What is Digitroniq.com ?

Digitroniq is a new Forex trading system, that claims it can generate amounts of $7500 a day, looking at their presentation video they talk about how much the system has changed peoples lives for the better. 


It seems to us that Digitroniq is a automated trading system, because if you look at the client testimonials which by the way are clearly fake, they claim they have so much free time on their hands, people have quit their jobs and the investors of the system are partying everyday and life is great. 


While this maybe true that partying is great and no responsibilities life might sound cool, but too be fair, if you had that this would probably become boring in the long run, I can assure you that. 


Digitroniq’s clients apparently average around $3750 a day with little to no time and experience necessary, this sentence alone proves that the system is one of them “get rich schemes“ and the only guy that would get rich from this scheme is the developer of this system, because he will take the investors hard earned money and close the website down, without giving any reasoning behind as to what happened. 


Why is Digitroniq a SCAM!?


Digitroniq claims to bank people money from $1000 – $5000 a day without any issues, which this sounds already ridiculous ,but wait there is more.


The system claims it basically never loses in the financial markets, the win ratio is around 97% which is ridiculous for anyone that knows anything about the forex market. These type of percentages are what traders dream of, but lets be real things like that only exists in fairy tales or dreams, you cannot bank consistently such ridiculous amount of money EVERYDAY.


Forex market just does not work that day, you average out a percentage through the year, some Forex traders believe that averaging 20% a year is already a amazing accomplishment.


Digitroniq would destroy these percentages easily, and we all wish we where the lucky ones and had a system like digitroniq that actually made such ridiculous amounts of money, but the system DOES NOT MAKE THAT MONEY and NEVER WILL. The only thing the system is good for, is stealing your money !.


Real reviewers or paid actors ?


The video of Digitroniq briefly mentions two people that talk about the system and how it changed their life dramatically, in the video you can clearly see that the people where filmed on a green screen, at least the first female named “Akane“ which is probably not her name.


This does not show transparency of the company and just shows a even more shady side of the system, to be fair having paid actors does not actually mean the system might be a scam, but the reputation of the paid actors in this video are not great, they have been featured in other scammer websites and they probably know what they doing.


The system does not have any transparency, honestly if they really believe their system generates incredible amounts of money, they would definitely show real reviews from real people, they would not need actors to try and persuade you to invest in their system, because a company that is honest will always blow up eventually and give good reviews about it in the internet.


System that generates $7500 a day is FREE?!

Talking a little about Digitroniq, is jut not logical that a system that would have a incredible return of investment would be FREE. There is no reason the developers would make it free if this system would make so much money, I believe if the system did make this kind of money it would cost millions !.


Guarantee of system not losing and 97% win ratio 


Talking about the win ratio one more time, the system guarantees people consistent profits, but it cannot be done, because the financial markets always moving. ITS CALLED A INVESTMENT FOR A REASON, you might make some money, but YOU MIGHT LOSE YOUR MONEY. That is the name of the game with FOREX.


Developer of Digitroniq?

Who is the developer, nobody really knows the presenting video only shows us a stock photo that you can find anywhere in google and a made up name, so we really cannot know who is the developer and CEO of this “amazing system“.


The system is created by a anonymous person, and he or she does not care about peoples feelings, or their financial situations, the only thing the anonymous person cares about is developing a some kind of relationship with the people, some kind of trust and leave hope that this system actually can change your life.


Obviously a lot of people would not get fulled in too this type of system, due to the nature of pop-ups and ads, people usually close them, but what if a person that is watching the video is sad, depressed or just does not know where to invest his money, that is where this video gets you and the more you listen to it the more people fall in to this spider web and get brain washed.




Digitroniq is claiming things that are not possible on earth, maybe in fucking mars is different. The paid actors do not add transparency to the system and the company, the guy that is apparently speaking on the video is actually a stock photo and probably does not even know he is on this site scamming people with his face on, poor fella. The win ratio of the system is ridiculous and even the best traders in the world of Forex have not achieved them. There is no proof of who the real owner is of digitroniq everything is anonimus and the claims that the system is making $5000 a day is purely insane. The fake reviews does not help the website and the system gain trust in investors, because if the system did make money, the reviews would be real and they would not need paid actors to persuade people in to investing in their system.

Therefore the system is a SCAM and Toptradingreviews highly advises people to stay away from this system.

This was Evaldas from Toptradingreviews and we wish you to avoid scammers in the future and have a nice day !