Hiper Finance HYIP

Is this another deceptive business? Lets find out 

Hiper Finance HYIP What is it ? 

Hiper scam review

Hiper Finance HYIP is a company involved in quoting “multi currency investment markets”

Apparently this is the business main source of stable income for their investors.

The company claims to have great experience in asset management and Forex Trading.

However does not mention any names of their “expert traders” and who is actually the company CEO.

The business claims to have been running since 2016 and has been registered in Great Britain.

If you guys noticed, all of these scammers are based in Britain, very typical.

They also claims to have zero risk in their trading system which is totally bogus, there is

nothing in the world that makes you money without taking a small risk, even the safest investments

such as: real estate has a possibility of failing and prices dropping dramatically that is the name of the game.

So, them saying its totally risk free, is more then enough evidence for us to say there are not serious about

their business and their only main goal or passion is to steal all of your hard earned money.


Hiper Finance HYIP Investment Plans 


Hiper scam review

Looking at their investment plans it is clear to see that these guys are not serious at all.

Their investment plans are totally unrealistic and unsustainable, unless they are friends with

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, there is literally no way they will sustain these kinds of percentages.

Their monthly percentage comes out as more then 10,000%, which is unrealistic and if businesses would

need to pay out, they would close down the same day they have opened.

Their about us page quoting “We offer an incredible income up to 3500% per month!” which is crazy itself,

but when I did some simple math I got a way higher percentage then that, nonetheless both of the percentages

are crazy, Hiper Finance HYIP main goal is to scam you for your money, they are not interested in making

you any money, and these percentages are more then enough evidence to prove that this is fake.

If people would be making money like that, without any experience and knowledge within the trading industry,

folks would be becoming millionaires left and right, the economy would crash and everything would be unstable.

However, this will never happen, at least not with Hiper Finance HYIP.


Hiper Finance HYIP Social Media


scam Hiper Finance review

Hiper Finance HYIP does not have any social media links.

This is really bad, because it does not show any transparency and makes the company look shady.

All succesful companies in the world have social media or at least a Facebook page, where people can interact,

show results, giving feedback and the company can reply, give news and promote their new investment plans.

However, sadly Hiper Finance HYIP does not do any of that and this leads us to believe the business has

something to hide, which is never good when you are a investor, people like to feel confident and

invest in a company that actually knows what they are doing.

So, why does Hiper Finance HYIP not have any social media? Well the answer is simple, they would get a massive

backlash of negative comments and hate from their scammed clients, which would lead to the company

not receiving any more deposits and they would have to shut their company down, there is also a possibility that

government would get involved, track and charge the companies owners for fraud and intention to steal.

Hiper Finance HYIP Referral system 


Hiper Finance HYIP has a affiliate system, but why do you think they have that ?

The only reason they have that, because they do not have any social pages to do marketing with, and

they might also love the free marketing, what do I mean by free marketing? Well, Hiper Finance can just

tell their affiliates that they will get paid a certain amount for every deposit made, but then just

hide their numbers and lie to their affiliates that no deposits have been made, which is a win/win situation

for the business, they get traffic for free, save time, because somebody else is doing the hard work, and

get paid the full amount and not share any profits, its brutal I know, but that is the truth.


Hiper Finance HYIP Contact Us & Things That Annoy Me


review Hiper Finance scam

How can a company name itself “hiper” its not even a real word, that is really annoying.

Also, their main way to contact them is a email address which is the most typical way to scam people.

These sites are usually using a email for the only way to reach their support, because they do not

need to deal with angry clients and can just answer to the ones that are on the verge of investing.

Apparently they have live support, but when you click on their live support button it takes you to

their support page, which does not have anything live, just a email address, their button or should

I say their banner just say’s they are online, but they really are not, also what kind of live support

can you get with a email, they are known to lag and receive messages later, so its not really live.

Live support should be something in regards to a live chat, that straight away helps you with

any question you may have.




Hiper Finance HYIP is just another ponzi scheme made by faceless scammers.

The main aim of their company is to deceive and manipulate their clients to invest in this scheme.

There is no evidence of them making any money, there are no names mentioned, no experience nothing.

A lot of their statements made are not true or just do not have any evidence to back it up.

They do not have any social media, which is critical for any business in 2018, this shows they are

not transparent and are hiding something.

The biggest one if their investment plans they are bogus and unsustainable, this is probably the main

indicator that shows this business is a scam and nothing more, we recommend you guys save your

money and invest in to something that can actually turn you a nice profit.

Final Verdict 

Hiper Finance HYIP IS A SCAM

This software generates me around $200 dollars a day 🙂

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