Finorion Trading Company 

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Finorion Trading Company is a high yield investment program more known as a HYIP. The organisation claims to generate profits of a maximum 3000% ROI (Return Of Invesment) within 30 days of using the platform. If you ask me that’s totally bonkers and you simply cannot expect to earn that type of money ever, at least not with a HYIP.

Just to put this in perspective there are people using Forex and if they manage to return 50% within a years time, it means its been a good foreign exchange year. These guys at Finorion Trading Company are claiming to get you 40% within the first 24 hours of investing with them. Insane Deposits & Withdrawals

The first thing I noticed when I visit their page is their insane amount of deposits and withdrawals. This organisation is only running for a number of 24 days, but already has generated 7.5 million deposits and made 3.6 million withdrawals. I am sorry but unless this organisation has been marketed really really well, and had numerous articles on Forbes, there is completely no chance that this is real. I have attached a picture below so you can have a look yourself’s.

Finorion Trading Company Social Media 

Besides Finorion Trading Company having insane returns of investment that even bill gates would struggle to pay off, they do not have any proper social media pages, such as Instagram, Twitter or a simple Facebook page.

Finorion Trading Company does have a Facebook group, but lets not confuse that with a good thing, since when people get invited to Facebook groups there is a strong possibility that some shady business is going on behind the scenes.

Facebook pages are harder to manage, because people can comment on their page and tell other people to not invest in this scam, however if the organisation invites you a to a Facebook group its a different story, because the administrators have full control of the comments that get posted within the group and they can kick out or delete the inappropriate users comments if need be, by inappropriate I mean honest people telling that this Finorion Trading Company website is a definite SCAM.

Finorion Trading Company Company House & Address

Finorion does not legally exist although they claim to have a company house certificate this is just simply not true, we have checked their company house number they have specified on their website and there is no such company at all, they actually made a clickable link to their company house certificate which brings you to a different unofficial United Kingdom’s website where they show fake company house certificates and pretend they are real.

Finorion claims to be based in the United Kingdom London, however this is definitely not true we at Top Trading Reviews can 100% guarantee that this company does not exist where it say’s it exists, most of these scammers actually choose London United Kingdom as their main address, because its very easy to fake a company house certificate and look somewhat “legitimate” to the untrained eye.

Finorion Spelling Mistakes 

Finorion claims to be in the United Kingdom, however their website itself is written in American text, this means some words are written with a “z” instead of a “s” and so on. There are a lot of grammatical mistakes in this project, and it just does not look very professional I mean come on, if they actually make such huge amounts of money they definitely would have a team of people managing and writing their website right ?

Finorion Trading Company Only Customer Service is a Email address 

Finorion does not have any customer service at all, the only thing they have is a email address which is the number one way to scam someone, and its very true. Also adding to this Finorion does not even have a phone or a simple landline number, although they claim to have a office in London what kind of office does not have a landline of some sort, I don’t even know.

Finorion Trading Introduction Video

Finorion’s introduction video is super bad and it seems like it was made by someone on I am not even joking its seriously bad and not professional. A company that would manage 7.5 million in deposits would definitely have a super cool video going with their website, however this is not the case and I can assure you this is just one of the numerous reasons why this company is a total scam.

Finorion User Statistics 

Finorion trading organisation user statistics that they have displayed on the bottom of their page is totally ridiculous the amount on there are just purely unrealistic especially if you consider that this fake company has only been running for 24 days, it just does not add up and I am angry that some people actually fall for this scam and lose their hard earned money.

Finorion Trading Company Telegram & Other

Finorion Trading Company has a telegram group however yet again a telegram group does not mean its legitimate at all, actually its even worse to have a telegram group for a company, because it does not show transparency, Finorion organisation can delete and manipulate peoples chat and comments in there and make other user’s fall for this scam. Usually companies like Finorion organisation connect lots of fake accounts on their telegram group and make it seem like the group is very active to psychologically scam someone on believing this could actually be real, and people actually end up giving up to their greed and invest money. Conclusion 

I believe that Finorion is just another scammer website that we should lookout for and not invest our hard earned money in this scheme. They do not have any proper social media, their returns of investment are totally bonkers and unsustainable, they are hiding something in their Facebook pages and telegram groups. There is a ton of spelling mistakes and their company house certificate does not actually exist, no landline phone number and the only way to contact them is a email address, which is the number one way to scam someone. Finorion definitely a scam watch out!

Finorion Trading Company

Final Verdict Definitely A SCAM!!!

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