Bitcoins Wealth Trading Scam Review

What is Bitcoins Wealth ? 

Bitcoins Wealth is a trading software that trades for you automatically, the developers of the software claim they use the most advanced programming algorithms the world has ever seen. The developers of Bitcoins Wealth claim that their system is always ahead of the market by 0.01 second, and ill quote ” And if you know anything about trading you know this is a huge deal” – Bitcoins Wealth 2018. 


Bitcoins Wealth are confident and proud in their system, they claim that the system performance has a 99.4% level of accuracy in successful trades, and there is no other trading system that actually can do that in the whole world, let me just stop you there, there is NO SYSTEM IN THE WORLD THAT CAN DO THAT EVER. Bitcoins Wealth claim that their members of the group return a amazing reward from their investment, they claim that the members double, triple and quadruple their hard-earned money. Apparently the money just comes in simply as that, and the best part of it all there is minimal to no work required to run this amazing system !.


The system or the trading app they call Bitcoins Wealth apparently has “WON” a number of awards, the most recent award being the 1# in the trading software industry for the United Kingdom trading association. Let me just stop again, hahaha yeah maybe a reward of the worst scammer website would be more suiting, but hey lets give them a chance lets continue with the article !

How does Bitcoins Wealth Work? 

Bitcoins-Wealth is fairly straight forward, you register with them on this page, and you will get the software for FREE, after that you will fund your account with at least $250, because quote “Like any business, you need working capital to get started” yeah not for Bitcoins Wealth though they just steal your money and keep your account nice and empty. The third step they claim is to “Start Profiting!” and they give you two options with the systems, which is the automatic trade there the systems trades for you and loses all your money or you can manually trade, and still lose your money, WIN WIN situation just not for the investor.


How much profit can it make ? 

Bitcoins-Wealth profits are “AMAZING” and “INSANE” if you look at their customers some of them generated $80.000 from starting just with $1000 and I am not saying that is not possible, because we at have seen a trader make $100.000 starting with $1000, but trust me this system is more then likely will not make you a cent.


Bitcoins-Wealth claim these people make amazing amounts of money and I wish it was true, but lets face it money does not grow on tress or should I say in this system. The people mentioned with the profits are not even real people with not real names, these people are stock photos, I guarantee you if you searched one of their names on google you would probably find another 100 stock images that are used in different websites, there is nothing wrong with stock photos is just that Bitcoins-Wealth is using them to deceive people and make them invest in to a failed system.


I have attached a picture on the right and looking at Bitcoins-Wealth trade history it gets even more weird, I mean why is the name of the system associated with bitcoin if there are no trades that where done with bitcoin, the trade history is more like binary options then anything else. Hmm that is weird lets go deeper.


I love that the top right corner says that the system was updated 25/07/2018, but the left side of the picture goes back to year 2016 that also is alarming, because how can they claim to have such a godly system generating such profits, but cannot even update their website properly and update their trade history, I mean if you really want to show off your trading system at least get it right.


Lets see the websites FAQ’s 

The first thing that killed me straight away was this question ” what kind of result can i expect” and Bitcoins-Wealth answered with $13,000 DAILY. I am sorry let me get some fresh air I need to have a walk after that one hahaha. Getting back to the article so the second questions is basically how many hours do you need to put in to make this system work, and the developers claim that 20 minutes a day is enough, because the system is so good it does everything for you and you will make $13.000 a day easy mate. 


Can you just imagine depositing a minimum of $250 in to your trading account and BOOOM $13.000 in a day, they must of melted harry potters magic wand and enchanted the system with fu@$%king lord voldemorts missing nose, because those kind of stats are not possible, never will be possible and you can be safe on that I CAN ASSURE YOU ON THAT.



Bitcoins-Wealth is a too good to be true its like a dream, and it will always stay a dream, because the profits the developers of this super system claim to make are not in this world possible. $13.000 in a day is not possible, for any system to make, unless you have invested a huge amount of money in a very good system, which do not get me wrong there are some decent systems out there, but they just do not generate these kind of profits. We at toptradingreviews can safely say that this system is a SCAM and we strongly recommend people to not touch this system, keep yourself miles away from this one. Their site will be reported and probably wont last too long, since we have done this review, but these scammers never give up and in the near future there will probably be another scam website similar to this one with a similar name, but do not worry, because we will be on top of them and catch them out !. 


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