Ethral Bit Crypto Scam Review


So what is Ethral Bit? 

Its a organisation that specializes in Forex markets and cryptocurrencies, they are based in London, and claim to use different instruments and techniques that are created by a group of software developers and engineers, this itself makes the company unique and different from others.

They have a company house certificate that is linked to their website, and while it looks all legit, there are things to look out for and things they did not mention.

If you click on their company house certificate and read through all of it, their history within the business is recorded with fraud, providing fake details of the directions name, which straight away causes me to believe they are not as transparent and well of as they say they are.


Companies Regulations

So maybe they made a mistake and it was a accident, the companies house history might be just a bad record that we as clients can forgive and forget, but…

There is one thing that they should of sorted out, which is the FCA, they are not licensed with them and a company that runs investment deals or services inside the United Kingdom is required to be licensed by them.

By having the FCA license shows proof that the company is serious, transparent and got nothing to hide, which is not the case for Ethral Bit.


Services Ethral Bit offers ? 


They offer five plans, the best plan they offer is 90% in a month, which is clearly fake. Real investment firms would struggle to reach that within couple of years, let alone a month.

The best investment firms in the whole world offer around 20% return of investment annually which is still very good and you could grow your investment quite nicely if you have a nice capital to begin with, especially if you would keep stacking the plan with more money and compounding interest in 10 years you would have a hefty sum of money.

Although it would be nice to get 90% a month for Ethral Bit, it is just simply not possible, if the big boys struggle with 20% a year, there is no chance a new company such as Ethral Bit, would be able to provide people with such incredible returns of investment.


The website look and feel of it


The website look, is not bad, but its not great ether.

We have attached a picture on the right hand side, if you look at it, it seems they cannot even put their numbers in the square columns, which raises the alarm bells and screams SCAM.

I mean if a investment website cannot develop a simple website, they definitely should not be handling money.

If they really made people 90% a month, they would get the most high tech people working for them and they would never let such things come out in public.

It just ruins their image as a investment company, I also find it funny that they said at the start they have the best developers and engineers working for their company, but yet they cannot sort their website out.

If we click the news section, it does not come up with anything, just no news found, well I mean if there is nobody there to write articles around their news, then what is the point of having it in the first place. Yet again it just looks like they are not doing there job properly, and I would not invest my money in to a company that cannot do simple stuff such as this.

The “rate us” button at the bottom also does not work, it comes up with blank pages, I mean apparently they have started since April 27 2018 which is more then enough time to fully sort out your website and begin working properly.

Not to mention they have a Facebook page with 800 likes, which is surprising, what is more surprising is that they have not posted anything ever! which concerns me and makes me believe this company is just purely fake and in it for the money .


How this scheme works and do they pay? 

The scheme works from the amount of deposits they are getting, so one person deposits money and wait for their cash to reach a certain amount of money before withdrawing. Ethral Bit what they do is payout somebody from another person’s deposit and that is how the train goes.

This is proven to fail all the time, and this company will not last long, because you cannot just keep essentially borrowing money from one person to please another person, that is not how it works, eventually there will be more withdrawals then deposits and the company will crumble with your and everybody else money.

Not to mention they probably keep a nice chunk of money for themselves out of each deposit they receive, because obviously they need to pay their wages and their “expert developers”.

They also integrated the referral system, which is okay in companies that actually are legit, but not okay in companies such as Ethral Bit, this is because the company are trying to generate as much traffic to their website as possible to have more deposits so they can profit themselves and maybe pay some of their client withdrawals so keep this scheme going.



Ethral Bit at first glance it looks alright, not the best, but we have seen worse, but the more you dig inside the website the more flaws and errors you find, the Facebook page is probably fake and made out of fake likes, you can buy fake like for $5 dollars, but honestly fake likes wont get your business anywhere so I would save your money. Their company is not licensed by the FCA which is required by law, so they are not running this business legally. The company also has a half working website, some of the buttons do not work and lead to nowhere, which makes you think they have such expert developers running their business, but cant create a website.

We at toptradingreviews highly recommend you guys stay away from Ethral Bit and keep your money safe, because it is a SCAM


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