Coins Jobs Robot

Is it a scam or a profitable business? 

What is Coins Jobs Robot ?

 Coins Robot Review

Coins Jobs Robot is a foreign exchange company, that has a business scope of North America, Europe and west Asia.

The project also has a independent financing platform in London.

Coins Jobs Robot claims to be a well established company that has top financial experts that will leads the association to success.

Through the team they have earned 60 million dollars in 2017 (that is not a lot considering their investment plans).

Apparently they have been around for a while acquired a good reputation of investors ( I just do not see how).

The association claims it is super easy to make money with them, the only thing you need is a cash capital.

The rest is history and after a few days you will make so much cash you will leave your job and be financial independent.

Guys, I am obviously joking, you will get scammed and you will never see your cash again GUARANTEED.

There is a lot more fluff talk around this project, but we really do not care about that, because we know this

company is telling porkies to their investors and try to manipulate them to invest more capital.


Coins Jobs Robot Investment Plans 


 Coins Robot review

Their investment plans are totally bogus and over exaggerated to the maximum.

There are 3 plans to choose from and each plan is more ridiculous then the other.

So the first plans is 600% return of investment in a matter of 1 day (24 hours).

Do you really think you can get 600% return in a day? I hope not, because if you do, I got some bad news for you.

This is the smallest plan out of the 3 plans available and this one is more then enough evidence to claim

this project is not making any money, because the are “returning” such investments.

The second plan is 6000% in 2 days, now on this point I am laughing, because its just getting more ridiculous.

The third and last plan is 60,000% yes that is right, 60,000% hahahaha, oh my god, these guys are balers.

Making money left and right, unless they are Mexican drug lords and friends with bill gates, there

is simply no way they are making the returns they are talking about.

People do not get these returns in their lifetime as traders, so how in the hell these guys are making

returns like these in a matter of 3 days, totally bogus and impossible that is how.


Coins Jobs Robot Social Media & Referrals


review Jobs review

Coins Jobs Robot does not have any social media implemented in their website, which is really bad.

All companies in 2018 need to have social links available for investors to like, connect and comment on the companies performance.

Without social media it would be really hard for a company to attract a lot of viewers and develop a huge following.

So, what is the reason why Coins Jobs Robot does not have any social media implemented in their website?

Well, its simple, the developers of this project know they are scamming people and do not want to be exposed in media.

Too much attention would be attracted to this project, to many negative comments would be posted, which would leads to closure of company.

That is why scammers always have a referral system to target, attract and reach people in a different way.

Scammers love affiliates that work for them, but why? Well, because they can tell they will get commissions if they advertise their website.

So affiliates would advertise their site and bring traffic, and eventually the company would not pay any one of them and make money.

This is very shady and a horrible thing to do, but it is reality this is how they make money.


Coins Jobs Robot Support Email & Live Chat


The company does have live chat implemented which was a total surprise and a good thing.

However, with the ridiculous returns they are advertising and other factors that we have talked about above.

The live chat simply does not save the company and we cannot say they are legitimate, because they are not.

I talked with the live chat a little bit, and their main aim is to sell you something, its basically a sales team,

trying to make you to invest in their “amazing investment plans”. This brings me back to the point I made

earlier about social media, if they have social media services available and would be scamming people, the

association would be shut down, because they are deceiving and stealing peoples money.

The only other way to contact them is a email address, which is not the best way to contact services when you invest money.


Coins Jobs Robot A little about how this scheme works 


These scammers, make it seem like they know what they are doing, however the only thing they know is how to

create a deceptive website and try to scam innocent people from their money.

The scam works by investors depositing money in to the accounts and some withdrawals might be payed to the clients,

this does not mean they are not a scam, they might want to build trust and make people think they are paying.

For example if somebody invests a dollar, they will get 6 bucks back with the 600% return of investment.

Which is really good, but they are waiting for the bigger fish to come in and scam them for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The company knows if they give 600% return of investment back to the guy that initially invested a dollar, he will

invest 10$ dollars or even 100$ dollars, because he will get greedy and that is when they take your money, its called a fear and greed game.




 Coins Jobs Robot scam

Coins Jobs is a massive Ponzi-Scheme that will definitely take all your money.

Their investment plans are ridiculous, over exaggerated and totally unrealistic.

They do not have any social media and their about us page does not mention any names or evidence of their expertise.

This is a typical scheme that will close in near future and it is definitely not worth out time !.

Final Verdict

Coins Jobs IS A SCAM

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