Bitoptions Review


Bitoptions What Is It?

Bitoptions is the “Europes largest online and mobile consumer”, well at least they claim to be. Apparently, they have provided a line of credit of more than 4 billion euros, which is a totally bold statement, and there is no proof to show that this is true.

I can confidently say that this above statement is not true, Bitoptions is just another online investment business over the internet with the intention to steal as much money as possible and then close down and open in a different name, its been like this forever and probably will stay like this.

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Bitoptions Returns Of Investment 

Bitoptions offer the maximum return of 350% within 30 days time, this investment plan is totally bonkers and I just cannot imagine them being able to sustain these percentage returns for the long run.

The returns are so insane even billionaires such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos would struggle to maintain that. The investors do not need to move a finger the only thing they need to do is invest a certain amount of money, and then magically after one month, they will get a nearly 4-time return of their investment.

If the above statement was true, people would not be working nine to five jobs, because they could just invest in something like and make themselves a lot of money. The economy would crash, however, it’s just a fools dream to believe this is legitimate.

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Bitoptions Social Media

Bitoptions do not have any social media, they claim they have been in the business for years on end, but they never had time to create a simple Facebook page? This does not seem right to me, especially since all businesses have social media’s because it attracts traffic, people can comment and help the business grow.

However, bitoptions did not create anything like that and it leads me to ask the questions why? Well, it’s simple, they do not want to have any social media, because they know they are scammers. Why would they want people commenting on their facebook page that they are not paying, they rather keep themselves hidden and let other people promote them.

A proper investment platform would always have social media pages, connect with their investors and other people to grow their business. This would also lead to a lot more traffic for the business and finally make the business a real success, but since this project is a pure scam, they want to keep themselves on the low and scam gullible people.

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Bitoptions Faceless & About us 

Bitoptions about us page do not contain much about them. To be fair looking at their page it just has unnecessary information that we do not care about, it just seems like the developers wanted to “fill in the spaces” and make it seem like this business is booming.

However, this is not the case, I can assure you this business has a lot of spelling errors, their investment plans are wack and also their website design is ugly for a professional investment platform they should really work how they present themselves over the internet, and if they really make such returns, I do not see why they cannot have a web designer making it much better looking.

The reason for that is they cannot afford it, and even if they will be able to afford it, the money is not theirs its the people’s money that actually invested in this bitoptions project and believed they are going to get 350% return within 30 days time.

They also do not have any information on who is the company CEO and who are the people behind the business, who is the “team of professionals” they mention in their website, no names, no photos nothing is added or mentioned which just shows that this is just another scheme we should avoid.

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Bitoptions Company House 

Apparently, the business does have a company house certificate, sadly this proves nothing, I have seen so many certificates since I started doing scam reviews and I can assure you this is just another scam.

Scammers use their main location to be the United Kingdom, because they can acquire this company house certificate and make people believe they are “legitimate”, however, this is not the case, most of the scam reviews I have done in the past 97% of them were scams and all based somewhere in the London United Kingdom area.

I am not saying the United Kingdom is the scam country because it is not. However, a lot of these scammers use countries tools to make themselves “legitimate” over the internet and scam unsuspecting investors.

The sad thing is people try anything these days if they are desperate enough or want to feed their families, but honestly, if somebody is offering something that is too good to be true, then it probably is, investing is risky and you should only invest if you have the money.

Bitoptions scam review crypto bitoptions review

Bitoptions Conclusion

Bitoptions is an investment platform that lacks transparency, it has no social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This alone is a clear indicator that something is wrong, a business in 2019 that does not use social media will definitely fail.

Their investment percentage returns are totally bonkers, 350% return on investment within 30 days time is totally insane and unrealistic, it would be really hard for a company to sustain these returns long term. Investment platforms struggle to pay out 30% a month, what can we talk about 350%.

Bitoptions about us page is lack lustered, it has no information about their business owners, who the company CEO actually is and who are the people behind the business, they claim to have a professional team working, however no names are mentioned and faces shown, this just shows that this company is not serious and will definitely not make you any money, its here to steal and take all your money and then disappear never to be seen again.

Bitoptions scam review crypto bitoptions review bitcoin bitoptions review

Final Verdict 

BitOptions IS A SCAM!

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Bitoptions scam review crypto bitoptions review bitcoin bitoptions review