Bucks Tron System

Can this be legitimate? 

What is Bucks Tron System? 

Bucks SystemBucks Tron System is a trading and mining company.

Apparently they have bitcoin miners located in China and Costa Rica.

These miners are world class, and can make your dreams comes true.

Well, at least that is what they’re saying, more then likely these are fake promises.

Bucks Tron System has made Bitcoin mining process simple as quoting “1…2…3 for all clients”

They guarantee that you will get awarded when you invest your capital with them.

The company ensures that what ever you earn will never be taken away from you and everything is legit.

However, these are bold statements that are not true, there is never a guarantee you will make

any profit when you invest money, hence the word “investing”.


Bucks Tron System Investment Plans


scam review

Looking at their investment plans it is very clear to see that the’re over exaggerated.

There is no way, you can make 1500% in 12 days, that is around 4000% return of investment a month.

If you really believe you can make that, you deserve to be scammed, I am sorry, but its true.

Don’t worry though, after this article you will learn that these guys are proper scammers.

Even, their smallest investment plan is 10% for 20 hours which is 200% a day.

The funny thing is the smallest investment plan with 200% a day equals to 6000% percent a month.

Which literally does not make sense, and beats the purpose of the other two plans that are available.

These scammers made this website, quickly and expect to get a few people to invest in this scheme.

As long as they’re getting deposits they don’t mind to keep this scheme going and maybe even pay

some of their withdrawal requests, but eventually this scheme will fail, and they will take all your money.


Bucks Tron System Social Media 


Bucks scam review

We tried looking for any social media pages that they might have.

However, we did not find any, there are no links on the website

and there is nothing created on Facebook, Instagram or Google+.

Not having social media means a couple of things, the first thing is they are hiding something.

Just ask yourself the question why don’t they have a minimum of a Facebook page in 2018?

The answer is simple, they are not ready for the backlash the project would get if they

had social media available, because people are getting scammed by their company,

Bucks Tron System reviews would be so horrible, which would make clients avoid their services.

There would be to much awareness going around, that people would simply stop investing and depositing in their company.

Which is obviously not what they want, so they keep themselves in the shade and get traffic other way’s.

The other way is to have affiliate marketers to market their business and make it seem like the’re the best.

Bucks Tron System rather have a little less traffic, but get deposits then have a lot of traffic and not get any investments,

due to bad reviews that people would post on their social pages.

If Bucks Tron System had social media pages, it would prove their transparency, it would show they care about their clients

and their business, they would be able to talk to each of their clients, inform them with any changes made and investors

would be able to share their experiences with the company and how well they are doing, this would essentially help the

business grow and make it one of the biggest in the world.

However, none of the above is happening and Bucks Tron System is being shady and 100% scamming people.


Bucks Tron System Contact Us 


Bucks Tron scam review

The only way to contact Bucks Tron System is by e-mail address this is really bad, because its the number one tool

scammers use for their “profitable projects”, they use e-mails, because its hard to track and if they take your money

you will likely never get it back.

What they really should have is live chat, telegram maybe or social media that has employees working on it 24/7.

The company claims to have experts in their field, but cannot afford to have a live chat service, just does not add up.


Bucks Tron System About Us


Bucks Tron System does not have a about us page, which is super bad for the company.

We as investors want to know where our money is going and how experienced the people.

There is literally no names mentioned, no company CEO no names of developers, or how many years their “experts” have been trading.

This leads us to believe they’re 100% a scam, having no information about them, investing in this company is just a punt,

probably even worse, cause you don’t have a chance to make money with them, at least if you punt you have a chance to hit the jackpot.

We need to know experience of their experts, their background and what is the main reason they have opened this company.

If they do not have any aims and a mission statement it is very likely the project was made to take people’s money and eventually

run away and never return, trust me in the near future you will not see this company and you will wonder where it went.

The sad part is these scammers are going to change their name and make another scheme where people will invest money,

these schemes are all over the internet and its very hard to see for the untrained eye.




Bucks Tron scam review

Bucks Tron System is just another Ponzi-Scheme that will definitely fail near future.

There are no company details stated in their website, no social media pages where found.

They do not have “about us” page implemented in their website, we do not know who they are, its another faceless scam.

Their investment plans are unsustainable and over exaggerated, if these were real everybody would be a millionaire in a matter of months.

Bucks Tron System also has a ugly page and it just does not look professional.

24/7 support is mentioned in their website, however the only way to contact them is an e-mail address, which is slow and unreliable.

Final Verdict

Bucks Tron System is A SCAM

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