Elite Fin Fx Review


What Is Elite Fin Fx?

Elite Fin Fx Scam Review Elite Scam Review Elite Scam Review Elite Scam Review Elite Scam Review

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Elite Fin Fx is a Forex trading company that specializes in Forex Trading signals, apparently, they have been running since 2016 and actually have a track record which is shown on their website.

At first their website does not seem to be, they have a section for education only and it contains some valuable information for a beginner forex trader, which does add some reputation points for them, unfortunately, this is probably the only good thing I can say about their website and their company.

If I want to be generous I can also say you can download metatrader5 platform from their website, but this is just nitpicking the good things from the bad, and honestly, there are a lot more bad things then good to say about this company so let’s begin.

Elite Fin Fx Forex Signals Profitable?

Elite Fin Fx provides forex signals for a lot of people, that is why they have a big fan base of 10,000 telegram users, which is considered quite a lot, especially if they are active clients.

Looking at the current statistics from writing this blog out of 10,000 people only 300 users are online, which is honestly a huge indicator that their signals might not be as good as they claim to be.

Elite Fin Fx has some numbers shown from the years of trading and in some years they made around 500% return of investment which is honestly considered a lot because this is forex trading.

Just to put it in perspective some forex hedge fund traders, make trades all year round and an only average profit of around 50% per year, so if Elite Fin Fx makes 500% they are making 10x as much as professional traders around the world, which seems crazy to me.

Also, they claim their forex trading track record is in their FX book which I was pleasantly surprised and thought they could be legitimate if this is true, however giving further research I found out that nowhere in their website it links to their FX book page, which means they are telling us porkies.

Elite Fin Fx Does have FXbook.com logo on their website to portray as if they have it there ready you just need to click on it and it’s going to redirect you to another page with all the trading proof, however, this is too good to be true, and it honestly pushes me to believe there are no good results, and all of them are made up.

Elite Fin Fx Scam Review Elite Scam Review Elite Scam Review Elite Scam Review

Elite Fin Fx Social Media Pages

So Elite Fin Fx does not have any social media pages linked to their website, you can find the icons on their page to again portray themselves as if they have them and they are activate members on social media, but its simply not the truth.

I cannot imagine a business being successful without any social media in 2019, seems super crazy to not use such a powerful platform to your advantage to leverage out your customer base, get more clients and just expand as a business in general.

The reason Elite Fin Fx does not have any social media is that they are scared for the big backlash they would get from clients that are not satisfied with their services, and who can blame the customers, they are scamming them for their money so they would obviously be angry.

Elite Fin Fx Contact Us 

The only way to contact Elite Fin Fx is by email address which is the number one to scam someone. Apparently they have an office based in London United Kingdom, however, they do not have an office telephone number or any other quick way to contact them.

This just tells me that Elite Fin Fx does not have any intentions to speaking with their user clients, so even if people had problems they would have to send a ticket via email address and we all know how slow can that be.

Customers of Elite Fin would get agitated quickly, because of the slow responses, because when it involves money people want answers quick. The unfortunate thing is that most clients will never get their money back from investing with this site, and you won’t be able to do much, because at the bottom with small letters they say forex trading is risky and you can lose your money.

Elite Fin Fx Scam Review

Elite Fin Fx Africa Meet Up

So let’s discuss the obvious for a second, so the company is generally based in London United Kingdom, however, the first “meet up” or gathering whatever you want to call it, happened in Africa, which just does not make any sense and its super fishy.

The company has four photos displayed at their homepage and they are quite funny, some people are literally sitting on the chair sleeping, and most of the people there are pensioners, definitely does not look like a forex gathering, its miles from that.

Elite Fin Fx

Elite Fin Fx CEO & Faceless

Elite Fin does not have any company CEO specified on who actually owns the business, who are the people behind it, who is managing the telegram group and who is actually trading, what experience does everyone have.

Literally, there is no information about that which is yet another clear indicator that this business is a total scam and you should never invest your money into it. I mean even in the African meet up they did not specify who the people are in the pictures, which literally says nothing to new people coming in.


Elite Fin Fx Conclusion

To conclude this article I can assure you that Elite Fin Fx is a guaranteed scam and it should be ignored at all costs. Investing in this business is like burning money, and you do not want to burn money.:)

They do not have any social media pages and all their links are not working, their investment returns are made up saying they have an FXbook and with further research, we found out they do not have one.

The company is based in the United Kingdom, but their doing meet up’s in Africa which is totally bizarre, also they have no faces, names shown or mentioned which just proves that this business is definitely not legitimate and is here to take all your money.

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Final Verdict 

Elite Fin Fx Is A SCAM!

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