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Forex Millennium What Is It ?

Forex Millennium Software

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Forex Millennium Software is a Forex signals indicators that gives signals of buying or selling depending on the financial market conditions and the overall direction of the trend. It was created by Karl Dittman, more about him later.

Forex Software claim to have high achieving accurate results and therefore recommend this for anyone whether it would be a beginner or a advanced expert trader, apparently all their work they show on their website is also not painted, which means the results are real? lets not get over our heads to quickly, lets first look at the overall page to decide.

Forex Millennium Overall Page?

Forex Millennium Software overall page look does not seem very transparent and legitimate and we have seen this before in other websites and past reviews we have done in the past. It goes on to say how amazing the software actually is and why you should use it, it also tries to get inside peoples minds by saying the word “imagine” if you would double, triple, quadruple your invested money, basically selling a dream to the fellow people that are looking at the Forex software.

Forex Millennium Software

Forex Millennium Pushing The Product To Hard

Forex Software is literally pushing the software and trying to hard sell it, in their website it say’s “only 4 copies left” which is definitely not the case, they only have this, because they want to get more sales. Everyone in the world could purchase it and they would still be able to sell it. I mean how can there be 4 copies left if its on the internet, it can be downloaded numerous times and even shared with other people, this marketing technique alone is quite sleazy and does not add any transparency points to their own self image.

Forex Millennium Software

Forex Millennium “Real Testimonials” 

Forex Millennium Software claim to have real testimonials of people using the product, however once you read them they are not even that great honestly, some people did not even have a chance to trade the software with a real account, some only traded a few lucky trades on the demo, and written a thank you email for Forex Millennium, which resulted in Forex Millennium uploading these testimonials on their website to push and sell the software even more.

Also some of their testimonials emails and names are blanked out which you could say its data protection, however some of them are not which leads me to believe that some of them are definitely fake, and those that written a real positive testimonial haven’t even really tested the software properly.

You guys need to remember that it is Forex, some of the trades you might place could go in a positive direction out of pure luck, but consistent results are key to success, and I do not believe that Forex Millennium bring this to the table.

Forex Millennium Software

Forex Millennium Showing Results 

Forex Millennium does show results on their trading, but only in picture format and anyone can just open the Forex chart and count how many pips are there in each trend and claim to have entered the trade at the right time and made 1000’s of pips within a few weeks time, however that’s not the reality this Forex Millennium software does not have any concrete evidence that it actually pulls these amazing numbers and is profiting consistently, which is ideally what everyone would want.

Forex Millennium Software

Forex Millennium Does It Work ? 

Forex Millennium indicator would probably work and place trades, however would they be consistently profitable and you would become financially free using this product ? Hell no. Its just another indicator that he has made in the past, Karl Dittman has been known to make these indicators since 2016 and he will keep making them, because Karl Dittman  markets them well and people always buy them, the only person that really makes the good money is Karl Dittman himself.

Forex Millennium Money Back Guarantee ? 

Lets talk about the Forex Millennium money back guarantee policy so he claims to give anyone their money back if you dislike the product, however this would probably have a lot of other nuances in progress and most people that purchase a product do not really claim the money back guarantee hence why Karl Dittman still makes majority of his money just from selling these software’s alone.

Also in his article or website we should call it, he always repeats words of “imagine” or “time is now” all that to basically persuade you and push you in to purchasing his indicator software, all of these software’s will disappoint you and won’t be as good as he say’s in his website.

Forex Millennium Software

Forex Millennium Terms & Conditions

Forex Millennium if you just read his bottom text they say they are not reliable for any losses or damages this may cause for you account and also past performances are not future indicators, which is standard in most Forex trading platforms, however he is selling this product so much by saying how good this product is and it will change your life for the better and then you read the bottom terms and conditions page and you start doubting yourself whether this would actually be a good investment and will this AI Forex Millenium trading software actually would make you a second income.

Forex Millennium Software

Forex Millennium Conclusion

I believe that Forex Millennium Software is not as great as Karl Dittman claims it is to be. The trading software probably works and places buying and selling signals, however whether this will actually make you money and change your life is a whole other story. Karl Dittman talks a lot about how good the product is and how it will change your life, you will be able to leave your current job, and live a good life like himself, however he is just another marketing business man and the only person that really makes great money and lives the good live is Karl Dittman himself by selling these Forex Millennium and other indicators on the internet.

Forex Millennium Software

Final Verdict 

Forex Millenium Not Recommended

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  1. I would like to ask if you are familiar with Rigen Mktg. here in Tagum City Philippines.Claiming that they do FOREX, if you invest money on their company it will have an interest of 400% in 30 days..Can you check on this if they are legit or scam.Thanks.

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