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What Is Coin Zinc ? 


Coin Zinc is a registered business in the United Kingdom (At least that is what they are claiming).

They are a trading and cryptocurrency mining industry that apparently has been running since 2013.

Their quote “Coin Zinc Your hourly money making machine easy like 1-2-3” makes this site a scam straight away.

It just sounds corny and makes you cringe a little bit, also the sentence could be structured a little better.

Apparently they have a company CEO Henry Johnson, which is all good, cant dispute that.

However, Henry Johnson just sounds fake does in it? I mean its the most English names you could get.

So, we had a little research around Henry Johnson and we could not find anything link with Coin Zinc.

Even their company house certificate that is shown in their website, does not have that name anywhere.

I mean you would think ,if Henry is the CEO of the company he would be registered on the company house right?.

Well, that is not the case, and this leads us to believe that their company house advertised in their site is stolen.

Yup, stolen from a different association that might actually not be scamming people, or there is another possibility.

Coin Zinc might have created a company house certificate and just gave bogus names just for safety precautions.

Since they are scamming people, their aim is to not get tracked and get caught by the government with the scheme.


Coin Zinc Ltd Investment Plans 


Coin scam reviewLooking at their investment plans it is clear to say they are definitely scammers.

There is no way in hell, they can provide such unsustainable returns.

If we look at the last plan 18% hourly for 20 hours, which is 360% in basically nearly a day.

It would be around 12,000% a month return of investment, do you really think you can make that kind of money?

These kinds of percentages do not even exist in some peoples dreams, let alone in reality.

The percentages are simply unsustainable and not realistic to be advertised in the site.

This leads us to believe Coin Zinc Ltd is not serious about making real money, and their main

business objective is to make it look good, fluff talk their clients and steal their money.

Even the started package plan is totally unrealistic 1.6% hourly for 72 hours its 115% return of investment in 3 days.

Just to compare, Forex hedgefund traders are making 40-50% max in a year and are very happy with these results.

Now these guys are talking about making extreme amounts of cash in a short period of time.

Guys there is a saying which is very true “If it sounds to good and looks to good, its probably not true”.


Coin Zinc Ltd Social Media 


Coin Zinc Ltd scam review

The business does not have any social media links, which is really bad for the company.

Since its a investment association they need all the exposure they can get.

They need to have real testimonials from Facebook, and talk to their audience to look transparent and legitimate.

It would benefit the project so much they could do talks with their clients, live streams and promote new plans.

This would really be amazing for the business, however none of this is currently happening for Coin Zinc Ltd.

The question is why not? Well, its very easy the business know its a scam and its there to steal clients money.

If they had social media lets say a Facebook page, they would get a lot of hate and a huge backlash from clients.

This would affect their business and they would either have to change their projects site and name and scam again.

Or even close down, because the authorities would get involved in these schemes.

However it may be we do not know, but what we know is these guys are shady and hiding something.

Companies that are successful would never hide themselves, they would strive from peoples comments and

create something great that one day would reach the top of the food chain.


Coin Zinc Ltd Fake testimonials 


Coin Zinc Ltd scam review

So they have testimonials and these state that the company is the best and how it changed their life.

It is a very typical way to make people believe this is legitimate, its so typical that I am a expert at that.

The statements made are written by the developer of the site and nothing more.

There are pictures added to the statemenets to make it look like the project actually had a real good comment about them.

This is totally not true, because we have google search images that are identical and used in other sites.

This leads us to believe that Coin Zinc Ltd is not telling us the truth and if they need to lie about their great services,

the association is definitely not here to make you rich, they are here to steal your money and make themselves wealthy.




Coin Zinc scam review

To conclude this article I am 100% sure this is a SCAM and a useful Ponzi-Scheme.

They do not mention anything about their experts, what is their experience and what is their backgrounds.

No photos of the company CEO and its employees behind the project.

There is nothing mentioned in the about us page, it is all fluff talk, no real useful information.

Their company house certificate displayed in the site is corrupt or stolen.

They do not have any social media made, which leads us to ask questions as to why not, because

it would benefit them so much with client audience and building enough traffic for the business.

They also have fake testimonials displayed on their website which definitely leads us to believe they are

here to take your money, nothing more and they would not be scared to manipulate you and talk you

in to investing in this Ponzi-scheme, guys please be careful and make sure to never fall for these scammers.

Final Verdict

Coin Zinc Ltd IS A SCAM

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