ChainCoins Scam Review ChainCoins Scam Review


In this ChainCoins scam review, I will analyze their website and see if I can spot any loopholes that could be exploited and would make this site not safe.

I will also give a brief explanation of their investment plans, their support pages, any social media presence and all the legal stuff that comes with running investment company online. was established August 8th, 2019 and has been running now for 2 days. You may say that two days is not enough to make a scam review, but you are wrong.

The company is running investment plans that are hourly so either people are being scammed as we speak or they are actually paying.

Honestly, looking by their website design and their hourly insane returns of percentages my bet is that this company won’t last a month and will run away will investors money.

ChainCoins Scam Review

ChainCoins.Biz Review: Returns Of Investment

So the company has 3 plans at the moment, and let me tell you they are definitely insane and unsustainable for the long term investing, some of their plans claim to return 60% profit + your initial investment within 20 hours of time.

I hope this does not sound realistic to you, because if you believe in this bogus fluff, you could be in trouble and lose a lot of your money to scammers.

Some of their plans return 240% within 48 hours or just a couple of days, which is totally insane considering that forex hedge fund traders are making a 50% return of investment annually.

The guys at obviously know some kind of secret, because typical investors would never see these percentages because they are simply unsustainable.

There is one plan that blows my mind which is a 1000% return of your investment within a period of 5 days time. Having this plan on their website just proves to me this is 100% a scam and we should avoid this at all costs.

Even billionaires in the world could not sustain such percentages for a long period of time, so how can a random company on the internet can? Exactly, they cannot!

ChainCoins Scam Review ChainCoins Scam Review Review: Social Media 

So this Chaincoins scam review will tell you that most of the companies that are scams do not have a social media presence anywhere mentioned on their website, but why?

You would think that a business in 2019, with all the technology in place, would never skip such a powerful tool as social media, but this is not the case.

ChainCoins does not have any social media, because they know this would affect their companies reputation, the business owners know they are there to take your money.

Having social media would affect their business greatly because all the scammed people would go to their social media pages and say its a total scam. This would cause a lot of lost investments and they want to prevent this from happening by not having any social media presence at all.

ChainCoins Scam Review ChainCoins Scam Review

ChainCoins Contact Page

The business contact page is a clear indicator that this project is a huge scam. It does not have any way to contact them besides an email address, which is the number one way to scam someone.

Email addresses are very hard to track especially since we don’t know anything about the business owners, such as their name or what they look like. Chances are if you invest in this project, you will get scammed and your money will be lost.

They do not have a business telephone number, they do say it’s coming soon, however, I can assure you the business will close doors before that ever happens.

Most of the scammers place “it’s coming soon” in their telephone field as if, it will definitely be available, however, this will never happen. All of the scammers are using this technique and this one is no different. review ChainCoins Scam Review Review: Legal Documents

The investment project does not have any legal documents showing on their website. This just proves how shady and unreliable this project and gives yet another reason to now trust them.

Most reliable businesses will show their company house certificate with a written signature, have a social media presence. Would never be scared to show what they look like and defend their business.

This is not the case with ChainCoins.Biz and I can assure you this project must be ignored to prevent any loss of funds.

ChainCoins Faceless SCAM

I made this ChainCoins.Biz Review to expose them because it’s not worth investing money in such unreliable, untransparent projects. Save your money guys there are millions of better projects.

The company is totally faceless, we do not know who the company CEO is and who are the people behind this business. What are their intentions and why they made this project?

I can clearly answer these questions, they made this business for gullible people that want to make quick money fast and that is all. People out of desperate life situations are willing to try anything and that is where the scammers prosper.

The scammers rely on people that you can pull wool over their eyes, and because people are greedy or desperate they try these projects and get themselves even into a more financial struggle. review

ChainCoins Conclusion

To conclude this Chaincoins scam review, the business lacks any sort of transparency. It does show a face inside their website so we do not know what the business owner looks like or anyone involved.

The business is faceless and no names are mentioned, their true intentions are hidden and no legal documents are provided which is another clear indicator that this is a scam.

Their project investment plans are totally bonkers and unsustainable, you cannot double your initial investment within a couple of days time. If this was possible most people would never work 9-5 jobs.

They do not have any social media presence and honestly, all legitimate platforms have a facebook page, because you cannot survive without one in 2019. Social media is a powerful tool and must be used by every business to be successful.

Final Verdict 

Chain Coins Limited SCAM!

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