Crypto Bank Ltd

Legit Or Scam? Lets Find Out 

What is Crypto Bank Ltd ? 


Crypto Bank Ltd scam review

Crypto Bank Ltd is a personal lawfully registered online investment firm with the goal of earning

profit potential from cryptocurrency markets.

They claim to have a team of skilled traders, market analysts and risk managers who are operating

in this field for over five years, (this is a very empty statement, because there is no evidence).

Apparently most of their profit is attained by trading and mining Bitcoins.

The business claims to have centers based in Panama and Japan.

Their goal is to provide all users no matter age, location, investment technology or expertise,

a chance to participate in cryptocurrency markets.

The business claims to have amazing Bitcoin miners and they are a fully established business in this niche.

They have their miner servers developed so it does not use so much energy, but produces great results.


Crypto Bank Ltd about us 


Crypto scam review

Their company talks a lot about how good they are and how well their miners are established.

Which is great, don’t get me wrong, but it does not add any real value to the business.

There is no evidence provided as to what their experts are and what their servers look like.

Legitimate companies show their servers, miners and people behind the project.

Unfortunately there is nothing there that we could use as evidence to back their statements up.

At the moment its just empty words that mean nothing without any evidence to back things up.

They claim to have experience of 5 years, I mean I am already trading Forex for over 4 years, so

would that make me a expert in the trading niche? hell no, and same goes to them.

If they really believed in this business model and their miners actually exist in panama and japan.

The business would definitely show it with pictures and have names of people that are behind the project.

The association did not even provide the name of the companies CEO.

This leads us to believe the company is hiding something and is not transparent with their customers.


Crypto Bank Ltd support 


Their support page does not add any value to the business.

The association talks about that they have great customer service and are very quick.

Unfortunately their one and only way to contact them is a e-mail address.

This is really bad, because e-mail is quite slow and unreliable, especially when it comes to money.

Clients do not want to wait 24 hours and hear a response about their investment, they want everything now.

If the business wants to ever improve they need to hire employees that would stay and help out people via live chat.

However, this is just another scam and they do not want to waste their money on “unnecessary things” such as: talking to their clients.


Crypto Bank Investment Plans 


crypto bank review

There are 6 plans available, but the most impressive one is the 5000% in 100 days.

The return of investment would be around 17,500% a year, do you really think you could ever get a return that big.

If you do, I am sorry, but you need to change your mind set, because you will get scammed sooner or later in life.

The biggest investors and Forex hedge-fund traders are aiming for 30% – 40% a year.

These guys now how to trade and make money, so how would a random company that has not been around for

that long would be able to return such incredible results, well… they don’t. Let me explain.

If you buy the plan that offers 5000% in 100 days, this means your money will be locked for 100 days.

Now think about it, you will literally have to forget that your money exists for 100 days, this means that

Crypto Bank Ltd can do whatever they want with it, essentially its like a loan from investors, just with different interests.

The good thing for the business though is that in the end they can just take your money and leave you with nothing.

This is still investing so even though they promise 5000% return of investment, you might lose it all and that

is what they will be aiming to do, first day’s they will show great profits and amazing returns, but at the end

they will show how they lost all your money and you will end up with nothing.


Crypto Bank Its a fear and greed game 


These companies are high yield investment programs, there are clients that specialize in them and only invest in them.

this is because some folks make cash from these companies, if they invest a small amount of money, the company

will more then likely pay the withdrawal request out, because they want to look somewhat legitimate.

However, if a person invests a huge amount of money, the association will just take their money and give nothing.

Why is that? The company simply cannot sustain the returns of investment they are offering for their customers.

So while small investments are getting processed, Crypto Bank Ltd is not targeting the small investors,

they are waiting for the big fish to come in and take all their money, hence why you see some withdrawal requests processed.




review Crypto review

To conclude this article Crypto Bank Ltd is very likely another Ponzi-Scheme that eventually will scam you.

They have no social media pages in their website, which is really not good for any company that wants to

progress their business and have a bigger audience in general.

No names or proof of experience was mentioned in their about us page, so we do not know who actually takes our investment.

We as clients need to know, who the company is, why it was created and who are the people behind this huge project.

At least give us a company CEO of who created it and maybe a picture of him, this would prove a lot, however

there is literally nothing, this leads us to believe they only have empty statements without any backup.

Their support page is only a e-mail address which is really bad considering they are a investment firm.

Final Verdict

Crypto Bank Ltd IS A SCAM

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