What is 

Cardonopays is EVERYTHING from trading crypto-currencies to real estate investors, at least that what it say’s on their website.


What ACTUALLY IS? is a quite well developed that your average scam website. Cardonopays claim that they can make investors a return of 10% AN HOUR, what you have invested initially. Which is obviously a insane amount of return, and will never be seen in a real financial crypto-currency website for sure, the rates of return are not even close to normal what claim the investors will get.


Looking in to cardonopays plans deeper !

Cardonopays has 6 plans and all the numbers of the return of investments are insane, the first one is 25% for 5 hours and this is their “Cardono I” which means the lowest one of the other 6.


Think about it, even if you could have a system that would make 25% every 5 hours that is at least a 100% return of investment in 24 hours which is MADNESS. There is no chance in the whole world that a system like that exists, because everyone would be a millionaire in no time, and these crypto-currencies would be USELESS.


Looking in to the other plans, they are all insane ranging from profits 350% to 12550%. The highest one is the 12550% and the plan is called the “Premium II” and you can invest in to this plan from $1 dollar to $200000 yeah, you read correctly fucking 6 figures, so lets just do the math.


If you would invest $200000 the maximum amount and gained a return of 12550% within 75 days – I could not fit the number in my percentage calculator, which means this site its total crap. They are leading people to fake promises and expectations that they will get a nice return of investment. People are naive and are willing to invest in these scammy websites and these scammers make a living out of your money, so guys please be careful!. 


Looking at their Cardonopays calculator 


I have added a picture of this calculator on the right hand side, this calculator shows how much money you will earn if you invest a X amount, so basically you can choose the plan and how much you are willing to invest and it should show you the earnings.


The problem with that is, the calculator or does not work and shows a random “NAN” amount, or the amounts do not even calculate to the right earning percentage, like we have put in 1450% in 15 days and a investment of $1000 dollars and the earnigs came up with a return of $1500, so obviously that is not the correct answer, and the calculator is fucked.


Probably the developers of Cardonopays, didint want to develop the calculator to much, because they are obviously searching for people that are naive, depressed or so financially unstable they will try anything to make some money, which really upsets me that these scammers steal peoples last money, but hey that is why we are here for, to prevent this from happening, even saving one persons money is good enough for me.

Cardonopays referral system

Cardonopays have a referral system, and it claims to give 5% for a direct referral and 2% for level 2, which does not really make any sence anyway, but I thought ill mention that anyway.


I mean the first part makes sense, you get the 5% from another person depositing in this website. Cardonopays is searching for people that believe in this website and this system and is relying on people to not only invest their own capital, but put their friends and family in the same boat.


The final result though will be the same, everybody who has or will invest money in to cardonopays project will lose, and the only winner will be the developers of this SCAM.


The reason why they have referrals is totally simple their aim is to get as much victims as possible to deposit and believe in this project, then after their website is quite well known, too well known for their liking then will remove this website and keep the hard earned money people have invested for themselves, they close this website or system should I say, because they do not want to be traced by any authorities, not like they care about law anyway, but they make sure they wont get caught.


There are a lot of websites and scams going about, everyday a new system comes out that is promising you the world and will close after you have deposited your hard earned money, they got their way and you got the middle finger, that is the truth, and because there are so many websites and systems created daily its very hard for authorities to trace and track them all, hence why they get away with it, until somebody exposes them.

Cardono company house certificate and is it real? 


I am not going to show you the certificate if you really want to see it, go to their website and at the bottom right there is a tab with it.

The certificate is legit, but not in a way you think, the scammers probably have named this project Cardono, which is somebodys real company, that no longer trades and exchanges money. We at toptradingreviews looked in to the certificate and looked at the official United Kingdom’s company register and found that the company no longer trades or operates anyway, so obviously the certificate does not prove a thing, the only thing that it can prove is that Cardonopay is a SCAM.



To conclude this article, is a SCAM, the numbers do not make sense, the referrals are a clear sign of deceiving as much people as possible, the company house certificate is stolen and fake, there are no FTC & FCA regulations with this website and system so the integrity of the business does not exist. The contact details are only through email, there are no phone numbers and no names of people that created this “legitimate” system.


We at toptradingreviews strongly recommend people to stay away from this system, because it is definitely a SCAM. 

This was Evaldas from Toptradingreviews and see you all next time, have a good day !:)