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High Credit limited What Is It ? 

High Credit scam review

High Credit limited is a company based in the United Kingdom.

The business specializes in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum while also trading the Forex market.

Currently they are looking to expand their business by having digital currency miners set up.

This honestly might be a bad idea, since the biggest companies in the world are struggling to

mine Bitcoin and come out break-even.

Apparently they have been in business since 2011 and have been growing steadily.

The company is literally saying you should make a deposit for them to build mining servers.

Apparently its a opportunity for you to make money while also help the business expand and build digital mining servers.

Honestly, I go by the saying ” if it looks to good to be true, it is” and experience tells me that these guys are

up to something shady and they need investments for their own personal use rather then to benefit their business.


High Credit limited Investment Plans 


High Credit scam review

Looking at their investment plans they seem to be very high, which does not look realistic.

The plans are over exaggerated you cannot expect to earn 660% in less then a day, if you do

I have bad news for you, you will get scammed one day or the other.

Biggest companies in the world struggle to achieve 50% a year return of investment,

which is considered a quite good return, if you are comparing to banks.

High Credit is a new company that has launched a couple of days ago, they realistically cannot

sustain these percentages considering, their “about us” page tells us they need money to

build digital mining servers, which does not make sense to me, if they really pay out

these unrealistic percentages they definitely would have the capital to build everything

that is needed for a digital mining server and launch it ASAP, however that is not the

case which leads me to believe the association is telling us porkies.


High Credit limited Social Media


High Credit scam review

High Credit does not have any social media, no links nothing, this is really bad.

All successful firms that are out today, have social media pages or at least a

Facebook page where people can like, discuss, post their results, while the business

can respond and promote their products and services, which would attract more

investments to High Credit, it would also add transparency and legitimacy once

you get a few investors wealthy, people would love the firm and share their

experiences, and word of mouth is one of the strongest if not the strongest way

to get somebody to deposit and invest in their financial plans.

However, High Credit limited does not have any one of those which means they are

not comfortable with their company being exposed to a lot of people, and this leads us

to believe they are hiding something and acting shady, this does not add any transparency

to the business and it does not allow it to become, what it could potentially be.


High Credit Limited Contact Us 


High Credit Limited scam review

Their contact us page only has a email address, however they do have a phone number

available, personally I have not tried to call them, so if you want to try and let me

know what happens, give a comment down below, but looking at their page itself

there are a lot of fake statements such as : Live Support.

I looked through all of their pages, there is literally no live support, you would think

live support is live chat or something, but there is nothing in regards to that, the

only other way to contact them is a email address, which is the worst way to

contact a firm especially when dealing with money, clients are impatient they need

answer asap, they do not have time to write emails and wait 2 days for a response.


High Credit Limited Company House


Apparently they are a registered company in the United Kingdom, however they did

not post any of their company house certificates or number anywhere on their site,

obviously this is not mandatory, but it did lead me to questions as to why would you

not posts anything about it, because we do need evidence to see if these guys are legitimate.

So, we did a little digging and found their address at the bottom of their website, so we

have put that address in the company house checker and found out that a different

business is registered and running, which leads me to believe  that High Credit does

not have any company house certificate at all and they are trying to make themselves seem

to be transparent and authentic, but honestly they are just digging themselves a bigger hole.

High Credit Limited HYIP 


High Credit is a high yield investment program, which means some of them actually

make withdrawals, especially when they launch their business.

So, if you really want to invest a small amount of money to this company you can

do, there is a small possibility that you will get a withdrawal, but do not invest a big

amount, because they will definitely block you and get rid of you without you

being able to do anything, especially when their address is fake and all the other stuff mentioned above.




scam High Credit review

To conclude this article, there are many problems with High Credit that leads us to believe they

cannot sustain their business and keep paying out their investors.

They do not have any social media which does not have any transparency to their page.

Their investment plans are totally bogus, unsustainable and not realistic especially for a company

that has recently launched. Their “about us” page does not have any names,

photos and evidence of their expert Forex traders, we call them faceless scammers.

We do not know who is behind the screen and what their intentions are.

They do not have a company house certificate registered in the address shown on the page.

Final Verdict

 High Credit Limited IS A SCAM

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