are screwed, the payment options you cant even choose PayPal to claim it back. You can try to win some money and hope they process  your withdrawal, but the chances in that happening is quite small, especially since you will have integrated Bitcoin Trader in your broker. 


Bitcoin Trader profits are unlimited and the system is free 


Just to clarify again, why do you think the system is free?

The system is free, because they need to provide traffic for the broker, so the broker gets a deposit and the traffic provider and the broker split the difference.

In reality the Bitcoin Trader application is just a poorly developed system, that has a have algorithms making it trade automatically, but it really does not look at what the charts are doing, so your results will be bellow average, which will make you lose all your money.

The broker itself even if its unregulated might payout some money, but I would not get my hopes up, brokers have been cheating people from money since day one, and since these brokers that you will get assigned if you join this system are not regulated, they will manipulate the markets and make you lose all your money, they have no problem with that.




To conclude this article Bitcoin Trader is just another system, that will bring traffic to a unregulated broker. The system will have poor algorithms set up, its going to trade automatically with your money, but the trades will be totally random or it might even be set up to lose. The system does not have a creator, or a owner, so its just a big fluff piece that this system can and will make money. The website is bland and boring, the system button’s seem slow and just unprofessional.


We at toptradingreviews highly recommend you do not use this system, because its a SCAM. 

Have a nice day guys, and we will meet again in the next article !

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