BTConline Scam Review


What is ? 

“BTConline is a leading industustry in Bitcoin mining pool” – We will see about that. Apparently the company claims that the mining power is backed up by physical miners and the system of BTConline runs on the most newest algorithms to allow people to mine as much Bitcoin as possible.

BTC online Company aim is to provide investors or just regular people with the easiest way to make money without having to do any of the hard stuff. That sounds amazing right? imagine investing in bitcoin mining through this system and just make a yearly income in a month that would be great right?

The developers also claim that they have centers build all around the world to keep the bills down and mining power up, basically saying if you join with them you will mine way more bitcoin then from the comfort of your own home. also claim that their dedicated servers are running 99% of the time and never really crashes so its constantly mining and creating people wealthy as we speak!. 


The plans BTConline Offer? 

There are five plans available, and some of those plans claim they generate 8.8% of Bitcoin per day, that is roughly 270% per month. Now lets be real you cannot seriously think a system that generates 270% return of investment per month is real and you do not even need to put the work in, they do all the hard work for you. Yeah right, they keep your money and run away all happy and then create another ponzi-scheme and try it all again and again. 


The website look for BTConline 

The look of the website does feel good, its quite well set up for a scammers website honestly, props to them, this website is definitely more developed then the other sites we reviewed in the past, but that does not mean that we cannot uncover the dark truth behind, there are a lot of things that worry me from this site, lets say they have a real time payments sections, where apparently peoples money gets withdrawn in there and they show their withdrawals and their BTC wallet codes, to prove that they are not a fake site and do not deceive people with their money.


I believe that a site that is truly legit will not even have that, because they wont need it if they are legit, also there is this little pop up that comes up on the bottom right hand side of the screen saying “somebody form the united kingdom has purchased the platinum plan” or whatever, that is not real I know this because there are plugins online where you can download and implement this to the website, and it can say anything they want. There is also stuff like testimonials, and even though they have removed the pictures from them, you can clearly see that they are fake and not real, I will add a few of these comments bellow: 









These testimonials are definitely fake and not realistic returns of investment, these are just for people that dream to become a millionaire without putting in the hustle, if you look above I have attached a comment from Austin Antoine – that he has bought a professional plan and he has got no regrets, he claims to make 1 BTC per month and he has finally left his job and will start his own business in few months. AHAHA “Yeah of course he will” so 1 BTC at the moment is around $8000 mark, so he makes that much in a month without doing anything, well that solves all the problems in the world then, everyone will just invest in this system and be above the 5% riches people in the world NOT.


There is also Will Feather’s comment which he claims he earned a little bit less but still very impressive 1,55 BTC in 3 months, that kind of money does not grow on trees, or mines should I say of the internet, to be honest with you the crypto-currency mining is not profitable anyway, you would more then likely spend more on electricity then make money, and if they are actually mining and making money it would be no where close to the amounts BTConline and the testimonials are claiming to get and that is a fact. 


About BTConline partners in crime and withdrawals in their frequently asked question claim that their withdrawals are instant, or sometimes they have to be processed manually “which can take a little longer” notice the word a little? yeah i will show you how much longer it takes.

If you look at the picture on the right, you will clearly see when you log in, invest and try to withdraw the money they ask you to increate your IPV for instant withdrawals or wait 30+ days until your withdrawal has proccesed, now tell me which normal company in the world takes 30 plus days to withdraw peoples money, well I’ll tell you nobody.

That is insane to think you invest in their miner system, the FAQ’s say that these guys are processing withdrawals instantly or sometimes it takes a “LITTLE” longer for a manual withdrawal, but not 30+ days longer right.


Also these guys claim to be partners with which is not exactly true, because looking in to the at first I though it was another scam, but I few digging up searches I found out that Coinify is actually a legit company that is operating with I think just want to claim that they have these bigger companies behind their back so they look even more legit and can sell their services to investors more easily because it builds trust and confidence, also the legit website do not have any of the pop-ups, real time payouts and all the other bull$%hit BTConline is doing. 



To conclude this article we at TopTradingReviews believe that is a SCAM and investors that want to keep their money safe and sound should not be investing in these type of systems, there are other systems out there that might be making you some money, but what BTConline claims is out of this world and to generate a return of 270% per month without doing a thing is a damn right impossible at least at the moment I am writting this article. !

This was Evaldas from TopTradingReviews I hope you have enjoyed the article and generated some useful information about this mining system, if you would like me to investigate another system please leave a comment below or you can send me a email at I also have a YouTube channel TopTradingReviews with a black lions logo, see you next time and have a beautiful day. 


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