Forex Trading Signals comextrades review comextrades scam

ComexTrades Review – Another Forex SCAM OR LEGIT? Review : is a “totally legal” private investment company based in the United Kingdom, at least that is what it says on their website word for word. Apparently its been running for a whole year now and the investment returns are insanely good.

They also brag about how good they are in their website presentation, but I can assure you all of this information will be debunked in this short and sweet article so sit back and enjoy the truth about ComexTrades investment platform.

Forex Trading Signals comextrades review comextrades scam

ComexTrades : Returns Of Investment 

ComexTrades is a company that promises great returns of investment with little time, this itself for me sounds fishy so lets have a quick glance on what they are offering and then analyse whether its actually possible to achieve such results in a short period of time.

So the first plan is 650% return of investment within 35 days time. Basically they are telling you that if you invest $1000.00 USD you will get a turn of $6500.00 back within a matter of little over a months time.

Looking at the percentages alone I can tell you they are insane and not possible achieve and sustain for anybody, so from this alone I can already establish that this company is a total scam and you should not invest your hard earned money in to Comex Trades.

The last plan is even more ridiculous offering a 6500% return of investment within 3 months time, that is totally bogus, because people would become instant millionaires in a very short period of time.

Honestly even Bill Gates himself would not payout such percentages to anyone I can assure you that, so why would a random page on the internet pay out such returns? THEY WONT! THEY WILL SCAM YOU AND LEAVE YOU WITHOUT ANY MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS.

Comex Trades Review Comes Trades Scam


Yes, Comex Trades website shows positive HYIP monitors that are saying its a paying company, but this does not prove anything at all, since all of the monitors get paid by Comex Trades to promote this scam website.

ComexTrades is a HYIP (high yield investment program) they are not even legal that is why you never these website show their face a proper office address and pictures of their work and employees, because all of it is made up like a fairly tale, the sad part is that people believe in this and lose a lot of money.

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ComexTrades : Live Support 

Comex Trades talks about having a live support, however that is completely false advertising. I check all their website pages and there is not a single way to communicate with them, the only way you can speak to them is a email address and that is definitely not “live support”

Its not surprising really, most of these companies are very similar and don’t have a way for people to communicate with them, I mean why would a scammer want to talk to you and listen to your complains once they take all your money.

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ComexTrades Review Conclusion

To conclude this Comex Trades Scam Review, its clear to see that this investment website is a total scam and you really need to be careful before putting any money in. It is very likely you will not get the promised returns or your money back so I would walk away and find something else to invest in.

Their video presentation is really poor, their website information has a lot of spelling mistakes, no live chat although it says otherwise. The company say’s its registered in the United Kingdom although there is no proof.

Final Verdict 

ComexTrades Review: We Believe It’s a SCAM!

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