So what is depositday ? 

Depositday is a cryptocurrency investment system, basically what they want you to do is invest money, relax and earn profits. I saw this quote somewhere on their website ha ha.

Depositday specialises with cryptocurrencies so Bitcoin, Ethereum and other less popular cryptos out there.

The company claims they are a mining/trading company that has stations all over the world, they claim to be based in London United Kingdom, but I am sure that is porkies:).

Their welcoming page say’s it all really ” SAFE & STABLE & CREDIBLE” this made me laugh, SAFE AND STABLE AND CREDIBLE AND NOT SCAM AND MAYBE SCAM, okay ill stop.


Oh wait there is one more, just have a look what it say’s on their front page “A unique investment project that gives you a chance to become rich, get money and financial freedom”

That made me laugh, like for a business that deals with money and investments, that quote itself screams a scam, obviously these people that created this scam of a site, are probably from another country and their not native tongue, which is fine, but they are obviously scammers, so no sympathy for these assholes that try to scam people for their hard earned money !.


So how long are they open ? 


Depositday, is open since December, which is kinda long for a scam website to stay alive, I guess they look somewhat legitimate, but I can assure you they are no where near that.

They are definitely full time scammers, if you look at the picture I have attached on the right hand side, you can see they “deposits and withdrawals” this is 100% fake, trust me, they definitely did not receive no where near that amount of money from people.

The members online number does not change, well it changes but its always around 20 I did a video about these scammers in the morning and it literally had the same number of members online.

They probably have it set up so once you refresh, show a number between 20 and 21 or something like that and it will show that number, trust me they are fake as fuck, and if you do not believe me, you will believe after the following information I am going to provide you. !


Depositday’s big money maker plans


This is the big one, that is gonna seal the deal with depositday !

I have attached the plans on the right hand side, just have a look at them. !

Now please tell me, you do not think they are fucking ridiculous, like 800% return of investment within a DAY!?

Like, it gets better, because that is their smallest plan of the 3, the other are even crazier.

Middle plan gives a 8000% return of investment in 2 days, imagine just how much money would a person make from just a $100 deposit.

The third and last plan makes 80000% in 3 days, which seals the deal for anyone, I mean if you believe that they make this kind of money, you deserve to be scammed, I am sorry, but please do not invest in this shit, I mean there is no way these guys can get such returns of investments, these guys cant come up with a decent quote for their website, how can they return a investment of such huge numbers, the answer is they cant !.

The best websites in the whole world, who deal with cryptocurrencies and actually you can buy and invest in them would never have such a insane return of investment, the best websites might have from 1% – 30% MAXIMUM and that is annually, there is no chance these guys can return a investment of even 1%, because they are definitely a scam, whatever they claim to have they do not have, they probably sitting in fucking McDonalds borrowing their Wifi and hoped to scam people of some money for a big mac meal.


So, what about affiliates ? 


They claim to have affiliates and if people send traffic to their website they gain a certain percentage from 3% to 10% commission, that is all well and dandy, but that raises alarm bells, let me elaborate.

The first thing that comes to mind, people will make 800% a day, why would affiliates even bother gathering people to their website for 3% commission just do not make any fucking sense!

The obvious reason is probably the developers of this shitty system did not think about it and that is it, to be honest they really did not think much at all about this system, the more you dig the more bullshit you come out with.

We know for a fact that these affiliates will not even get paid their 3%, but what is worse if a affiliate drags someone in this project and they deposit, these developers shoot two birds with one stone, they can scam more people, because there is more traffic in their website, which results in more people falling for this sad system.

The developers always try to sell you that a system is just out of this world, incredible returns of investment, and with just a push of a button or just a small investment you will be making millions in no time, which is never the truth and you should never be naive to fall for these scammers,

Do not get me wrong, there are websites that actually make decent amounts of money that would generate a secondary income or even with a big enough capital you could live off, but this is not the system, you can count on us !.



Just to conclude, these guys do not know a single thing about trading, they claim their headquarters are in London and have offices around the world, but they do not know the first thing about trading cryptocurrencies or any other financial markets that they claim to be trading in. They probably would not know the difference between support and resistance. The return of investment is insane, the percentage is insane and the amount of time it takes to achieve such results is insane, they do not have any phone numbers, just emails. I have also checked their company house certificate, there is no records of such company or office in London or anywhere in the world. Their social media page does not even open, I could probably continue for another 10 minutes, but I will end it here and say this is hundred percent a SCAM.


As always this was Evaldas from Toptradingreviews and we wish you to stay safe.

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