Crypto Revolution System Scam Review


What is Crypto revolution system? 

Apparently its a system that has teachers and all sorts of investors in it, it gives one to one sessions and other stuff I will get in to below. In their introduction video clients that join with them are making “5000 GRAND A DAY EVERYDAY DAY” and the system costs only $9.95 to you see how dumb this shit is ? cause we do.


When you first enter the website, you get a pop up saying things like do not miss your chance, enter your email address etc, then the video starts playing and starts explaining about crypto-currencies basically what they are and how much money people have made by having them, it briefly has snippets of bill gates and Richard Brandson mentioning that bitcoin is the way to go, but I have personally seen millionaires or should I say billionaires talking about this system.

Mark Cuban himself the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team said investing in bitcoin is like a lottery, you can invest and maybe it will make you money, but you have to forget about the money you have invested, which is understandable and there are legit wallet sites that you can keep your bitcoins and hopefully expect them to rise up for you to claim your return of the investment.

A little more about the system 

This system though does not do any of it, it basically promotes some type of shitty “training” and once you put in the details it comes up with the second video with some bold guy, talking about how this system changed his life and now he earns $2.5k – $10k a day and averages a $90k dollars a month easily, and also say’s it like he earns more else where claiming it to be his side income. I have attached a picture of him on the right hand side of the page, if you think this guy earns anything more then $5 bucks a hour, you are wrong. He is not earning anything close to that, if hes partnering up with these type of scammers, you can trust me on that. 

After the bold guy stops speaking the video changes and the narrator voice comes back on and starts speaking about how rare this opportunity is and how much money you are going to make, if you register with their shitty system. Just to quote them  “if you hit this page you have been selected literally from hundreds of thousands of people to join me in a opportunity with over half a billion dollars”. hahaha yeah right mate, you keep using your imaginary system with your imaginary money :)). 

The Crypto revolution narrator carry’s on giving people spaghetti ears and saying that he is now living in San Diego with his wife and children and apparently he has 175 students and 90+ of them are already millionaires !!! AMAZING WOW MILLIONAIRES ??? FUCKING CANT BE!!! Ohh millionaires with monopoly money ? oh okay…

The rest of the students are on their way to becoming monopoly millionaires this year as well. The narrator just keeps getting better and say’s ” I dont know what I did to deserve the life i am living now, but i am loving every minute of it! – Of course you do, people are paying you money for a system that does not work, and you can just be chilling and laughing. 

So you still do not believe its a scam? what do they offer?

So for $9.95 you will get a personal trained couch that will be trained by himself! you will also get a E-BOOK, the exact exchange wallet he uses, and instant access videos, which is a walk-through to making $5000 a day.

To be fair to Crypto Revolutions the systems membership does look like it offers decent stuff, but trust me for $9.95 the only thing you will get is a nice middle finger when you open the e-book, you cannot trust this system, because the numbers just dont make sense, they ask people to pay less then $10 dollars to earn $5000 daily. Please tell me how is that logical, its not and it will never will be, this is one of those original get rich schemes.


I am still keen to invest do they offer refunds? 


I read their disclaimer and it does say they offer 60 day money back guarantee or they might be able to resolve this refund somehow. So they might not want to give your money back and you will be questioned as to why you want to refund the money and they might even try to offer you different products and services.


Personally I would not invest and strongly suggest people to not invest as well, just because they claim to give refunds back if you are not satisfied with their product or service, does not necessarily mean that you will get your money back, these people are scammers and do you really think they care about the law? HELL NO.


What do I mean by original get rich schemes?

The ones where a video is very long and tries to engage with the audience, it talks about how this narrator is married has kids, but had struggles in his life, because it tries and relate to everyday people’s life.

In the video the narrator spoke about divorce with his wife and how not having enough money nearly ruined his marriage, all these things are relating to people and are aiming for naive people, sad people, depressed people or people that do not know how to earn money, and want to invest their saved money somewhere.




Crypto Revolutions is a get rich scheme that I have seen may times before, all these type of schemes are aiming to get in to peoples emotions and make them believe that their life will change if they purchase this product or service, and its a very shitty thing to do, playing with peoples emotion well being like that should never really happen, BUT IT DOES so please be careful guys and make sure to not even listen to these brain-washing videos, because they do affect you in some kind of way, you start thinking maybe this is really legit etc… We at toptradingreviews are 100% GUARANTED THAT THIS IS A SCAM AND WE HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU TO NOT INVEST.



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