Crude Oil Profit Review


Crude Oil Profit What Is It?

Crude Oil Profit

Crude Oil Profit is an independent oil mining company located in the United Kingdom, London but also operating in 13 countries across the globe. They claim to have the best way to invest your money into the powerful growing Oil Mining industry by giving tips and strong support to achieve your goals.

This business has been running since 18th February 2019 but is there enough evidence to show that this business is a legitimate way to invest your money or maybe its just another scam? We at Top Trading Reviews are here to find out!

Crude Oil Profit Returns Of Investment

Crude Oil Profit offers loads of different plans and this is where you would easily get trapped. Let’s say you are investing $100,000 and your daily return is 3% which means you will get $3,000 daily for 100 days. It is a 90% monthly passive income.

As I mentioned above 90% monthly income sounds too good to be true. The organization’s team wants investors to believe that when you invest your money through them, somehow magically you will be receiving back incredible percentage amounts by not moving a finger.

As a comparison, Forex Traders making only 50% a year for hard, stressful work, and here is just you are getting paid by doing nothing. I can assure you that this project will definitely scam you because their investment returns are unsustainable.

Crude Oil Profit did not want to warn you about one more thing in this industry. Imagine you chose one of the plans and crude oil prices suddenly drop down that neither the business or you are making money, and guess who would suffer first? Yes, it would be you the investor.

Crude Oil Profit

Crude Oil Profit Intro Video 

Crude Oil Profit has a video on the main page and apparently, Mr. Aaron Morris is the owner of this company. The video looks very unprofessional and Mr. Aaron’s lack of English did not add any trust to invest my money to them. The way he speaks about everything looks like a well-learned script written by someone else.

Also, Crude Oil Profit has a Youtube channel, so how can we not check that one as well? Most of the videos have that cheap rented office background, just changing angles for a better view and still 0 improvements in English. I am 100% sure that in their presentation video it might be just a random guy hired to pretend to be the owner because the real one is somewhere behind the scenes counting his money from scammed investors.

Crude Oil Profit Social Media 

Crude Oil does not have any Social Media accounts where investors can connect with the company and each other to discuss their investments and also share this money making method with their friends.

But here at Top Trading Reviews sometimes we are like spies, so we can help you guys to stay safe and protected from scammers. We did find a social media account for Crude Oil Profit, however, it’s not mentioned anywhere on their website, their facebook page only consists of random pictures of oil mines in them, which are also stock photos.

These companies such as Crude Oil Profit did not bother mentioning they have any Social Media accounts the reason for that is because if they had their Facebook

page on their main website they would get a ton of negative comments and from the scammed investors. They are here to take your money and nothing more.

Crude Oil Profit


Crude Oil Profit Contact Us 

Crude Oil Profit only has an email address which is the number one way to scam people, because it’s hard to track someone’s behavior on internet emails. Tried to contact them through it but unfortunately, the email that is provided on their main page is not recognized at any email platform. A phone number which is not working and is only there for reputation purposes only, to seem “legitimate”.

Even they have a Live Chat but, when we tried to get help from them it looks like the customer service ‘advisors’ being busy scamming people to reply to you. After some time the Live Chat bar clears out and we have 0 chance to have a connection with them once again.  This is where we can also see that Crude Oil Profit is definitely a scam.

Crude Oil contact form looks the same as all scamming websites, simple and easy to use but once again, leading to email which you will never hear back from.

Crude Oil Profit

Crude Oil Profit News Coverage?

Crude Oil Profit clearly knows where to spend investors money. Apparently, they have news all over the American TV channels but let’s stop here. Most of these “reliable” news outlets are paid just to post and promote scammers.

We opened every single article from the main Crude Oil website and let me tell you. All of the articles are posted between May 30th-31st local time, but this is not the biggest issue with the articles. The biggest problem is that ALL THEIR NEWS POSTS ARE, ALL THE SAME, not even one word is changed. Is that what professional and high ranked American news websites would do? Definitely not, unless the news providers are shady and will be paid like in this certain scenario which will result in the company having less traffic in the near future.


Crude Oil does not have any reliable source of information to prove that they are legit, not having any other social media account apart from Facebook, but even there the whole account is just full of fake photos and unrealistic withdrawals which in return does not add any transparency or reputation.

The investment plans are totally bizarre and completely unsustainable for any business out there. The business pretends to be professional but indeed the email is unreachable and the number which is provided to call, did not work. Legit companies in 2019 will have a working phone number and social media.

The director speaks broken English with a script in front of him which is not professional behavior from such a huge and “legitimate” company. Apparently having a very supportive team but no names are given and the Live Chat advisors name is Crude which obviously stands for the Crude Oil company which shows their true transparency and makes me chuckle.

This project is just another scam and should be avoided at all costs to not get burned financially. We at Top Trading Reviews strongly suggest staying away from Crude Oil Profit.

Crude Oil Profit

Final Verdict 

Crude Oil Profit IS A SCAM!

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Crude Oil Profit