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Delta Coins

Are they legitimate?

What is delta coins? 

Delta Coins Scam ReviewDelta Coins Scam claim they are a well grounded company and intend to stay that way.

This association is a based on cryptocurrency investments such as Bitcoin.

It is apparently based in USA, but checking it we did not find any evidence around this statement.

Delta Coins Scam main interest is their trust and transparency between their customer relationships.

This association talks a lot about how good they are with their customers, instant withdrawals, their amazing team around the website, but is all of this true?


What Delta Coins offer? 

Delta Coins Scam Review

Delta Coins is offering very unrealistic returns of investment. They have four plans from a minimum of 250% return of investment in 5 hours and a maximum of 585% in 25 hours.

These plans already tell us that this is not true, no real company with the right mind would ever offer such rates.

We also do no understand why would you ever order the last plan which is 585% in 25 hours, you would be better off doing the basic minimum plan 5 times which adds up to 25 hours.

The minimum plan used five times would also equate to 1250% return of investment in 25 hours, which would be amazing, but these numbers have no meaning behind them.

Numbers exaggerated like Delta Coins investment plans are way too fraudulent to believe in them.

You surely cannot expect to earn 10 times your investment in 25 hours, if that was the case everybody would be milking this cow and making lots of money.


Delta Coins Services 

Delta Coins Scam Review

This is where it gets kinda shady. The association is saying that they have lots of experience and experts employed by them.

They mentioned that they have 8 years of real estate marketing experience, I am not sure why is this relevant with cryptocurrencies and how does it actually help.

There is nothing relevant with real restate and cryptocurrencies besides the investing part. I do not think this factor that should be even mentioned.

Also 8 years is not that much in real estate, and there is nothing impressive around it.

Delta Coins claims they have 2500 experts employed by them, that is a insanely huge amount people that work for this project.

The weird part is that there are no names mentioned in their website anywhere, which makes us believe that this is another faceless scam.

Faceless scam means there are no real people behind this project and the company will result in closure in the near future.


Delta Coins Scam? 

Delta Coins Scam Review

There are many reasons to believe that this website is just another ponzi-scheme that will eventually fail and close.

The main reason is the investment plans that are over exaggerated and not realistic, there is no current company globally that would offer such returns of investment.

These numbers are obviously not real and will be the companies down fall.

The association uses these investment plans to gain money from deposits and pay other investors with other peoples deposits.

This scheme always fails, because eventually there will be more withdrawal requests then the actual deposits for the business.

Delta Coins will result in not having enough capital to return their investors percentage gain.

Delta Coins say’s they have 2500 experts working within this project, this number is very over exaggerated.

Very big companies in the world do not have that much staff members.

Delta Coins in only open for 3 days and saying that they have 2500 experts working for them is impossible, they would not have enough cash flow to pay that many people.

Companies in the world that have a estimated value of hundred of millions sometimes do not have 2500 people working, these guys have been running 3 days and already have that.

This is surely a eye opener for you guys, and enough proof around the system to show a total misrepresentation of what it actually is.


Delta Coins Scam Referral System 

Delta Coins Scam Review

Delta Coins Scam has a referral system, this is one of their many ways to attract more people to their company.

The reason behind the referral system is not what you think it is.

People are persuaded by Delta Coins Scam to get traffic for their website, if the marketers succeed in doing this they get a reward.

The sad part is there is no reward behind the system, or a very minimal reward that they might be paying out just to keep people working, because its a new company they need all the marketing they can get.

Delta Coins is using the same technique every other ponzi scheme is using, they are trying to shoot 2 birds with 1 stone, deceive the affiliate marketer and the folk that was invited to join the website.

Eventually this website will become out of date, everybody will know that this system is a corrupt and it will shut down like every other scheme does.



Delta Coins Scam Review

Delta Coins is just another company that promises big things with little results. There is no proof behind their statement around that the company is based in the USA. They talk about real estate, even though they are a bitcoin investment company.

Real estate and cryptocurrencies do not relate, so I am not sure around that statement. They also claim to have 2500 experts working for them which is very unrealistic the company is only running for 3 days, it would be not realistic for so many folks joining this company at this early stage of development.

The fact that Delto Coins claim that there are many people working for them, just cannot be true, their business would not have a big enough cash flow to pay every expert that is involved in such business.

The main thing that tells us Delta Coins is a scam is the investment plans, they are so inflated and fake that they is no chance this company is running legally and will help you gain any kind of return of investment. These guys are here to take your money and not look back.

These statements above will conclude this article and we at toptradingreviews are saying this is a SCAM.

Final Verdict

Delta Coins is a SCAM!!!

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