Hooplex scam review Hooplex scam

Hooplex Review


Hooplex What Is It ?

Hooplex scam review Hooplex scam

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Hooplex is a cryptocurrency investment platform based in the United Kingdom that apparently has a lot to offer for their investors, their investment plans are totally bonkers, but we will get to that later on.

Honestly I read their “about us” page and there is no real way to describe them, besides its just a unprofessionally designed website, with spelling mistakes that is trying to get investors to deposit in to this unsuccessful project.

Hooplex Investment Plans 

Hooplex investment plans are not insanely high, however they are high enough for us to believe its a scam, the company offers around 1% return of investment which does not seem a lot, but if you think about it that is 30% a month.

With 30% a month you can get nearly 400% a year, and I do not believe you can four times your initial investment within a years time, especially since you won’t be doing anything and putting any effort or time in to this project.

Just to put it in perspective some Forex hedge fund traders, stress and trade all year around for a maximum of 50% return of investment annually, that is considered really good results in Forex, however these guys at Hooplex apparently have figured out a way to make 30% a month without the need of stress or putting in the time and effort going through the charts and analyzing.

Hooplex scam review Hooplex scam

Hooplex Video Reviews & Conferences

Hooplex has a few reviews featured on their website, however most of these reviewers have their like/dislike ratios turned off, comments disable etc. This just shows that the reviewers themselves are not believing in this project at all.

Other reviewers are just going through their written script and speaking like a robot all the video, I could not watch more then 30 seconds of it, because I felt like I was listening to R2-D2 from star-wars.

Apparently Hooplex is doing a lot of conferences in a variety of different countries besides their main based country which is the United Kingdom. This is totally fishy, the company house certificate is open in England, however all their conferences are in Singapore, India etc.

This just shows, that their company house documents are fraudulent, most of these scammers are using United Kingdom as their go to base location, because its simple to get your hands on the company house certificate and then look semi legitimate on their own website.

Hooplex scam review Hooplex scam

Hooplex Video Montages 

Hooplex has a lot of video montages off their conferences, but honestly looking at them they are totally wack. I mean it just looks like people from the street were invited and given a couple of bucks to pretend to know whats going on and do what they say.

Most of the people in the montage are old people that have no clue what is going on, and some of them were even a sleep, at the end of each montage they always do this “L” shape sigh with their hands, honestly no idea what the “L” sign is supposed to mean, but probably losers, I don’t get it.

Hooplex scam review

Hooplex Spelling Mistakes & Live Chat

So hooplex claims to be based in the United Kingdom, however they have a ton of spelling mistakes on their website, which just shows that none of them are truly professional and they do not have the team to support the websites stability.

Their live chat service does work, however it shows a person with a fake name and picture, you can totally find the stock photo they are using on google with a simple one minute  search.

Hooplex scam review Hooplex scam

Hooplex Website Design & Social Media

Hooplex scam website design is just a total mess a ugly violet pink color template, with a random background honestly, just looking like a average scam website I have seen million of similar sites and there is no difference, no unique features on this site at all.

Hooplex social media pages are hopeless, just random people commenting how good this site is, but when you have a look at these people you find that they say the same thing over and over again, some of these Facebook accounts we have seen in the past reviews we have done in the past, commenting literally the same stuff on other pages, which just shows that hooplex scam is hopeless.

Hooplex scam YouTube videos are very stale and boring, without any purpose at all. Most of their videos just have music playing and something random is happening, it seems like the company owners just paid these people or actors to make up a random event and give out a few products that say’s Hooplex on them.

They also have a telegram group, but don’t even get me started with that. Most of these scams use telegram as their way to manipulate and control everyone. Its a basically a private group so the administrators can just delete or kick anyone out that would say something negative for example “its a scam” “does not pay” “cant withdraw money”.

The Hooplex scam project admins would obviously keep the good gullible people that believe in this project and are commenting something positive so they keep the hype going, although Hooplex final plan is to scam everyone anyway.

Hooplex scam review Hooplex scam

Hooplex Conclusion

Hooplex is definitely a scam, they have to many spelling mistakes for me to believe this business is serious. There is little information about them, we do not know who the company CEO is or who are the people behind this business, no names were mentioned and face’s shown, well we have seen the video, but it could be anyone since the videos don’t have any context of what is going on.

Their investment percentages are bogus as well, social media is at a all time low, not much is going on there, just random people adding comments that this hooplex site “is paying” however none of the accounts are actually real.

The reviews Hooplex has are totally wack as well, from people that are obviously know this site does not work, hence why they have their like/dislike ratio’s turned off. I could go on probably for another ten minutes, but its just not worth our time. Hooplex is hopeless definitely a scam.

Hooplex scam review Hooplex scam

Final Verdict 

Hooplex Is A SCAM !

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Hooplex scam review Hooplex scamHooplex scam review Hooplex scam