Financial Sentiment Software

Can this be legitimate? Lets find out 

What is Financial Sentiment Software? 

Financial Sentiment Software Scam Review

Financial Sentiment Software is a trading solution mainly focusing on digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

The trading solution is highly profitable and they are marketing their results of $5,000 a week.

Apparently, the system is so profitable its reward winning with zero latency and profits of $700 dollars + a day.

This is a very good income for anyone, anywhere in the world.

A life changing amount of cash can be made, but can all this be too good to be true?

Well, the matter of the fact we think Financial Sentiment Software is , and we will give reason why shortly.


Financial Sentiment Software Testimonials 


Financial Sentiment Software Scam Review

The company testimonials are actually claiming they are all very happy with the services.

Their clients are making amazing amounts of money, but really its all just a huge scheme.

What do we mean by a scheme? well its all aimed to manipulate investors in to believing this program actually does what it is told.

The truth is, there is no chance a robot could make such incredible gains especially since its for free.

There are robots that actually work, but this is definitely not one of them.

All of their testimonials are stock photos taken from google and just have written “reviews” put next to them.

How do we know this? well there is literally no email and social media around this scheme so how do you think clients send these testimonials?

They cant, these testimonials are made up by the developers of this trading solution and trying to sneak cash from unsuspecting investors pockets.


Who is behind the creation of Financial Sentiment Software


Financial Sentiment Software Scam Review

So the creator and CO founder of this scheme is Daniel Wakanabi, which is also a totally made up name.

Okay, maybe there is actually a Daniel Wakanabi, and if there is he definitely is not associated with this project.

We did our research on the CO founder and we could not find anything that would prove this statement above.

For all we know, there is no Daniel Wakanabi and the company is just another faceless scam.

There are no human resource people mentioned, public relations, right hand man, nothing its all blank.

This scheme does not even have phone numbers, you literally cannot contact them, which definitely sends alarm bells to our brain.

Okay there is one way to contact them which is the email address, but that means nothing.

I have literally emailed them two days ago and there was no response, they claim to respond their emails within 24 hours, which is obviously not true.


Financial Sentiment Software “live” results


Financial Sentiment Software Scam Review

Apparently Financial Sentiment Software has live results in their website, when it trades all sorts of world wide currencies against Bitcoin.

It shows people winning literally 98% of their trades, which definitely could not be true, because it is just humanly impossible.

The best traders in the whole world average around 70% maximum, which is considered super good in Forex or any other financial markets.

These results are obviously bogus and are there too persuade people to purchasing their software.

After you would purchase this program you literally would not benefit any way, maybe even lose all your money and that would be it.

You would also be given a shady broker to trade your investment on, these brokers know the deal and because they are not regulated, they can do whatever they want with your account.

Which is really sad and unfair, but that is the current game of making money for the brokers and these Financial Sentiment scammers at least.


Financial Sentiment Software Social Media


Financial Sentiment Software Scam Review

The developers actually talk about social media, that you can potentially trade with friends and family, (I would like to see that).

Basically stating you can make an income, enjoy and relax.

Come on, this is not a afternoon with the family drinking tea and eating biscuits on the damn couch, this is Forex.

Financial Sentiment Software makes it seems like this is some sort of holiday resort, you just leave the system running and make incomes never heard before.

You truely cannot believe these guys, Forex or any investing is not easy and definitely not a family thing and relaxing.

You are literally risking money to make money, how is this relaxing ? I mean yes you can control your risk and it technically would be relaxing.

That still does not mean every person could just jump on Forex and make lots of money with this scheme, this is total bogus and hopefully nobody believes this.


Financial Sentiment Software other mentions


There are a lot of things persuading you to purchase their trading solution, such as “limited spaces”.

These limited spaces are basically saying to you, if you don’t purchase this quick somebody else will get it.

Which would result in you losing the opportunity to change your life for ever, this is total bogus trust me.

This solution is so corrupt you would not make a dollar, the only people benefiting in this system is the developers, nobody else.

Most of their website buttons also do not work and don’t link anywhere.




Financial Sentiment Software Scam Review

To conclude this article, we have found out some disturbing information around this software solution and it is clear to say its all bogus.

There are no real CO founders of this scheme and no phone numbers specified to contact them.

They have a email address ,but do not reply to your emails which obviously indicates they do not care, they care about one thing and that is money.

Financial Sentiment Software has a lot of shady stuff going on, their returns of investment are incredible and never heard off.

Sadly they are not heard off, because they are not realistic for somebody investing lets say $250 dollars to make $4,000 a week.

All key points mentioned above added with other stuff such as “limited spaces”.

We at toptradingreviews highly recommend to stay away and keep your money safe, because it is a SCAM

Final Verdict  

It is 100% a SCAM !!!

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