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fx robotix review

FX Robotix Review it’s finally out! FX Robotix is an automated web-based Forex and cryptocurrency trading platform, that provides forex and cryptocurrency signals based on the market volatility and fundamental news. Fx Robotix is using an advanced AI HFT trading algorithm, which allows the software to send incredibly precise forex trading signals to the user. 

Fx Robotix claims to have one of the best if not the best algorithms in place to provide and give users the satisfaction of making money by simply clicking a few buttons. Although this might sound too good to be true, we personally tested the FX Robotix software and it’s currently performing outstandingly well.

We have placed only a couple of trading signals since it just recently launched, but all of these signals were profitable, I am starting to think this could be the Christmas miracle that we all have been waiting for this year!

fx robotix review

How does FX Robotix Work?

In this FX Robotix review, we will talk about how simple it is to set up your account and to get you trading straight away, you follow one of these links click here and sign up. After you have made a registration, all you need to do is make a minimum deposit of $300 to the given broker and your dashboard will become unlocked instantly.

Once you have done the process above, this is where the magic happens. You will have a bunch of trades appear on the “signals” dashboard and you may choose one or two to place and start trading, I would personally recommend starting with only a couple of trades just to see if you understand everything because with new software comes mistakes from not knowing how to use it properly.

However, talking about mistakes the FX Robotix software is really user-friendly it does not have a lot of “clutter” and everything is laid out perfectly to not confuse the user. To place a trade you can just click one of the buttons near the signal you want to trade, it will automatically connect and put all the details inside the broker, the most work you will have to do is set-up your risk lot size, that is all.

The FX Robotix signals are always working with the algorithm in place to swap out out-of-date trades and replace them with new setups. This prevents people from trading expired trades that would not have the optimal risk to reward ratio, which is definitely a good thing.

fx robotix review

fx robotix review

FX Robotix Cool Interface

The colors of FX Robotic are nice and gentle, it does not hurt my eyes like some of the trading software we have reviewed in the past. It’s all well laid out and not confusing for the user to start trading without prior knowledge or experience.

FX Robotix does look promising and although it’s still early days, I am sure it will get a lot of attention since its definitely one of the better-automated robots we have seen this year.

fx robotix review

FX Robotix Features

The features FX Robotix have are very cool, they have a news outlet for people that want to earn money and learn how to trade forex at the same time. A bunch of analysis included in the package so if you invest with FX Robotix you get a lot of value.

It has a lot of stats such as: how many people are currently trading, how many winning and losing trades did FX Robotix have today. How much you could have earned while trading FX Robotix estimated with 1.00 lot size as a standard example.

There are selection and filter tools that you can use and implement in your forex trading. Bunch of indicators that you can switch on or off depending on the market conditions, every time you switch indicators, the signals switch as well and give you analysis based on what indicators you are currently using.

fx robotix review

FX Robotix Support 

They have a great support system in place, they claim to have mobile support for people that are current members of the FX Robotix. The software also has email 24/7 support service in place. If you sign up under my link, I will personally try to help you guys out if you have any problems or questions

fx robotix scam

Are The Brokers Regulated?

FX Robotix currently has awesome brokers in place, all of the brokers have regulations in place which is a really good thing, this means people will not struggle to make a withdrawal and brokers will not be able to keep money from the user if they feel like they want to quit or made enough money.

We have heard horror stories before that trading with unregulated brokers is really bad although personally I never had much of an issue withdrawing my funds, some people definitely have, so having regulated brokers is a blessing for everyone.

fx robotix review

How Much Minimum Deposit Is The Minimum Deposit

The minimum Deposit to trade FX Robotix is only $250, but I would suggest more just for margin and leverage. Having more margin means you have a little more room to trade and place more trades while having good high leverage means you can make more money, having a bigger balance will help you sustain the trade open while it’s pulling back or has fundamental news.

fx robotix review

FX Robotix Full Conclusion

So to recap in this FX Robotix review we have discussed everything there is to know about FX Robotix and it is a great forex trading software, although it is still early we have already made a lot of profit using this automated robot. It has a bunch of cool features that you can use for your next trading session, a bunch of awesome indicators and filters which will increase your forex earnings dramatically.

Thinking about it, the best feature FX Robotix has it is the ability to place trade quickly and forget about them, you do not need to monitor them, everything is set-up and done for you, all you need to do is simply be patient and wait for the profits to come in the broker.

The interface is great and I really like it, if I compare with the other trading softwares we have seen in the past, this one passes by with flying colors. The colors are great and don’t look cheap, it looks just right to make you feel confident in the software, and man I did feel confident when I first traded with it.

FX Robotix, because its an online web-based trader, I needed to test the internet speed and the load time of the website, and damn it’s really fast it opened a page up in less than 0.1 seconds which means there won’t be any lag when you are trading forex.

I personally recommend this software and the best thing about it its totally FREE, most of these I have seen had subscription plans of some sort, and the developers are giving away this for free, its definitely a nice early Christmas present which I will enjoy.

If you would like to see me trade with this software live you can follow my youtube channel, subscribe and hit the notification bell to never miss a video, I am planning to make tips videos on what works for me and what you could try yourself!

Final Verdict 

FX Robotix Is A Promising Software!

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