Guinness hyip info

Legit Or Scam ? Lets find out 

What is Guinness hyip info? 


Guinness hyip info scam review

Guinness hyip info is a investment program mainly specifying in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Guinness is based in two locations, London and Manchester United Kingdom.

The company say’s they are very optimistic about their future.

They believe this scheme will become the most popular investment pillar and fill a huge piece in the market.

They also hope investors feel safe and comfortable investing with their company.

This all sounds great, but unfortunately Guinness hyip is not very professional.

Their sentences are flawed, there are grammar mistakes, and the site in general seems shady, but we will get to that in a moment.


Guinness hyip info scam reviewGuinness hyip info investment plans 


These guys offer some incredible returns of investment.

they have two current plans going they are both quite similar.

One has a return of 11% the other 12% the only difference is the higher percentage one requires more capital investment.

So doing the simple math we can see that in a day you would be making around 250% profit.

Now is 250% really realistic? No.

People that invest money, such as Forex traders or the Hedge fund traders they consider 30-40% very good and that is a year !.

If you would look at these percentages and find what would be your results on a monthly basis, it calculates too 7500% return of your investment.

Its impossible to sustain such percentages, there is definitely not enough cash flow coming in to the business to keep paying their investors.


Guinness hyip info about page 



Their about page does not have any valuable information that we could use to scale in favor of Guinness.

There are no names mentioned, no real contact details nothing.

So we do not know who is behind the screen, making this website and taking investors money.

For all we know, this guy/girl might be just a faceless scammer without any real experience in the trading niche.

You as a investor, might know more then the guy/girl behind the screen, which is ridiculous when you think about it.

There should be a name of some sort to show who is the real CEO Founder of the company, sometimes even a picture.

This would should transparency in the business, if somebody is not scared to show their face its more likely legitimate.

Somebody that shows their face, also shows their belief in their program and that it actually creates such huge funds.


Guinness hyip contact page 



Guinness hyip has a contact page.

Unfortunately, it does not really have anything remotely good for a investors website.

What I mean by that is, there is no live chat, phone number or at least a telegram of some sort.

The only way to contact them is email, which is slow when dealing with money.

People like to know stuff about their money, its their baby so you need to take care of it.

If you are going to only have email, you will run the risk of missing a email or responding late.

This would break the clients trust and make him withdraw all the money and leave.

All though, this is Guinness hyip we are talking about, there probably would not be any withdrawals happening anyway.


Guinness hyip info Social Media 



Guinness hyip does not have any social media whatsoever.

This is really not good, considering they are a new business that needs traffic.

A business in today’s society really needs social pages to boost their audience and make them big.

Previously I mentioned their statement “we want to be the biggest” this statement contradicts on what is happening at the moment.

You surely cannot be the biggest without having any social interaction pages running and bringing you traffic, no chance, impossible !

So, I guess the main question is why don’t they have one? Well….

Its simple really, they cannot have one, because they know that this is a Ponzi-Scheme and it wont make anyone money.

The only people that will benefit is the developers of Guinness hyip.

Eventually they will take all the investors money and put it in their pocket leaving their clients empty handed.

Having social media pages would just ruin their reputation as a business, because there would be a lot of negative feedback.

People would stop investing, causing their association to go bankrupt, maybe even sooner then they like.


These schemes always fail 


Guinness hyip info is using a technique called fear and greed.

This is basically a mind game, investors going to put some cash in their website.

Guinness hyip info will pay some of the cash to their requested withdrawals.

It will keep doing that until somebody has the courage to invest a good amount of money.

When this happens Guinness hyip will not want to pay any of their withdrawals and walk away with the money.

Some investors know about this, hence why they invest 10$ dollars or something silly so see if the scammers will withdraw their money back + a percentage gain.

Schemes like these always fail, because eventually there are too many withdrawal request and not enough deposits.

The company does not have the cash-flow to sustain the business, especially when they are offering percentage returns of 7500%.


Guinness hyip info Referral Program 


Guinness hyip info has a referral program, but that does not mean they are legitimate.

The referral programs are probably one of their main ways to get some traffic going.

Because they do not have social media they need to rely on other methods such as referral programs.

Unfortunately in the end nobody really gets paid, the only people that get earn money is the folks behind Guinness hyip info.





Looking at the above statements mentioned it is clear to say that this is a scam.

There are no social media pages, showing them interacting with their audience or promiting their business.

No names mentioned, no founder or CEO of the company, the developer names not mentioned.

The only way to contact them is through a email address.

Their address say’s London/Manchester nothing else, a city’s name is not an address of the business.

The sentences are not professional and the site in general looks quite shady.

Returns of investment are unrealistic and unsustainable.

Final Verdict

Guinness Is A SCAM!

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