FX Coin Bot Review

FX Coin Bot Review, this is the new forex trading software in 2019, the idea was created by a group of 3 veteran traders that wanted to share their knowledge with the world.

The forex veterans hired developers to create a trading software with all the strategies and indicators they have used through their years of trading.

The FX Coin Bot trading software looks fresh has nice colours and performs well on a mobile phone which is really good, especially since the increase of mobiles usage throughout the years.

In this FX Coin Bot Review I will explain what potential this software has in becoming a big thing quickly, so if you want to register for the trading software here is the link: fxcoinbot first 500 registrations are free, then later it will cost a monthly/yearly subscription.

FX Coin Bot Features

So what makes the FX Coin Bot so great? Well, the awesome features of course! It has implemented a safety feature, so when the markets are volatile or closed off, you will get a message saying the markets are not safe and you cannot use the trading system.

This feature is super cool because it shows that the FX Coin Bot actually cares whether you make money or not. Another feature I like is the implemented news articles which are updated in real-time.

So if sudden news happened in the world and it affects the economy you will know straight away through the FX Coin Bot. This feature has never been seen before in trading funnels, so having that shows they are unique.

Live charting is also a thing on FX Bot and how can it not be? Its a Forex trading platform, live charts are your bread and butter as a Forex trader so make sure to implement and use them when trading.

Most of the brokers are regulated, I have to admit some of them are wack so you need to find an okay broker and there is a ton of them. The FX Bot team have promised to remove all the bad brokers by Monday 12th August.

FX Coin Bot Review

Customer Support

Fx Coin Bot does have okay support, its not the best, but not the worst either. They have not yet implemented live chat, which is really a downer, however, they are committed on replying to every email so give them a try.

Eventually, they promised that they will integrate a live chat service so they can sort your account issues or problems you may have within a period of 10 minutes or less, which is great from their side and again never was done before on a trading software.

Fx Coin Bot

FX Coin Bot Interface 

So their interface is sharp and clean, does not have any scammy signs to deposit more or random numbers pretending people actually buying/selling. Which is definitely a good feature a nice clean software makes the user feel in control.

Feeling in control when you use FX Coin Bot software is key to happy customers. When you feel like you can navigate through a software and not be scared to push a button or your balance will sink to 0 then you will be happy and will feel calm and ready to trade.

The FX Coin Bot really delivers on the above aspect, calm colors an interface that is simple and user-friendly with a bunch of cool features explained, will reassure the investor he made the right choice.

Trading Results & More

So I have now been trading with FX Coin Bot for the past 2 days and what is my experience? At the moment it has been great, all the buttons have been working, I had no sync issues whatsoever.

I have already made £300, I do have to say I was quite lucky in one of the traders, but nonetheless most of my trades were profitable and it says a lot about FX Coin Bot, its not a magic pill, but if you use it correctly it could be a great tool to your success. Here is a link to my YouTube channel if you want to learn how to make money with the software.

Although I have to mention the registration process was a little bit confusing, brokers calling you asking you questions you might not feel comfortable answering this could scare some people, but I can reassure you most of their questions are typical things brokers say.

Unlucky With The Brokers

If you are very unlucky you could have gotten a broker that tries to sell you all their stuff and not very cooperative, you get these brokers because of FX Bot tries to work with everyone and at the start all of the brokers seem okay, but then after a lot of complaints from users the FX Coin Bot drops the bad brokers and only keeps the good ones.

Basically what I am saying FX Bot gives every broker a chance until they start being shady and messing with peoples trading experience, the software developers do not want that and their main intention is to make this bot popular and profitable.

Why do you think they are only allowing 500 users max to join for free before they start implementing paid subscribers, its because they want to control the traffic of the people so they can sort each user out and defend them from the bad brokers if need be.

FX Coin Bot Conclusion

I Believe that in this FX Coin Bot review I have covered most features and I can safely say it is a reliable and trustworthy project that has the potential to becoming a global sensation. Whether this will happen I don’t know, but as of writing this article the software performs well and it’s highly recommended by top trading reviews.

Their awesome features such as live news feed or not allowing newbie investors to trade on certain hours, because of volatility make this a great trading system which should be used by a beginner or more advanced traders.

The user-friendly interface is definitely a nice feature and you always feel in control when using this forex trading software, you are not scared to press a button a sink your full account balance, everything is clear and explained.

Also, let’s not forget to mention the most important aspect of FX Bot. It is profitable! Yes, and it works great with most brokers, I only had one issue with a customer that got a random broker which was shady, this broker since then was removed from the software and now works with brokers that are trustworthy.

Final Verdict 

FX Coinbot is LEGIT!

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