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FTgroup.net What Is It ?

FTGroup Scam Review FTGroup ScamFTgroup claims to be the world’s largest innovative private IT company, specializing in the development and implementation of its software and products in the field of online investment trading.

They claim to have trading robots that react to the slightest indices and rates and will get you the best deals possible for maximum profit. This all sounds well and good however, I can assure you from personal experience is that what sounds to good to be true probably is. Lets dig a little deeper inside FTgroup website and find out whether this is all a scheme or actually a legit investment platform.

FTgroup.net Returns Of Investment

FTgroup investment returns are not incredible, but high enough for me to believe this is definitely a scam. Based on some of their investment percentage returns you could literally double your initial investment within two moths time which is totally insane considering you as a investor do not need to move a finger.

In project returns such as nearly doubling your initial investment within two months time, usually requires some type of input from the investor side, but not with FTgroup apparently the only thing you need is a nice cash investment and within a couple of months time you will have twice as much money as you did before, insane right ?

I mean if you would only invest $5000 dollar you would literally get half of that back within 30 days time + your initial deposit, its totally crazy, if this was true people would invest in these companies all the time, maybe even take a credit loan of $5000 dollars and invest on here, they would be able to live off and pay off their credit load without the need of doing anything, honestly just does not seem realistic or logical, I can assure you this is just another scheme made for gullible people.

FTGroup Scam Review FTGroup Scam

FTgroup.net Social Media

FTgroup does not have any social media whatsoever, they only have a email, telegram chat and Skype, honestly these are the worst things to have especially if you want to run a company and make it transparent, let me tell you why.

Skype is private and you never really know who you talking to, so is telegram if you talk on telegram its all faceless and all messages can be deleted, same thing goes with email address its the number one way to scam someone, each of these methods of communication are there to scam you, they are hard to track and just not good for companies to only have them.

I mean a proper investment platform would always have social medias such as Facebook, Twitter even Instagram this is, because folks can talk on there freely and comment, like, share their opinions about the project or company, they can recommend the business to their friends and its just a friendly and much more efficient approach especially if you want to build your client base.

However, this is not the case with FTgroup and its just clear to see that these guys are here to scam all your money and nothing more, we have seen these scams numerous times and people believe in them, the company is based in Singapore so if you get scammed over other countries these is literally little you can do about it.

FTGroup Scam Review FTGroup Scam

FTgroup.net Contact Page

FTgroup claims to be based in Scotts Road #24-10, Shaw Centre, Singapore 22820. However, I am more then confident that this is not the case and there is literally no company made on the name of FTgroup.

The company address is probably fake, it would be weird if they did have a office address since they do not have a landline or phone number of any sort. I mean what kind of office does not have a phone or a landline in 2019.

FTGroup Scam Review FTGroup Scam Review


FTgroup.net Faceless Team

FTgroup is currently a faceless company that does not have any names mentioned or faces shown, which literally is a massive indicator that probably this business will take all your invested money and put it in their pockets.

We as investors would like to know more about this business, we would like to know the name of the CEO and founder of the company, what is his idea behind this business project and who are the people behind the creation of FTgroup. I would also love to know how does this actually work, because there is less then 100 words on their website explaining their projects procedure to success.

Thinking logically it is clear to see why they do not have any faces shown, its because they want to snatch all your hard earned money and put it in their pockets, a true business would definitely show their transparency, its the key to a successful running business. If FTgroup would be legitimate they would definitely show more, however they got nothing to show that’s why they hide everything.

FTGroup Scam Review FTGroup Scam Review

FTgroup.net Conclusion

FTgroup is a investment platform that is to be ignored by everyone reading this article. Its totally not worth infusing them with massive amounts of cash capital for them to just behindhand you and put you in the hole.

Their social media is non-existent which is one of the first indicators that this is definitely a scam, I mean companies in 2019 share everything whether it would be important update or news regarding the company or just a picture of a cute cat, people love to interact and be a part of the team.

FTgroup has investment returns that are crazy enough for me to believe its a scam especially since the profits are automatic. All the investor needs to do is just invest a huge stack of their money and expect to earn double their profit within a couple of months time, which sounds totally ridiculous to me and it should to you as well.

I could probably go on for ages, but lets just end this article by saying FTgroup is definitely a faceless scam, lacks transparency, social media and more, I do not recommend investing in this business.

FTGroup Scam Review

Final Verdict 

FTgroup.net Is A SCAM !

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FTGroup Scam ReviewFTGroup Scam Review FTGroup Scam Review