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Does it make money? 

What is BTC livein investment ? 

BTC LiveIn Scam Review

BTC Livein investment claims that its the most stable investment platform, that uses funds of clients to find best investment opportunities.

These opportunities are in general investment markets such as Forex, Crypto, physical properties.

The company claims to even have investment moments anywhere, basically if it has a good potential to be profitable they will take your cash and invest.

This will help the company invest your capital and share the profits, this sounds quite logical for now.

Sadly, that is all for the BTC liveIn, all the other stuff is just fluff to make it seem like this business model is going somewhere.


BTC LiveIn Investment plans


BTC LiveIn Scam Review

I believe the investment plans are affordable, however that does not mean they are achievable or realistic.

surely you cannot believe you will make 270% return of your investment in nearly 4 days ? I hope not.

Even though the investment plans are not as over exaggerated comparing to others.

They are still very high and not realistic.


How does BTC Livein work?


BTC LiveIn Scam Review

BTC Livein investment works as an investment fund.

Potential investors gather their savings and choose a plan, these plans are claimed to be payed without a problem.

Investor funds will be used to invest in online businesses and physical businesses.

BTC Livein will use its capital plus the investors capital to invest in stock shares, properties Forex, crypto and a lot more.

The company also claims its a safe website and you can sleep tight without a worry in the world.

This above statement is such fluff its unbelievable, ugh makes me kinda angry.

Their website is secure, but does not even have a SSL certificate, which means any information you put it can be hacked.

Yes, all your credit card details etc, I mean there is also a possibility that it wont get hack, but if you invest enough money and attract enough attention its a matter of time before somebody will start snooping them around.

Who are the people behind BTC livein investment ? 


BTC LiveIn Scam Review

Currently there is no information around what these people are.

No CEO or founder has been mentioned within the website, which is not good for any business.

Personally if I invest money, I want to know where and who will get my cash and where will it go too.

There are no names mentioned on who developed this site, and what experience do they have to be investing my money.

BTC livein investment claims to have experience in every niche possible which leads me to believe they are not very good.

People become experts at one thing not multiple things, I know this, and trust me I know this from personal experience.

BTC livein investment social media 


I like to think that associations need to have social media in 2018, because that is the way to go to promote and level your business to bigger things.

BTC livein does have social media buttons in their website, which is a good thing.

Sadly, the buttons do not work, they are linked mainly to their home page.

Only one button works and that is the Facebook one, but it does not open their page, they do not have a page.

A company that does not at least have a Facebook page in today’s society is a dead company.

There is no real engagement between the investors and developers of this website.

Which is quite shady and not how its supposed to be, this company lacks transparency.


BTC livein investment look and layout


BTC LiveIn Investment Scam Review

In my personal opinion the site lacks some professionalism.

Its quite dark and stale, there and there is not a lot of information regarding anything.

The site just does not add any trust in to my brain.

There is also spelling mistakes around the page, which is just purely unprofessional.

I mean surely somebody that has experience in all business fields, knows how to construct a correct sentence.

Even if the developer of this website cannot construct a sentence, there would be somebody in the team that could help fix these problems.

Some of the sentences just don’t make sense or look like they have been written by a ten year old.


BTC Live in investment referral system 


There is a referral system implemented in to this association.

These referral systems are very typical, in recent scams we have reviewed.

Why do they have referral systems? well its simple BTC live is trying to gain more traffic.

Gaining more traffic would help them get more deposits, so they have more cash to work with.

Eventually they would scam both the referrer and the referrers friend, because all of this is a scam.

There is no way, they are providing all sorts of investment opportunities without even telling somebody about their experience in various fields.

For all we know, they might just be punting your cash in to Forex Eur/Usd and hope it makes them money.

If it would make money, they would pay some of their withdrawals if not they would just punt more.




BTC LiveIn Investment Scam Review

I believe BTC Livein is just another Ponzi-scheme developed to lure money of unsuspecting investors.

I recommend people to stay away from this scheme, and not invest a single dime on it, this will probably shut doors sooner then you think.

There is no real evidence on who the creators of this website are, there are no names or who actually manages this system.

No experience has been specified in the website, so we do not know what person is going to punt our money on.

This company does have social media buttons, unfortunately for them they do not work.

The last thing I am going to mention is the returns of investment are smaller comparing to other scams out there, BUT….

It is still more then enough return of investment to claim this is a scam.

Final Verdict


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