Brit Formula Scam Review


What is Brit Formula ?

It is a trading system for the financial markets like Forex, I would say binary options, but currently its illegal in Europe. 

Brit Formula is a new found way to simply make money online with a push of a button – Oh we have heard that one before ! 

Brit Formula is a high tech system that trades for you, and because of all the algorithms inside the system, it rarely loses, nearly never.! – That is what they say

Each trades last from a minute to a hour, so there is no waiting for you to LOSE your money. 


Brit Formula website and the presentation video 

Their website looks really bad, everything from top too bottom screams get out off this website, you will get scammed. 

I mean the website video in itself is horrible, its very load you cannot turn the video volume off, you literally have to listen to these fake people speak about how good this system is. 

What do I mean by fake people? – These people in the presentation video are paid actors by somebody and been asked to participate in these kind of videos to basically sell their robot or service. These kind of actors have probably failed Hollywood, hence why they are here on the internet and doing the naughty deals with scammers. 


Brit Formula website Facebook and twitter updates 


They have a thing called “live Facebook and twitter updates” and a new comment appears every second I swear, its like people do not have anything else to do then just comment on how good this system is, trust me a lot of people would not be bothered to click a like on a page, lets not even go down the route to write a nice feedback about the system. 

If you try to click on the Facebook or twitter buttons, it does not come up with the source of where these comments are coming from, which indicates for me that these comments are no where, they are generated by the developer and just keep showing up on the website, to make it seem like people are actually buying in to this crap. 


Brit Formula Live third party verified results


There is a chart on their website, basically showing the currency they have been trading, when did they trade and how much money did they make. Obviously Brit Formula is going to show amazing results, that nobody has ever gotten. 

The chart, if you try to click on any of the amounts of money or currencies, it should really open a source page where are they getting this information from, so it proves they are legit, but the sad truth is, it opens nothing, because the people that are making money are the only people that are involved in this scam. 


Client testimonials 

Looking at Brit Formula’s client testimonials it is clear to say that they are fake, I mean one of the testimonials claims somebody has made a quarter of a million from just 3 weeks of trading with Brit Formula, which is not possible. 

It cannot be possible, because everybody would be doing it, trust me money if everybody would be making so much money, the economy would go down the hill, I mean the price inflation would be crazy, you would probably need to spend a $100 dollars for a piece of bread, or something ridiculous as that. 

This Brit Formula, is a well known scam website, and obviously people have seen it a couple of times themselves, which indicates that the audience they reach is quite high. So now think about it if everybody would be making a quarter of a million why would anyone work anymore, everybody would just by on their holiday’s or spending time with their loved ones. 

Sadly, that is not the case and Brit Formula is a total  scam, the testimonials are more ridiculous the more you read them, I will attach a few on the right hand side of the screen for you guys to laugh at them as much as I did. 


The creator of Brit Formula 

Their website claim that a guy named Harry Jones, – which is such a fake name by the way. Has invented this system, they have also attached this fake looking certificate, basically saying this system GUARANTES YOU WILL BE MAKING A PROFIT 100%. 

Which is surely stupid to say, especially in the financial markets, because even the best traders in the world do not make consistent profits everyday, they might make a good return in investment in a month, but definitely not daily.

The Brit Formula claims the smaller depositing guys would be making $1000 a day and if you deposit a higher amount you would be reaching up to $4000 a day, which is more then a million a year.

By the way, Brit Formula claim that this system is free of charge, so a system that can make you a millionaire over the period of 12 months is fucking FREE? 

They are trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and I can 100% guarantee you that this is a SCAM. 




The Brit Formula trading system lacks trust, their website looks horrible and not presentable, they have a fake people representing their product in their video, they have a “creator of the company” that is totally not real with a fake name, and have a attached certificate that claims you will profit 100%.

Their testimonials and live verified trades are bullshit, claiming people are actually making 6 figures in three weeks with just a push of a button, because the system is automated.

The system apparently averages a million a year, but its a free system, which is not possible if a system like that would exist, the price of the system would be in hundred’s of millions. The Brit Formula system is a fake, deceptive website that is here to manipulate their clients and take their hard earned money away.! We at Toptradingreviews highly suggest you to STAY AWAY FROM BRIT FORMULA. 


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