What is Coinsext ? 

Coinext or Coin Extraction is a newly developed cryptocurrency miner, that is able to mine currencies such as Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin. The developers of this system claim that they are user-friendly and very affordable for investors to enjoy the perks of this system, due to how easy it is to make a nice return of investment with them. 

Apparently Coinext (Coin extraction) was developed back in may 2018 and they claim they have been operating for years, which already sounds fishy. Coin extraction is claiming that they have gathered the top cryptocurrency experts from all around the world and this project was built with them, to developed this user friendly system and generate a very decent amount of cash in the process. 


What does the website look like? 

We had a little run through their website, and it actually looks alright, I mean it definitely looks better than the average scammer website out there. You have the secure padlock “SSL” sign, which helps trick people in to thinking this site might be legit. 

The site is also well developed in general, looking fancy and definitely can attract potential victims to their scheme. 

The site itself claims to have a certificate of the company house, which also might help trick people in to thinking this might be a legitimate website and they are lucky to find it. 

Legitimate as they are trying to claim this website and miner is, it definitely is NOT and I can assure you on that 100%. Why? lets find out. 


Is Coinsext (Coin Extraction) a SCAM?


Lets look and find out, the first thing we notice is three plans the website offers “A” “B” and “C” and the developers of such system claim it generates 10% return of your investment in a DAY. This alone strikes alarm bells and screams SCAM!.

There are legit system miners out there, but they cant come close to what Coinsex is offering, not in a million years a legit company would offers such rates of return, because its just simply impossible.

Bitcoin or should I say cryptocurrency mining in general is not very profitable anyway, so the return of investment would never be as crazy as 10% per day, but I got to give it to Coin extraction the rates are not as over exaggerated as some other sites, for example the review we did on CARDONOPAYS had 12000% return of investment,I have linked it just in case you want to read that crazy system.

Coin extraction claims they have a company house certificate, but is it real? No its a stolen certificate from another company that is located in London United Kingdom, and I have researched the company and it is claimed DORMANT, which basically means there is no cash coming in or out of the business, basically its not running.

Coin extraction also does not have any other regulations behind their back such as FCA and FTC which keep the integrity of investment businesses intact, Coinext is running this business illegally, but obviously they do not care, because that is what scammers do.


Talking about referrals and further investigating is Coin extraction a scam


Coinext has a referral system, paying from 5% to 1% depending on the circumstances, the referral system for such system only does one thing and one thing only. It attract more people to invest in this scam, so if a investor loves the idea of this site and brings a friend the only one who actually gets paid and wins is the developer of this scam.

Coin Extraction claims they have a 24/7 live support from email, telephone and live chat. Which is not entirely true, the live chat is no where to be found. I have found their phone number and actually was curious enough to give them a call, the number is fake as fuck.

The only thing that actually “works” is their email system, I have emailed them a question, but I got no response so that is their excellent 24/7 live support – haha.

There is a calculator on their site, this calculator is created to have a rough estimate of how much money you will make, when you invest certain amount of cryptocurrencies, unfortunately the calculator has obviously had a “F” on math, because its calculation is totally wrong, which again proves that this site does not care about their website, so why should they care about your money? the answer is clear, they wont care, and never will care!.


Just to add before the conclusion 


Coin extraction or Coinext this site itself keeps crashing and going down, which does not show a stable domain or host they are on, so just imagine investing into system that claims they make 10% a day return of investment, but cant have a stable host or domain, or they cant upgrade to a better plan to keep the site running properly, also the site clock is wrong they claim they are from the United Kingdom, but it say’s its 6PM and currently in the United Kingdom is 00.00 dead midnight, so that just adds a little more to the SCAM side of this business.



Coinext or Coinextraction is just another ponzi-scheme that has referral links to attract more victims and steal as much money as possible before closing down and never looking back, the site live support is not what its promised, there is no live chat, the number does not work and the email I have sent them I did not get a reply back. The financial plans A B and C that generate between 10%-15% return of investment daily is outrageous and currently not possible in the crypto mining world, and probably wont be possible for a very long time.

Just think about it, if you could mine at least 10% of Bitcoin daily, the value of it would go down considerably because there would be too much supply and no demand, which would drag the price of Bitcoin and other crypto’s down.

Even if the website does look nice and have the SSL padlock saying secure, you can trust us at Toptradingreviews that this site is a SCAM and we strongly recommend you guys avoid it. 

This was Evaldas from Toptradingreviews and we hope you liked this article leave a comment and we can answer any questions about trading or suggest what you want us to review next !.

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