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Bit miner site is a cryptocurrency mining website that specialises only in the bitcoin currency. All their investment plans are around the BTC currency and the basic way how it works you pay your bitcoin to get a daily percentage of a bitcoin with a return of investment, however if you ask me its purely ridiculous and I will tell you why very soon. Returns Of Investment

Looking at returns of investment it is clear to see how this scheme works and its definitely not going to be around very long. Their returns of percentage are not crazy high, but high enough for me to think its a scam, especially since you have to pay a huge chunk of bitcoin to get a return back in a few weeks time.

This scheme works by people investing a huge chunk of their bitcoin lets say 1.00 bitcoin, they will only give you 10% of your 1 bitcoin back everyday, which makes the other 90% of your bitcoin to be like credit, and payout any other payment requests they might have from other cryptocurrency investors.

However, most of these crypto fund raising companies always fail and the chain breaks, this could only work if there is always new people coming in to and are investing a lot of bitcoin so they can carry on working like banks, basically giving your bitcoin away to someone else that is requesting a withdrawal or a payout, eventually there won’t be new people coming in and a lot of withdrawals will be requested, which will mean in a insufficient amount of funds available to pay all their investors.

Bit miner site Company Registered does not have any company house details or any other legal document to state they are a legal working company and what they are doing over the internet is 100% legal and there are no shady business going on.

We as investors need to know before investing if this project is run by people that are confident in their job and know what they are doing, however this is not the case with bitminer, because there is a huge lack of information of their official website, there is literally just a few text around on how it works, but that is all.

Bit miner site Owner & The Team Behind It

We do not know who are the people behind the  and who is the company CEO. There are no people specified on who actually created this project and how it properly works with much detail, there are no faces shown on the website which is a clear indicator that this site is not being fully transparent with their customers.

All proper investment platforms have the owners on their page or at least their name and surname mentioned in one of “about us” pages. This is not the case with and it probably never will be since their website lacks transparency, detail and a lot of legal information inside it, they want you to invest with bitcoin, because its hard to track it and the government wont be able to return the invested funds even if they will blatantly scam you.

Bit miner site Withdrawals has their withdrawals shown on their website, but this is a very typical thing for scammers to use, all the scam reviews I have done in the past 91% of them had “withdrawal” stats around the website, most of these stats are faked out and not legitimate.

I am not saying won’t be paying out at all, because they might be paying to their small affiliates that are working for them and bringing more and more traffic which equates to more money for all of them, affiliates will probably get paid.

Also might be paying out to people that invest little amounts of bitcoin, this is to show their transparency and gain trust from their investors that might be paying, things change once the investor starts trusting bit miner to much, eventually a person is going to invest a huge chunk of their bitcoin and that’s when will decide to not pay their client and keep the bitcoin all to themselves, the sad part is the investor wont be able to do anything about it.

Bit miner site Social Media & Affiliates does not have any social media pages at all, whether it would be facebook, twitter, instagram or even a telegram group, there is nothing mentioned and the only way to contact them is a email address which is the number one to scam someone, and very hard to track. does have a live chat however when I wrote to them nobody answered within 10 minutes time, so I assume nobody is there or if there is a live chat that actually works, they are not doing a very good job for their clients.

All normal investment platforms would be very transparent, showing their mining servers with photos and sharing it with all social media available, this would definitely attract more traffic to their website, rather then having to depend on affiliates bringing all the traffic in to their website.

The reason bit miner is using affiliates rather then social media is because they know they are scamming people and they do not want other people to ruin their reputation by saying its a scam and showing proof that they are not paying.

Bit miner site Conclusion

To conclude this article I believe is a total scam, their investment plans will only work if new people will carry on coming in to the business and invest a lot of their bitcoin otherwise this scheme will soon fall to the ground and a lot of people that invested will get a nasty stab in the back by this company.

This has happened multiple times and we at top trading reviews have seen this happen to many times to believe will be different, we are just talking from our personal experience and what we have seen in the internet the past years.

Bit miner site

Final Verdict 

Legion Trade Biz Is A SCAM !

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Bit miner siteBit miner site