Crypto Master Bot Review


Crypto Master Bot What Is It ?

Crypto Master Bot

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Crypto Master Bot is a Forex signals platform that claims to make you a lot of money in a period of few hours, however I can assure you that this is simply not the truth, remember whatever sounds too good to be true probably is.

Crypto Master Bot is supposed to be a Forex trading software, however all their trades close within couple of minutes time, and this is simply not how Forex works, this is more like binary options, but I can safely tell you that the Crypto Master Bot software just simply does not work at all.

It has stop loss and take profit levels written in dollars however that’s not even how Forex stop loss and take profit levels are truly setup, anyone with a little Forex experience would realise how big of a scam this is, but lets just dig a little deeper.

Crypto Master Bot

Crypto Master Bot Demo Account 

Crypto Bot demo account just makes trades 95% successful and only 5% are losers and you can try this by yourself if you really want too, some of my subscribers told me they made a million dollars on their demo accounts within a couple of hours, and that’s truly funny considering this Crypto Master is claiming to be able to do that with a real account.

Speaking the truth this software will simply not work at all, because the trades in Forex never close within a couple of minutes time unless you are totally day trading and scalping the living hell out of the markets, but I can assure you this is not what its actually happening with the software.

They are probably making out fake trades for you to believe that you can actually profit and make money with this software, however if you are gullible enough to invest in this you will definitely be disappointing with the results you are going to get, and I know this, because I tried it for you guys myself, and I have full video proof on our YouTube channel.

Crypto Master Bot

Crypto Master Bot Trade Entry Price Is Way Off 

Crypto Bot entry prices are totally bonkers and out dated if you just look at the attached bottom picture below, all of these entry prices are not even as close as to what they should be in the real Forex markets.

This just simply proves that their software does not work at all, and everything is out of date and should never be used to “make money”. The Crypto Master signals are fake and just not true, you will instantly lose all your hard earned money like I did and you won’t be able to get it back or do anything.

I made two videos regarding the Crypto Master Bot and proved in them that this system does not work at all, so please be smart and not give away all your money, they are literally waiting for people gullible enough to believe in this lie.

Crypto Master Bot Bad Brokers & Support 

Crypto Master Bot all of their brokers associated with the platform have bad reviews on the internet and nobody is recommending trading with them. Honestly they probably have bad brokers implemented with Crypto Bot, because no loyal, self respecting broker would ever allow themselves to be involved in this scheme.

Crypto Bot claims to have amazing brokers on their platform, but this is simply not true a simple google search would reveal that all their brokers are unreliable and untrustworthy, while also they claim to have amazing support, the support does not work at all and you can email them as much as you would like, the support is there for the looks nothing more.

Crypto Master Bot

Crypto Master Bot Legal Side

Crypto Master Bot does not have any company house details or any company registry anywhere shown on their page. They do not specify any details on how this project came about and what is the purpose on creating this Crypto Master Bot at all.

They did not mention on who the owner of this project is and who are the people behind this business idea, also how do they actually make money everything is fishy and shady and you should never invest in projects like these.

They claim to have this customer support that works 5 days in a week, however we do not know anything about their software, where there office is located and are they actually running this project legally, which is 100% not the case and they are here to take all your money !

Crypto Master scam

Crypto Master Bot Comments & Same Websites 

I got a ton of comments on my YouTube channel saying they have been scammed from Crypto Master and lost a lot of money, being naive and believing in this scheme will get you no where, but bankruptcy.

I suggest you guys to just leave Crypto Bot being a full time scam and not invest your hard earned money in this project, there are a ton of greater investment platforms available on the internet where you can truly make a nice second income, I recommend a few of them at the bottom of this article.

I think I should also mention that Algo signals and Master Bot are literally the same websites, but just have a little different presentation video, which means this scam has been around for ages and it just keep being changed up a little to carry on scamming gullible people.

Crypto Master review

Crypto Master Bot Conclusion

Crypto Master Bot is definitely a scam, their website claims to have professional team behind this project however when you try to contact them they are no where to be heard. Also their signals are totally fake you can make millions within the first few hours of the demo account, which is obviously false advertising.

The real signals you get are totally out of date and their entry prices are not reflected to the true financial market prices, they have stop loss and take profit levels, however their trades close within a couple of minutes time, that is simply not how Forex works, and I know I been trading for more then five years.

Honestly I could go on and on, but I made videos discussing all that so I’ll keep it simple and just tell you guys that you need to stay away from Crypto Master Bot, because you will instantly regret your investment.

Crypto Master bot scam review

Final Verdict 

Crypto Master Bot Is A SCAM !

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Crypto Master bot scam reviewCrypto Master bot scam review