Can this company produce great profits? 

What is BTC BANK LTD ?


The business claims to be based in London, and established in 2016.

Apparently it is becoming the UK’s biggest and fastest trading company.

BTC BANK is an investment project that specializes in crypto-currencies, stock and Forex trading.

The association claims to have a lot of successful achievements and this allowed them to grow their business.

Honestly, the above statements are not very true, and the whole “about us” section is pure fluff.

Most of what the project is saying is total bogus and just empty statements.

They mention they have experts in their field and they have grown their business a lot, but there is

literally no evidence in regards to what they are saying, hence why we think this is a scam.


BTC BANK LTD Investment Plans


BTC REVIEWThere are 3 investment plans available and they are OVER EXAGGERATED.

I mean its crazy, 2000% in 2 days, is definitely not achievable.

You cannot expect to to invest $1,000 dollars and get $20,000 dollars return of investment.

If you really think you going to get paid that kind of money, you need to change the way you think,

because you will eventually get burned really hard financially.

The investment plans alone are more then enough evidence to claim this association is fake.

The biggest companies in the world would never 2000% return of investment in 10 years let alone couple of days.

The weirdest thing about these 3 plans, is that the first plan after 1 hour pays 850% return of investment.

Now if we would times that by 24 (the hours in a day) the return of investment would equal to 20,400% in one day.

How possibly do they expect to pay these kind’s of percentages, even if you invested $10 dollars with 20,400% it would be

a insane amount of money, everybody would be a millionaire in a few weeks.


BTC BANK Social Media



BTC BANK has social media links in their website which is really good, 

However the links do not work, when you click their link it just returns you to their homepage.

Not having social media is really bad for a company such as BTC BANK. 

Investment projects need to have social media exposure, because it helps them grow as a business.

If they had social interaction with their clients they would have incredible amounts of exposure and if they

are doing a good job with the business, word of mouth would get them to the top very quickly.

Image a company that would actually pay such incredible percentages, everybody would want to jump in, because

it would most likely not last long, so clients would try to make their millions and leave.

However, this is not the case and they have nothing, which just shows how shady the project is.

There is a lack of trust between the investor and BTC BANK . 

We as investors need to know everything about a business we invest our hard earned cash in,

because its our money, we need to know, how they make their money and what people are working behind this project

without any valuable information we cannot determine whether this business is secure and knows what they are doing.


BTC BANK LTD Company House 


We have checked their company house under the name of BTC BANK LTD.

Unfortunately for them, there is no name registered under the name of BTC BANK.

This just shows that the business is not legitimate and is looking to deceive you.




btc bank review

Their contact us page or should I say “live support” is not very live at all.

The only live support you get is apparently a email address, which is definitely the worst way to communicate.

They are literally seeking to find people without any attention to detail and

only look at what the return of investment percentages say, so they would be able to scam their clients.

Not having a good way to contact the business is really bad, because they are a investment company.

All associations that deal with cash need premium way’s to communicate with their clients.

People get protective and insecure about their money, so if they write a email to BTC BANK LTD and

not get a response for 24 hours they will get agitated and worried that they got scammed.

Obviously I am speaking generally about companies that would actually pay you,

BTC BANK LTD, is definitely a scam and will 20,000% scam you.


A little about BTC BANK LTD referral system

btc bank review


The only reason why this association has a referral system is to employ free marketers to their business.

They will tell their affiliates about great commissions and rewards, however they will never see them.

Free marketers will help the business grow and make it seem like this the best money maker around,

sadly that is not the truth and in the end both the affiliate and the client get scammed.

This is really sad and if you guys wanted to be a affiliate marketer, don’t well at least not for such scammers.





To conclude this article we have found some disturbing information around BTC BANK.

There are to many negatives to make this business believable and profitable.

Their company house mentioned on their website does not exist and its totally bogus.

BTC BANK LTD does not have any social media involved on their website, well they have links

to Facebook, Instagram etc, but they do not work, which does not do anyone good.

I tried searching for their page on Facebook, could not find anything and you could say

oh they are new and might not had time to create it, which is a poor excuse in itself, but noo

they have been working for at least 3 months.

Their investment plans are ridiculous and over exaggerated which is the main reason why

this is just another Ponzi Scheme that has one and only aim “STEAL YOUR MONEY”.

Final Verdict


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