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Can this company actually produce 180% a hour? 

What is BTC Success Ltd?

review scam BTC Success Ltd SCAM REVIEW

There is not a lot of useful information mentioned for BTC Success Ltd.

However, there is a lot of fluff talk and mainly talking about the global industry in stock exchange.

Which is really irrelevant since the page name states about us, but they are talking very general.

The company claims it will help you achieve financial freedom, because they did all the homework for you.

Apparently they have a team of professionals behind this amazing project, that makes no sense so far.

They also mention they are a world leading in strategic investment regarding stock markets.

Which is totally bogus and not true, considering nobody really knows about them.

Oh god, they even have strategy recommendations that clients would find very “useful” to use.

The above statement made me cringe, these scammers giving you ideas how to trade, NO THANKS.

They apparently have consultation services and believe in the stock markets.

What I personally do not understand is the correlation between BTC and stock market.

I have a feeling that the developers of BTC Success and not very successful.


BTC Success Ltd Investment Plans 


BTC Success Scam REVIEW

The plans they have implemented in their website are totally over exaggerated and unrealistic.

There are 4 plans they are talking about ,which pay from 115% – 180% after 1 hour.

Now, if we just do simple calculations you can see that in a day you would have a return of 4320%.

Which is totally bogus and unrealistic, biggest and best investment companies would never reach that.

How can new guys come in a sustain the business when they are paying such insane results.

Just not possible, it gets even crazier when you make it a monthly percentage, which is 129,600%.

If somebody could make 129600% in month they would be billionaires in a year no doubt.

How can people believe this is beyond me, but I guess I am here to show you guys how ridiculous this is.

There is no experience required, no knowledge of trading nothing, and you will get such returns? Hell No.

The investment plans alone prove this is hundred percent another scam and nothing more.

The association is obviously not taking itself seriously, and saying they are well known in the business, is a total lie.

Nobody really knows them, if they did and it was legitimate, this kind of stuff would be on the news and

it would crash the economy so hard a piece of bread would cost $10,000 bucks.


BTC Success Ltd Social Media


BTC Success scam review

So BTC Success Ltd does not have any social media, which really does not surprise me one bit.

Well, they have a Facebook link, but it does not go anywhere it just leads back to the homepage.

A company in 2018 needs to have social media interaction with their clients, because it will help them grow quickly.

Successful companies have all sorts of interactions such as live chats, promotions and real testimonials from clients.

All the things above would show transparency of the business and how they are able to make these kinds of gains.

However,  BTC Success Ltd  does not have any one of these things and it makes me wonder why?

Well, its simple the association knows what it is here to do, and that is to take peoples money and not look back.

If they had social media interaction with their clients, they would have a massive backlash of bad comments and videos.

This would affect the association so much, they would have to change their site name and design their website, or

even shut down completely if authorities start getting involved, and the developers get tracked.


BTC Success Ltd Live Support, Contact us, Company House


So the only way to contact them is a email address, but they do claim to have live support.

Which, I thought maybe somehow they are doing it on the email address, but then I remembered this is a total scam.

They even claim to have live chat at their home page, which is fake advertising and a empty statement, because its not true.

This leads us to believe, what else is not true, they lied to us so many times now, can this company really produce 180% a hour?.

The answer is very simple, No they cannot they will just take all your money and run away happy.

Apparently they have a company house certificate with a name of BTC Success, which is not true and has been checked.

They also claim they did not receive their company number yet, which is a lie, you get that with the company certificate.


BTC Success Ltd  Rate Us 


Some businesses have a thing called rate us where other companies invest money and see if these guys process withdrawals.

Their rate us page is empty and they have been online for at least 3 months, this shows that the business is not paying.

The only people they are paying is themselves and no one other.




BTC scam review

To conclude this article it is very clear to see that these guys are not serious and are here to take your money.

Their investment plans are totally bogus and unsustainable for any business out there today.

The business does not have any social media pages, which does not show transparency to their clients,

Their about us page only talks about the company with a lot of fluff talk, basically saying how good they are etc.

There is no real proof or evidence of anything they did to achieve such great percentage returns, which

leads us to believe all of their claims are empty and fake.

The company house certificate is corrupt or stolen, and the business is not registered under the financial conduct authority.

This is vital for businesses that are based in the United Kingdom, this would prove that the business is legitimate and not shady.

Final Verdict

BTC Success Ltd IS A SCAM

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