Grand Coin Io

Is It a SCAM or Legitimate? 

What is Grand Coin IO? 

Grand Coin Io claims to be professionals at trading cryptocurrencies.

They also mention that they have miners set up all over the world and you are more then welcome to use them.

Their company is registered with Seychelles, well at least they claim it is.

Grand Io apparently has been using digital currencies to pay themselves nice profits quote “quite a while”

That quote a while thing, made it seem like they are not 100% sure with their services, hey maybe its just me, I don’t know.

Grand Io is saying that their digital farms are very good and people have been making “quite a big income later”.

The company saying “quite a bit” is just so unprofessional, it just does not read right in my mind.

They also are using trading bots for the stock market and apparently they gain a lot from them.

This is lead to believe that this is their main money maker from the investments you will make.

It all sounds good until we start digging in to some information.


Grand Coin Io Investment Plans 


Grand Coin Io Scam Review

Grand Coin Io has six investment plans all with different returns of investment and minimum deposits.

The smallest return which is also the smallest deposit is $20 dollars minimum and you will get 10% daily profit.

The highest yield return of investment is 30%, but the minimum deposit is $50,000 dollars.

These type of percentages are no where near realistic and sustainable.

Obviously we could say that not everybody has $50,000 dollars laying around for investing.

However, a lot of people do have it and saying you will get a return of 900% a month from $50,000 is insane.

You would become a millionaire in a few months, which is totally impossible considering you need no experience.

Having no experience, knowledge and no background in trading, there is no chance you could just earn that kind of cash ever.

This leads us to believe that Grand Io is telling us porkies and over exaggerating their returns of investment.


Grand Io Social Media 


Grand Coin Scam Review

So at the moment there are no social media links added in Grand’s website.

This is really not beneficial for a new company, considering they wanna be the top investment provider in the world.

New projects such as Grand Coin Io need to have social media pages so they have a bigger reach of audience.

Without social media they would have no chance in becoming the number one financial investment provider.

The minimum for a website should be at least a Facebook page, because they could promote and communicate with their clients.

Communicating with their clients would built trust and with the percentages these guys offer, they would definitely be on top.

However, I know for a fact that their investment plans are not realistic and over exaggerated this alone is more then enough evidence for me to believe they are a scam.

Having no social media, they are not doing themselves any favors and only adds more shadiness to the website, because there is a lack of transparency clients will not deposit and invest in their project.

If only they had social media, then we could maybe think other wise, but now there is no evidence that these investment plans actually work.

Grand Io “About Us” 


Grand Coin Scam Review

Grand Coin Io does not have any relevant or useful information that proves anything in any way shape or form.

The only thing it talks about is what they do such as trading digital currencies etc.

There are no names mentioned and how the project was developed, why they developed it.

No intentions where specified why they created this company, and what is the purpose of all this.

This alone is not very good, usually good companies have some kind of purpose of why they do, what they do.

Having no developer names or the main guy behind this company is really bad and shows a lack of transparency.

We as investors want to know questions such as: who is behind the company, what is their experience, what was their background.

All these things need to be answer, because when it comes to money we need to know that we are investing in a company that knows what they are doing.

A little fluff talk on the about page does not prove anything, you need to show evidence, faces and prove their background.

If Grand Io would have done that, I believe they would have a lot more customers and would be one of the best companies in the world.

However that is not the case, there is a real lack of trust at the moment, and I would never invest my money.


Grand Coin Io Contact 


Grand Coin Scam Review

The only way to contact them is a email address, this is especially not good, because most of the real competitors have live chats, numbers.

Apparently their e-mail services are 24/7 , but I have to say I have not tested this, because I honestly believe this is another scheme.

It is very typical for scammers to use e-mail, because it is hard to track and they can do all sorts of shady things with it.

They really should implement in their service phone numbers, live chat, I really do not understand how they can have email 24/7 services, but no live chat.

Cant they afford to have a live chat? Well with the returns of investment they have, they should have no problem having live-chat, phones and other way’s of contact.




Grand Coin Scam Review

The above information leads me to believe that Grand Coin is just another Ponzi-scheme.

They have no social media pages, no names mentioned and their main contact is email.

There is no way they will ever become successful and number one with this type of mentality.

The only marketing they can do is with a referral system, but that wont help if you wont pay your affiliates.

Their investment plans are just unsustainable and not realistic.

This leads me to conclude this article, with a big fat “L” for losers to Grand Coin Io.

Final Verdict

Grand Coin Io is a SCAM

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