Crypto Trixi Review 2019 – SCAM OR LEGIT

Crypto Trixi is a web-based forex and cryptocurrency trading application, that was developed with the intention to be one of the best software out to date. Crypto Trixi uses an advanced market analyzer that is programmed with algorithms that provide high probability trading signals.

Although they claim that, we really needed to dig a little deeper and find out whether this actually makes money. We personally have tested this software and the results are definitely impressive, we placed 10 trades in total and 8 of them were correct and in the money, although we believe time will show how consistent this software is, it’s definitely worth a try.

Crypto Trixi Scam Review

Crypto Trixi Scam Review

How Does It work?

Once you have logged in to Crypto Trixi and made a deposit, you will gain access to their web-based dashboard. The dashboard is very simple and easy to navigate which is an advantage, simple is good in trading software.

You will definite your signal criteria in the dashboard and get signals that match your trading style for example you might want to trade an EUR/USD trade and looking for a buying opportunity with medium risk.

The Crypto Trixi software will identity your signal criteria and search for such an opportunity in the market. Once everything has been analyzed you will get two options: the first option is that the Crypto Trixi app has found a reasonable trading opportunity and places your trade, the second option it has not found an entry point and your trade is invalid.

The trading software is very strong and it’s an unlikely event that most of your trades will be invalid, and usually, it will place all trades straight away, which is very good in our opinion.

Crypto Trixi also says there will be more filters and advanced settings available in the near future, which shows that they are committed to this project and are here to make money with you, hopefully, these new settings that will come are banging!

Crypto Trixi Scam Review

Crypto Trixi Interface

The Crypto Trixi interface is very good, although very purple which might not be the best color in the world for some people. Its very simple, everything is there in one simple page and you do not need to go through multiple pages to find the thing you want.

The signal finder window is there, the chart trading chart is there which has real-time prices running all the time, so you can always do your own analysis before placing trades on the Crypto Trixi software just to give yourself that extra edge in the market.

The software definitely looks promising at the moment, and if they make consistent updates and prevent any bugs from happening this could be a nice early Christmas present for some of you.

Crypto Trixi Review

Crypto Trixi Features

We talk about their general interface and service, but this does not stop there. The Crypto Trixi web-based application has other features such as real-time news events. This is a very strong fundamental indicator that you can use to make a lot of money.

Trading fundamentals is important in the market and when we tested out the software this is what probably got us such great results in the first place, just reading 5 minutes a day might double your account balance.

Crypto Trixi also has a performance graph where it shows its results on a weekly basis. It shows that you can make 20% by trading on a medium risk which is great, it does not promise millions and it should not be expected. Forex is a difficult game, but if you have the right tools you can make a lot of money.

Crypto Trixi Review

Crypto Trixi Support

This web-based software offers support from Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm GMT time, which is basically office hours. The support is okay, although only email support I did write to them a test email and they have replied within the first 30 minutes, which I think is okay.

My email included a question asking whether they will have live chat support and they did confirm its in the works, so hopefully by the time you are reading this blog article it will be already released. This will enhance the Crypto Trixi website and give reputation points to the company.

Crypto Trixi Review

Crypto Trixi Brokers

Most of the brokers offered by this company are regulated, I am not 100% sure how the brokers work, I believe they just randomly generate a broker for you when you first sign up. Although our broker was not the best in the world it did the job and worked well with this software.

I recommend keeping your balance just below 5,000, because sometimes when you withdraw a large sum of money brokers tend to hold the withdrawal for whatever reason, that has happened to me before, although the broker did give back the money and everything was fine, its still annoying to keep your money on “hold”.

So if you are making a withdrawal just make constant withdrawals of $500 dollars and keep your balance in the $1000 mark and it should be all fine for you, I never personally had problems when I don’t stack my trading balance on these random brokers.

Crypto Trixi Minimum Deposit

To trade on this application the minimum deposit is $250, however, I believe you should invest more due to leverage and margin the forex brokers have. You might want to place 2-3 trades and, because your balance will be only $250 your trades might automatically close, because of margin levels being to low.

So please if you are investing definitely make sure to invest a little more to prevent this from happening. It will save you money and you will have a better experience overall using this web-based software.

Crypto Trixi Review

Crypto Trixi & My Signals Group

I might be making a little promotion for this Crypto Trixi software with my forex trading signals group if you have not joined already make sure to do so. We have a free & premium group at the moment, we are working every day to make it more comfortable for you guys.

I’ll just leave below a few links of the Crypto Trixi application and my free & premium forex signals group. I suggest you guys join while you can because some of these applications become paid, so you should join for free while you are still able too.

Crypto Trixi Review

Crypto Trixi Review CryptoTrixi scam review CryptoTrixi scam review Crypto Trixi review

Crypto Trixi Conclusion

Crypto Trixi seems like a nice and profitable trading software. We tried this software ourselves and as mentioned before it generated 80% profitable trades, which is definitely a great start. Obviously markets can change and anything can happen, but with the tools Crypto Trixi has in place, it seems like a safe alternative to trading forex alone, especially if you are not experienced.

Their interface is a little purple, which is honestly not to bad its probably just me since I don’t really like that color, however its all nice and neat, everything is there in the right place and you do not need to wonder about in the website to find stuff, which is definitely a good thing, especially when you are trading.

Their website also loads fast and I did not experience any lag at all while trading with Crypto Trixi. They also have Monday to Friday support, which unfortunately is just an email for now, but they did tell me they will have live chat implemented soon, which will add more transparency for the business, which in return will gain more traffic to them.

I personally recommend this software, it did wonders when I traded it, and if you want to see me trade on Crypto Trixi please leave a comment below and ill upload live trading videos on how to profit with this software and what strategies I used to make money online.

If you like my content please make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel, and make a subscription to your premium signals, it helps me and in return ill help you become profitable on the forex markets!

Final Verdict 

Crypto Trixi is LEGIT

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  1. Hi Guys – I’ve been looking into Brokerz and Globalix – both of them are unregulated and there are loads of bad reviews …… can we not use any other broker with Crypto Trixi?

  2. Kiran, I have been using Globalix for the past year or so, never had any issue, if you dont know how to trade or even how to use broker dont even try to spread your crap opinion and negativity. Thank you Evaldas for this software and your VIP SIGNALS, I love it, all your signals are so accurate! KEEP GOING, YOU THE BEST!

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