Crypto CFD Trader

Is This Another Scam? Lets Find Out

What is Crypto CFD Trader? 

Crypto CFD Trader is a trading solution made for potential investors.

This software is you can bank amazing profits without any knowledge or experience in the trading industry.

The solution does it for you, the only thing you need to do is invest your money and make a months salary in a day.

This sounds great, but definitely cannot be true, if this was true everybody in the whole world would be using this system to make a lot of money, and never have to worry about their financial situation.


Who is the creator and co founder of Crypto CFD Trader? 


Crypto CFD Trader Scam Review

A guy named Lenny Hyde, apparently he is the master mind behind Crypto CFD Trader.

He claims to have experience within the financial markets, working in wall street the main place to be when it comes to trading and investing.

Apparently the trading solution he is selling to us, can make us money quicker then Bill Gates.

The above statement is very over exaggerated, and I did the research and show you why.

Lenny Hyde has apparently made 20 million in 6 months with his clients, which is quite impressive, but lets see how much Bill Gates made :).

Bill Gates has earned $11.5 billion dollars this year alone, which works out at around $33.3 million per day or $1.38 million per hour.

So no, you will not make more then Bill Gates, and 99.9% of us wont ever make that kind of money.

I am not saying we cannot be wealthy, but that amount of money would be hard to catch up too.

So back to the topic, Lenny Hyde claims he can make a lot of money, but there is no system in the world that would make you $10,000 in a day and he would be willing to give it for free, just does not make sense, he is also throwing these bold statements that have been proven wrong around Bill Gates.

Sadly, the fella Lenny Hyde is just a stock image and his name is made up, all the written statement going with his stock image is fake and not real.

There is no other specified guy, that could be real and prove this trading software is legitimate, but honestly we could not find any phone numbers and contact details so I would not waste my time.


Crypto CFD Trader Social Media 


Crypto CFD Trader Scam Review

Crypto CFD Trader has a Facebook page which is good effort on their part.

Sadly their page is very inactive, most people that like their page are fake people with new accounts, or actual people that are asking is this a scam or not, so I had to actually respond to the people asking this question.

There is no social interaction between the clients and developers, it seems that they do not care about their audience which results in not caring around their investors money.

The only thing they care about is when you invest and they make their money, after that you are on your own.


Crypto CFD Trader How Much Can You Make? 


Crypto CFD Trader Scam Review

Apparently you can be earning $2000 dollars a day without a problem, that is around half a million a year.

Do you really think a automated robot can produce such huge amounts of money ? the answer is no.

There is also a pop up that comes up every 2 minutes on the site, basically persuading you to sign up and join their services (image on the right).

That pop up as well indicates that you can earn $10,000 a week which is $2,000 in 5 days, there is no chance you can be guaranteed to get this kind of money ever.

Financial markets is not child’s toys, is a real investing business and the people with the most patience win, I hate that people like Crypto CFD Trader exist and make believe that Forex is easy.


Crypto CDF Trader accuracy and testimonials 


Crypto CFD Trader Scam ReviewThis trading solution has a accuracy rate of 99.98393%, which is obviously a made up number.

This little sentence above shows how serious their business is, I mean who writes the numbers like that? scammers that is who.

Would you really be interested in investing your money to people that are not taking things seriously.

I’ll give you the answer, I would not and nether should you. Crypto CFD Trader Scam Review

Crypto CFD Trader’s testimonials are corrupt, even though they are from their Facebook page, you can clearly see they are bogus.

When I have visited their page, it was flooded with spam comments claiming people have made so much money from this, trust me when you look at the person’s profile picture everything becomes clear, they are just accounts created, with different names and stolen pictures.

Literally the same thing they have did with the creator Lenny, stolen image from google and just a made up story.

I have attached the testimonials on the right hand side, have a look and have a laugh, because every single one of them is fake.

There is one lad that claims he made $75,000 grand from this system, yeah dream on !

I have to give it to them, they had to spam a lot of websites to like, share and comment their page, but in the end you can still see fake traffic from real traffic.

At this moment in time their last Facebook post was in march, which tells you that this site is probably abandoned.



Crypto CFD Trader Scam Review

To conclude this article, the website does not look professional, the creator and CEO behind Crypto CFD Trader is made up. The amounts of money you can make are bogus, the accuracy of the trading system is just unrealistic and not serious.

There is no proof of who is the real owner behind this system, where they are based, and why they do what they do. Facebook testimonials are corrupt with bogus names and made up accounts to make it seem like they have traffic.

Crypto CFD Trader is hundred percent a SCAM and we at toptradingreviews highly recommend to not invest your money.

Final Verdict

Crypto CFD Trader is a SCAM !!!

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