Gains Systems Review Gains Systems Review Gains Systems Review




Gains Systems Review Gains Systems Gains Systems Review

Gains Systems is a high-frequency trading company that as stated is developing trading systems based on neural network and artificial intelligence.

This project is based in Hong Kong and been running since 16th April 2019.  I have read their “about us” page and there is no real way to describe them, besides its just a professionally designed website.

Also, does the investment platform really need background music? Just does not add any professionalism at all, its an investment platform, not a radio station if I wanted to listen to music, I could go on YouTube or Spotify.

Gains Systems Returns Of Investment 

Gain Systems has only one investment plan. The plan is designed for exactly one year and payments for it promised to be daily. As an example, you will invest $10000 and throughout the year your weekly income will be $1800.00.

To be honest with you, this method of investing sounds unrealistic to me. Let’s take a look at Gains System numbers provided, 3% returns on businesses days and 1.5% return on weekend days. This figure is not as massive as some of the scams we have seen in the past however, it is still considered huge which could mean that it would be really hard to sustain these type of gains for the long run.

This business claims to guarantee a 3% return daily no matter what, unfortunately, no trading system can guarantee daily returns, nor weekly or monthly. This is because financial markets are just not stable and predictable enough.

The worlds best investment companies cannot do 75% a year on a consistent basis, doing it every week or month is just a sweet lullaby before sleep.

So, when somebody is offering you stable daily returns from investing, you can be sure there is something fishy going on.

Gains Systems Review Gains System Review

Gains Systems Insane Statistics

The first thing that caught my attention is Gains Systems stats. This project has been running for 83 days and already generated $12,103,360.24  million deposits and have made $2,003,391.38 withdrawals.

This could mean two things, or their numbers are legitimate and they are currently banking themselves a nice 10,000.000 million dollars or their statistics are totally fake and changed daily by the website owners.

There is no real way to prove this, however, both of the options are bad anyway, so I would really stay clear from this company, because its just another well-made scheme.

Gains Systems Review Gains Systems Review

Gains Systems Social Media

Gains Systems do not have any social media apart from the Telegraph group which I personally don’t count as social media. This platform is the same as email, number one way to scam people and control their opinion.

This project claims to have 42,710 members across the world but his Telegraph group has only 2 201 members and is honestly abandoned, there is nothing much going on there.

Most of these scams use telegram as their way to manipulate and control everyone. What I mean by that if an investor would say this investment platform is not paying in their telegram chat room, the admin can just kick the person out and delete his comment, solving all the problems at once.


Gains Systems Scam ReviewGainsSystems Scam Review

Gains Systems Support Team & Contact Us

In this Gains Systems review, we will talk about the company not having an official live chat, which does not add any transparency to the business. Most of the businesses out there at the moment will have some sort of chat service so you can speak and get answered with general inquiries.

Saying that, they do have a telegram group, however this does not necessarily mean its legitimate, because telegram groups are monitored by moderators, which means that if a person tries to say this business is a total scam, they can’t because they will be immediately removed from the group and their message will get deleted.

The only other way to contact them is an email address which is the number way to scam someone, it’s hard to track someone down with emails, so even if they steal your money you will have a hard time getting it back.

Gains System

Gains Systems Review





Gains Systems Video

The people in their presentation video seem to be reading a script, the camera angles are from the side to hide the fact they are reading, which is fine, however, most of it does not make sense anyway. The woman in their presentation video seems the worst by far, the way she speaks and her body language just tell’s me she does not know what she is talking about, which is quite funny and very noticeable.

Gains Systems Affiliate program

Gains Systems use this method to attract more visitors to their website. Using a special affiliate link for the invitation, the Gains Systems members will earn an income of 7% from the number of direct referrals. Further, the profitability will be charged down from ally by levels.

The company will make a lot more money with affiliates, because they will drive traffic ot the website, the affiliates will do all the dirty work and convince investors to deposit huge sums of money, while the affiliates will get a small percentage share, however its also very likely that the affiliates might not get paid and the numbers could be manipulated by the business to make more money.

Gains Systems Gains Systems Review

Gains Systems Bounty Program

G.Systems also has a few smart ways to make themselves famous and well know by giving Bounty Bonuses to investors for finished tasks. First of all, not only these guys scam people but they also giving them loads of requirements in an offer to give money.

As they claim, for the video review, you can get from $5 to $100 per review. $1 per tweet/retweet and by ranking in BitcoinTalk forum you will get a certain amount of BitCoin per 10 days.

This is where you will become a part of the scam, by helping them grow. Do not associate yourself with them, because neither you as an affiliate or the investors would profit in the long term.

Gains Systems Conclusion

Gains Systems is definitely 100%  a scam. Their investment returns are high, bizarre and just unsustainable for any investment platform. The business tries to look and be professional, however, it is another scenario of hired people reading the script for them to persuade investors.

Even the video is made and shows real people, we still don’t know who the CEO or the founder of Gains Systems is. This project does not have any social media and it just does not add any transparency. I cannot count on their telegraph group, because I am pretty sure it been fully loaded with fake accounts pretending to be active.

Their live chat support is unavailable even if I try to contact them, nobody is there to help. Emailing them is just a waste of time, all you get are sales pitches saying why you should invest more, however when you have already invested, no one starts to care about you.

Gains Systems Review GainsSystems Review

Final Verdict 

Gains Systems Is A SCAM!

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