chocolast biz review chocolast biz review chocolast biz review

Chocolast Biz Review – Another Forex SCAM OR LEGIT?

Chocolast biz Review: Chocolast is forex investment platform that was established on 13th August 2019. The main purpose of this site is to make money fast with its team of so-called experts.

The business Chocolast claims to have a limited company certificate called CHOCOLAST LIMITED which is a fully registered and licensed company in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately for them, we are not that gullible to believe in these claims, and we fully audit their website in this blog.

Although this company might look great at first glance it hides its true intentions over their fancy buzz words and joyful approach. Just by looking at their returns of investment it is clear to see its a bogus scam.

Chocolast: Returns Of Investment 

So the internet investment platform Chocolast claims to have incredible investment plans that are too good to be missed out, so let’s check them out.

Their lowest investment plan starts from a minimum of 1 dollar and you can potentially gain 2% hourly forever. Even this small plan is totally crazy and unsustainable for the long run.

Having a passive income return of 2% would equal to 48% every day, which means you would nearly double your initial deposit within a period of 2 days time. These figures are made up and you would NEVER see a business give out these kinds of percentages unless they are being shady.

There are a ton of HYIP investment sites out there which claim to make you huge amounts of cash within a small period of time because they rely on gullible people, so be a little smarter and stop allowing them to profit from you guys.

Chocolast last investment plan just boggles my mind, its 3000% return of your investment within a period of 3 hours time. If these percentages would ever be true, EVERYONE would quit their jobs and just invest in Chocolast.

You know that saying “what is too good to be true, probably is” yeah that is right, you will never get paid 3000% return of investment NEVER, so your best choice is to ignore this website and move on with your life.

Chocolast biz review Chocolast biz review Chocolast biz review Chocolast biz review

Chocolast: Social Media Pages

The business does not have any social media whatsoever, this means they are not a serious business. In today’s day and age, a company cannot survive without social media presence especially if its a newly established.

Social media is too big of a tool to miss out for any reliable business, that is why you see most legitimate business owners promote their website through facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

It boosts your traffic, it allows people to follow you for updates, there is a ton of benefits using social media however Chocolast does not use it, but why? Well, let me tell you.

They are scared they will get a massive backlash from unsatisfied customers. The business knows that they are here to scam all your money and then leave after stuffing their pockets.

So if they had social media pages it would just make things more complicated, they would have to monitor investors comments and see if they are saying something negative about their company which in result could prevent a potential deposit.

chocolast biz review chocolast biz review chocolast biz review Chocolast biz review

Legal & Company House Certificate

At the moment of writing this article, they have a company house certificate linked with their website, unfortunately, it does not work and has an error message. I will attach a screenshot below.

I honestly believe that their certificate is fake, or they stole it from a legitimate business. This happens very often with investment platforms and I have grown to notice them easily.

The business has a couple of choices or they steal someone else’s company house certificate and make the domain name similar so they can go ahead and pretend they are a legitimate company.

The second choice would be they actually create the certificate themselves and register a person that does not exist, making up his name, date of birth and address. It takes 30 minutes max to register someone so its not a huge problem.

Scammers like Chocolast use this technique of certificates to make themselves seem legitimate over the internet, it just adds more profile and authenticity to the website.

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Chocolast Limited: Support Page

The only way to contact this business is by an email address, which is proven to be the number one way to scam someone.

They do not have a live chat service which is crucial when dealing with money, investors want fast responses and need to get them as soon as possible.

Some businesses do have an email address only but reply super quick. This was not the case with Chocolast since we wrote a little message to them, and it was ignored for the past 12 hours, so I would not invest in this site ever.

Chocolast biz review Chocolast biz review Chocolast biz review Chocolast biz review

Website Desing & Proof Of Payment

Some people see the section where it say’s “proof of payment” and think its all legitimate and hey the business might give out small withdrawals to small deposits to gain your trust.

However, once you get too greedy and invest a little bit more you will get a ban from their website and no longer be able to log in to your account. The sad part is you won’t be able to do anything because it has fake details in the first place.

Chocolast website desing is a general template that we have seen time and time again. This is a standard scam site page and definitely should be avoided to prevent any loss of funds. review


To conclude this review I can confidently say this is a 100% scam and should be ignored. Their investment plans are unsustainable and simply unrealistic, especially for the long run.

Their website does not have any social media pages, which makes no sense for a company that wants to gain more traffic, the only reason is to not have social media is to prevent unsatisfied customers bringing complaints, which could result in loss of deposits for the scammers.

Their website is a basic template most scammer sites are using and it is really nothing new. They have a company house certificate which is based in the United Kingdom like most of the scammers I have reviewed in the past.

Some buttons on the website are not working, there is also no information about who the company owner is, what he looks like and who is the team behind the website, it is a faceless scam that should be avoided at all costs.

Final Verdict 

Chocolast Limited is a SCAM!

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