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Is this business legitimate ? Lets find out 

What is Credit Hours Club ? 

Credit Hours Club scam review

Credit Hours Club claims to help you get an incredibly high return of your investment.

The company say’s if you are a person that does not have time, but want to earn big money

this software is for you. – Personally this sounds to good to be true, so it more then likely is.

Apparently the only thing you need to participate in their program is the desire to get rich.

The business claims to have professional financial team under their belt and financial consultants

are always available to talk to. Apparently you will make it the easy way.

Briefly speaking, the company talks a lot, but has no evidence to back any of their statements up.

They talk about how they do not have a minimum investment deposit and you are able to withdraw

money at any time you want, just to quote “the more you contribute, the more you earn”.

The quoted sentence above tells me that these guys are not serious, they are here for one thing

and that thing is to steal your money and put it in their own pockets, they do not care if you are going

to make any money at all.


Credit Hours Club Investment Plans 


Credit review

They have 4 plans available, the popular one apparently returns 360% in a matter of 3 days.

This is obviously not a reasonable amount of money to be returned, its unrealistic and a business

that has a right mind, would never give out such massive payments, especially since they are

doing all the work for you, the investor does not need to do a thing, he can be clueless about

the financial markets and apparently make 360% in 3 days.

Comparing them to hedge fund Forex traders, these guys are making 50% max in a year, which

is considered a good result in the Forex market.

However, Credit Hours Club a new company that has recently launched thinks it can make 7 times that

in a matter of 3 days, which is obviously not realistic, the investment plans are more then enough

evidence to tell Credit Hours Club is just another manipulative scheme created to cheat you.


Credit Hours Club Social Media


Credit scam review

Credit Hours does not have any social media available for the clients to access.

This is bad, because it does not show how transparent the business is with their clients.

If, they had social media the company would be able to advertise their services more efficiently,

while gaining traffic quicker and being able to promote their products and update investors with

any changes the company might make in the future.

Same goes to the clients, they would be able to share their thoughts around Credit Hours,

they would be able to send each other testimonials, screenshots, word of mouth would bring

the business so much traffic, they would be the number one business in the world, considering

what their investment plan returns are.

Sadly, the business is not doing any of the things mentioned above, this leads us to believe

that they are hiding something, it makes us ask questions as to why would they not have any

social networks available.

The answer is simple, the association knows what they are doing is illegal so if they would get

popular very quickly there is a chance that the government would be involved, while they are

scamming peoples money, unsatisfied clients would post bad comments around their page

which would lead to the company getting a bad reputation and not getting enough deposits

to continue their Ponzi Scheme.


Credit Hours Club Contact Us 


There are two ways to contact them, apparently the business has a phone number

which is weird for scammers to have, well done to them, however the number does not mean

the business is legitimate and paying out withdrawals, more then likely the number is

stolen from somewhere or once you call them, they will try to persuade you to invest.

The other way to contact them is a email address, which have a popular reputation to

lag and miss emails, which is definitely not good since its peoples money we are talking about,

folks that invest cash in anything want answers quick if something goes wrong, so not

having a live chat service, is a catastrophe waiting to happen, it also does not seem

that Credit Hours knows what its doing, they have these “experts”, but cannot even

provide us with a simple live support.


Credit Hours Our Team 


scam Credit review

Apparently they have a team of people that are involved in this project with pictures of them.

Sadly, this seals the deal for them, because the photos of the people “working for them” can

be found on google in various different websites, this is a clear indicator that the company

is acting shady, does not want to show their faces and need to fraud their identity to make it

seem like they have a team available.




review Credit scam

Credit Hours  is just another scheme that will manipulate and steal your money.

Their investment plans are totally bogus, over exaggerated and not sustainable.

The pages social media is not available which shows a lack of transparency for the business.

Their “our team” is stock photos with made up names, work positions and other.

The only thing that seems like they have, is a phone number, however with the

evidence above I am 100% sure that it is all a scam and Credit Hours Club is not

worth our time and money.

Also, their layout of the website and colors are horrible, a lot of pink in their site their

letters are sometimes bold, sometimes normal, there is a lot of text not in line and

going through boxes, most of their sentences are hidden and hard to read, I am

sure that Credit Hours is a disgrace for all investment firms out there.

Final Verdict

Credit Hours Club IS A SCAM

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