Brit Coin System Scam Review 


So what is the Brit Coin system ?


Brit Coin is a automated trading system solution that will essentially trade for you Bitcoins, and make you a lot of money in the process, sounds great right?

Well its not as great, looking at their introduction video, they have no idea what they are talking about, they are saying Bitcoin is rising at the moment, and its going to reach $20,000, I mean Bitcoin definitely could of reached such amount of money, back when the hype of it was crazy.

All the celebrities everyone started investing in it, so that brought the value of Bitcoin to go up, but since then Bitcoin is ranging at around $8000 dollar mark, so I am not sure how they are going to get to $20,000 at the near future, without the hype behind it, the chances of it going up too $20,000 a rare.


The system’s opportunity to invest and what they offer


The Brit Coin video narrator or should I call him “Jasper Boyle” is the one behind such system, the website claims that there is not a better opportunity then now to invest in Bitcoin.

I am sad to say, but the Bitcoin wave of when you should of invested in it is long gone, its $8000 for one bitcoin, you could of invested when it was at least $100/$500 maybe even $1000.

So in their website they talk about that financial freedom is in your grasps and if you invest in this system, you will be financially independent, which is obviously a very bad sales pitch that they are using, and they are also lying by saying their system is 99% accurate and generates lots of return in no time.

They are also claiming that if you trade with them, your investments and trading capital is safe all the way, because their system is that good it will not lose you any money, which would be amazing if it was real, but it is not.

What kind of system would have a 99% accuracy and a safe protection from any loses, I mean if it was real it would be a no-brainer, but their system was probably created by a fucking witch that can see the future and knows the outcome of Bitcoin, if they do not have a real future teller Incorporated in their system, this shit is definitely fake.


Client Testimonials on Brit Coin


So the testimonials are definitely fake, they are some kind of stock images of posh British people, well by the way they look in them anyway.

One of the testimonials actually say that they have profited around $12,000 in the last month, which is amazing and I wish I could do it too, but definitely fake.

Like come on having a automated robot trade for you, and you gain $12,000 a month without putting any effort from your side, that would be the dream everybody wants, hence why this system will only work in dreams not reality.

The testimonials are aimed for people that are struggling and looking for a scheme that will make them some money, these testimonials are aimed to grab peoples emotional side, and that is when it becomes dangerous.

We as people are emotional and people that cannot control their emotions are persuaded to purchase these type of systems for a better tomorrow, which is very sad, because all these people get is the middle finger and there are left with nothing.

The testimonials are trying to relate to people by saying stuff such as: “With this system we have fully paid our dept and now are purchasing our first holiday home in Spain” or “With this system I have made $12,000 a month and I am now driving the car I always wanted, I could not believe this is real”

These quotes are just examples off the fluff they are trying to say, but all these types of systems are trying to do is pull wool over your eyes and make you believe that this system works, and will make great returns of your investment and you will not have to work a day in your life ever again.


The Registration count down timer and limited spaces 


They are claiming there are 8 limited spaces available and the countdown timer goes down and it is set to 1 minute, their presentation video is fucking 10 minutes, so obviously this is done to raise urgency, and get people to sign up as fast as possible without thinking about the consequences.


Brit Coin site risk disclosure


I love that Brit Coin claim they have a 99% accuracy that will win all the trades you make and you will generate amazing profits GUARANTEED, but at the bottom of their page it clearly say’s that any loss you make they are not liable for and its basically your fault that you have trusted this bullshit system that we made and we will not return your money by any chances.

These scammers are smart, as long as they put that at the very bottom of the page, with a lot of writing in there, most people do not read that shit, because they see a lot of writing they think of well its not important, and it clearly is the most useful and important piece of information out there, that you should not invest your money.

Obviously if a system has that risk disclosure, the system is obviously not making money, it probably loses money on purpose so you can invest more money and believe in such system.

They are also not guaranteed as they say they are if they need to protect themselves from people trying to sue them for a loss of money.



To conclude the Brit Coin system solution is very much fake, so much so there is not really much to say about it, everything in the video is fake, the people are not real, the testimonials are fake with very unrealistic results, the website itself looks like it has been done by a 10 year old, it lacks professionalism, it lacks transparency, it just not genuine and its a FACT. This system would lose your money so quick that you could barely blink that fast. We at toptradingreviews highly recommend to not use Brit Coin automated solution system, because it is 100% A SCAM. 

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