Forex Hub Ltd

Just another SCAM? Lets find out

What is Forex Hub Ltd ? 


Forex Scam Review

Forex Hub Ltd is a legally registered private limited company which was founded in 2018 august.

Well, at least that is what they are claiming to be, we will find out soon enough.

Apparently the association has been transformed into quote:

open joint-stock company in order to provide access for everyone to financial products offered

That sentence itself could have been said better, which leads me to believe that these guys might not actually know what they’re doing.

I mean if they cannot come up with a proper sentence inside their financial website, how can we trust them with our cash capital, we cant.

Forex Hub Ltd does have a company house certificate and it is registered on Devesh Rathore, but this does not mean its a legitimate business.

Far from it actually, most of the scams that have a company house certificate displayed are from London United Kingdom.

There is for that is, it is quite easy to lie and display the wrong information on the website, it literally does not take any time to get one.

This leads me to believe that these guys are not, what they are saying they are, kinda a shady project if you ask me.

Also the more we dig inside this website, the more flaws we see that will change your opinion around Forex Hub Ltd.


Forex Hub Ltd Investment Plans


Forex Scam Review

Forex Hub Ltd has 4 investment plans that are definitely over exaggerated. 

The last plan claims to generate a return of investment of 130% in 12 hours.

That is crazy and if you do the math the number, becomes totally unrealistic.

So 130% x 2 = 260% which is a day, then we times again the 260% in to 30 which equals to 7800% a month.

Listen, If you believe you can get 7800% return of investment, you need to strongly think about changing your mindset.

Because you will definitely get scammed, by the guys, people search for get rich schemes and get burned hard.

There are ways to make a lot of money, but this is not it, even their smallest plan that returns 130% in a day is totally bogus.

You cannot expect a monthly return of 3900%, if this was possible you would just compound for lowest investment,

and would become a millionaire in a matter of few months, which is insane and everybody would be doing this.

However, this is not possible so please do not invest in these types of schemes, because chances are you will get burned hard.


Forex Hub Ltd About Us 


Forex Hub Scam Review

Forex Hub Ltd about us page does not have any valuable information that is actually useful for us. 

There is literally loads of fluff talk, basically talking about how good they’re and you will make amazing money.

They also claim they’re very legitimate, but I highly doubt it.

Forex Hub Ltd say’s they have experts working in the background, but do not show they face or name them. 

There is literally no association CEO at the moment, well I guess we could use the guys name from the company house certificate.

However, chances are that name is fake and not legitimate, even if it is legitimate there is still not enough information about this project.

We need to know what experience they have, their backgrounds where they have been working and why they have joined Forex Hub Ltd. 

The developer of the page, cannot just say they have experts and not back his words up

,because their experts might actually have less experience then yourself.

For example, I myself have been trading Forex for over 4 years now.

The chances are that I might know more then these experts, because they have no proof to back their words up.

Backing your words up is crucial for businesses that involve investing and money, that is how you gain trust and build a target audience.

Sadly, Forex Hub Ltd does not do any of these above and are definitely not doing themselves any favors by not providing any names, experience and photos. 


Forex Hub Ltd Social Media


Forex Hub Scam Review

This association does not have any social media, which is really important in 2018.

All successful companies in the world have all sorts of social media such as : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

I could name others, but these four are the main ones, the minimum would be a Facebook page.

These guys want to be the best, but do not have a social media page which just does not make any sense.

A simple Facebook page would boost their target audience ten fold.

However, if these guys are scammers and now that, there is a big reason why they do not have a social media page.

They do not have any social media, because they know that they would get a huge backlash with negative comments from their services.

Which would result in the company shutting down or not gaining as much traffic as before, hence why they are depending on their affiliates.

Forex Hub Ltd, might be paying their affiliates, but honestly I recommend you do not work for them.

There is a huge chance they will shoot two birds with one stone,

what they will do is scam the person that was sent with an affiliate link, and also not pay the affiliate marketer.

Basically taking all of the money gained, for themselves and you really could not do anything about it.


Forex Hub Ltd Contact Us 


Forex Hub Ltd the only way’s to contact them is a e-mail address and telegram.

Probably telegram is the main thing that actually is somewhat legitimate, but when I tried to join their page it did not work.

Even though they have a telegram, they claim their e-mails are answered very quickly, because its a 24/7 service.

I mean, would it not be easier to have a live chat installed, honestly if they produce these kinds of results they

definitely can purchase a site developer that could set up live chat in a matter of minutes.




Forex Hub Scam Review

To conclude Forex Hub Ltd seems to be one of the better Ponzi-Schemes.

They do have a company house and a telegram, however this does not prove they are legitimate.

They do not have any social media pages, any testimonials to prove their results are actually true.

Their investment plans are just unrealistic and I would even say not achievable.

Forex Hub Ltd have spelling mistakes in their website, which shows they are not professional.

There are no names mentioned, their experience, their background in their about us page

this leads us to believe they are hiding something and acting shady.

Also, their website is just ugly and not developed well, it just does not look crisp.

Final Verdict 

Forex Hub Ltd IS A SCAM

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    • Sorry for your loss man, it sucks to get sucked in to these scammers, I know that feeling, I was in the same place. If you want a profitable system, there will be one in a couple of days, subscribe to the blog or YouTube channel to not miss it… not selling you anything, I will personally use it so just saying 🙂

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