BTC investment cc

Scam Or Legit? 

What is Btc investment cc? 

Btc investment scam review

Btc investment cc is the leading investment company in crypto currency markets.

Well at least they are claiming to be so.

Btc investment cc company was formed to utilize advanced cloud mining technology to digital currencies.

The company also claims to have experience in trading stocks and Forex.

They are based in the United Kingdom, while also displaying the company certificate in the middle of their website.

We did our research and found that the certificate is valid.

However, there has been penalties given to the owner, due to not providing the right address.

This can be a mistake or a intentional way to hide his information.


Btc investment cc investment plans 


Btc investment scam review

So, looking at their investment plans it is clear to see they are not realistic.

We have four plans ranging from returns of 130% and 500%.

Do you really think 500% is a possible return in a short period such as 3 days?

The answer is no, there is no possible way the business could sustain such huge returns.

The biggest financial management companies or how I like to call them the big boys.

They have set returns such as 30%-40% a year !

This result above, is actually a really good result and very respectable in the trading niche.

However, Btc investment cc obviously is the “leading” company so they will break the limits.

I am quite sure they wont be breaking anything, unless their own business.

Their investment calculator is not even working, how can they talk about such huge returns is beyond me.


Btc investment cc about us page


Btc investment scam review

Looking at their about page it is clear to me that these guys are not serious.

The only thing they provide is a company house certificate and a bunch of fluff talk to go with it.

Most of what they are saying is useless information and does not really tell anything.

Similar on how politics do their talks.

There are no names mentioned on who is the Founder and CEO of the company.

No developers where mentioned, what experience they have in the trading niche.

How long they have been trading, and how did they come up with the idea to create a investment platform.

All of these questions are vital, if they cannot answer these simple questions, I really would not mess with them.

There is a lack of transparency in the air, the general vibe is they are not telling everything.

It always feels like they are hiding something, which is never a good thing when talking about investing capital.


Btc Investment cc Support Page 


Btc investment scam review

Their support page or better known as contact page is not very good.

The only way to communicate with the company is via email.

This is especially not good when dealing with clients that are investing money.

Folks that contribute to the project and expect a return will feel agitated if something goes wrong and they have no one to speak to.

This will lead to all sorts of problems, people are crazy when it comes to money, so having a slow support system such as only email is bad.

Also, most scammer websites use email as the only tool to contact them, which does not look good for Btc investment cc.

They look like scammers, and feel like scammers, the verdict is definitely weighting down to a SCAM.


Btc investment Social Media


Btc investment scam review

Talking about contacting them, I remembered their social media pages, which they do not have !

A business in 2018 needs to have a minimum of a Facebook Page developed for them to truly reach their target audience.

Without the social media, it will be very hard for Btc investment cc to become the best as they claim they want to be.

The main question is, why does Btc investment cc not have social media? Well..

The obvious answer and probably the only answer is ,because they are hiding something.

They know themselves that this is a Ponzi-Scheme that eventually will fail and take all of their clients invested capital.

This association cannot afford to have a social media, because they would have too many negative reviews from their customers.

You simply cannot sustain a business that provides a 500% return of investment in only 3 days.

If this was true, everybody would be a millionaire in less then a few months.


Btc investment cc financial conduct authority


The good thing about Btc investment is that they have a company house to prove they are somewhat legitimate.

They also have a rate us page, basically website testifying whether this website pays or not.

Looking at most of them, these websites do claim these guys pay, but that is not the point.

These people behind Btc investment play the fear and greed game.

They only waiting for a massive investment, once they get that its game over and the company shuts down.

Also, the company is not registered with the financial conduct authority, which means they are running illegally.

All companies that provide financial management services need to have some kind of policy with the (FCA) financial conduct authority.

The FCA is just going to make sure that the business is running legally and give a green light to all its clients that everything is verified.




Btc investment cc scam review

Looking at Btc investment, it is clear to see that there are many flaws within the business.

There are actual spelling mistakes inside the website, which makes it look dirty and unprofessional.

There are no social media links inside the website, which does not show any results from their clients.

The company claims having the desire to be the best, but we just cannot see that at the moment.

Btc investment cc need to be more transparent with their clients without the bullshit.

Since they do not have any numbers, and their only way to contact them is a email, it is clear to say

these guys are not worried about their customers, which makes us believe this is another shady site.

Also, their investment plans are totally unrealistic, and simply unsustainable in the long run.

Btc investment cc


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